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To register in Date in Asia, they’ll require an email, username, and password. They’ll also ask you to input your birthday, location, gender, and what you’re looking for (women, men, any) to help with providing you matches.

You’ll be required to activate your account using your mobile phone number. You’ll receive the activation code in a couple of seconds.

From here, you’ll be required to fill in some information like a catchy headline and details about your lifestyle like physical attributes and preferences to be able to provide a better compatibility match. From here, they’ll ask for a display photo.


Live notifications that appear at the bottom left area of the screen informs users when they receive messages or if someone views or likes their profile. Based on your anxiety level, or lack of which, or your introvertness vs. extrovertness you’d abhor it or absolutely love it.

Date In Asia features a Stats area just beneath your profile that provides a summary of your activity — or the performance of your profile based on how others see it.

As with other social sites – it features a messenger. And similar to other dating sites, they allow you to see who visited and liked your profiles.

There is an advanced search function that allows to filter potential matches based on location, gender, age, and activity.

There is a group chat/chatroom that they call ‘shout’ where you can interact with the other members. This is really interesting as it really encourages interaction and gives it the whole community vibe. The rooms are segmented based on different topics/interests. There is a chatroom for word games, selfies, travel, and food, just to name a few.


Date in Asia is 100% free!

Interesting Information

Take note that they can be quite rigid with their profile picture requirements. Their photo policy is:

  • Nudity, seductive poses, cleavages, close-ups of breasts, lingerie, shirtless photos, fetishism, and violence are not allowed.
  • Only you can be in your photos, and your photos must be recent and clearly show your face. Do not edit your photos to change your appearance.
  • Your photos must not contain any children, including your own child/children or yourself as a child.

Bottom Line

It’s all fun and games at Date in Asia, that is until they ban you and delete your profile after a couple of days. Several members (or used-to-be-members) of the site reported of such events which made them lose trust in the platform, gaining a reputation of being a scam site.

But go ahead and check anyway. There might be an exception to the trend. Plus, there really is no harm in doing so. Just don’t get your hopes up.

Update: After a couple of days, we returned to Date In Asia to access our account again. Unfortunately, it has been deleted. The account made was for an Asian woman.

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