Date Hot Women Even If Your Unattractive And Socially Awkward

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Believe it or not you can date hot women (9/10,10/10‘s) even if you’re an ugly dude with a nervous disposition.

Even though you are fighting an uphill battle there are tricks you can use to snag the women of your dreams.

Your Advantage

You have the power and the ability to change how you act and respond to people and situations
You have the mind to work through problems and stick with them until they are completed.
You also are well within your rights to change parts of your appearance that you don’t like. Women do this every day with makeup and push up bras.
You also have something that they don’t have – you likely have a strong intellectual mind. You have a stable job and areas of your life that you have been focused on in the past are far ahead of your peers.
You have much of your life already sorted out and many of these areas are very attractive to women.
By spending a coupes of hours a day on what is causing you stress (dating and relationships) you will find your skills will improve. It may not come naturally to you but in time interactions and seduction will become easier.


Very easy to change and alter but the first step is to accept the body that you were given. You can buy designer jeans and snake skin shoes but your perception of your appearance is the more important.
What you think of yourself has a lot to do with your confidence and what you expect to be able to date. If you believe that you are unattractive then you run the risk of believing you are only worthy of unattractive women.
Your self image can be very hard to change because it’s an emotional internalisation from the judgement of others!
What do you believe people think of you? Teachers like louise hay might help.
VERY often this belief is very different from the truth. Those that think much of themselves to the point of arrogance are actually looked down on by other and those that are self conscious are very often seen in good light. You might think that women see you as weird and nervous but the reality is that you have ALOT to offer women.
Your interesting viewpoints on the world and life should be voiced… women likely think that you are a nice guy who doesn’t say to much.

FACT: People are too preoccupied by what others think of them to worry about what they think of others

So if you are trying to seduce a very attractive women I would suggest that you work on your self image through positive reinforcement and affirmations.
But I would also suggest that you don’t forget about the simple changes you can make to your physical appearance that will give you much need positive reinforcement.

  • Smart clothes that are in fashion
  • Dental work
  • Hair removal (shaving and Haircut)
  • Cleanliness
  • Deal with Baldness


Through programmes like double your dating you are able to work towards a more confident, less socially awkward you.
Much of this awkwardness will stem from your daily routine – if you are spending hours in front of a computer inside your head you are not practicing social interaction. You come home from work and it’s hard to come out of the working state you are in…
In fact it’s possible that you never come out of the working state and so you assume that this is part of your personality.
Strenuous exercise is a great way to emotionally reset… Going to the gym or being apart of a successful sports team does wonders for fast work life transition.
It’s really just about being immersed in the social scene more – you have not allowed yourself to get used to being with new people. Force yourself to meet new people and be in the presence of attractive women more often.
Join jazz fitness classes or cooking classes… be present at the mall or shopping centre. Become more self aware of your awkwardness and find the source of the problem. It wont be anything about the external environment it will be your own mind triggering fear responses.


Think Donald Trump…
There are plenty of old rich guys that are still able to date beautiful women. If you have any sort of financial security you can date hot women.
Money is power and power is attractive. I don’t need to suggest why money is attractive other than how it allows you to write your own ticket – plan your life the way you want it… travel when you want… buy what you want.
All of these perks of being with you start to add up. The trouble is knowing if she is with you for the money or the perks.


Everyone has their own unique style of humour!
Use yours to good effect – women like guys who can make them laugh – comedians are some of the more unattractive people in show business but they sure do date some hot women.
The trouble with trying to date attractive women is that they KNOW IT!
These women you are after can pick and choose! Why would they choose the ugly social awkward guy over the club captain?
You have to bring something unique to the table otherwise she will have no reason to give you a shot.
Your life has to be far MORE interesting than your douchbag competition…
Remember! You have MUCH to offer women – you have to believe that you have more to offer them than any other guy… and you do!
But you have to be in touch with your emotions and hers if you want to impress her.
The confident state that you currently LACK can and should be worked on daily.

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