Date Latin Ladies Through Cultural Understanding

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latin ladyDating Latin women can be a really steep learning curve if you happen to be an ignorant white guy.
Mexican, Colombian or Spanish women can seem really forward and a bit hot to the touch at first. There is no doubt they are mysteriously sexy and come across spicy as hell but are they to much to handle? Will the language barrier be too much?
Will these hot latin women ask you to dance or move to mexico?
Vivacious Latins can be a lot of fun but there some aspects of their nature you need to understand.
To latin women you are most likely know as a “gringo” which is the Portuguese/Spanish word for foreigner.

Learn Your Espanol

“gracias”, “como estas?”(how are you) and “eres muy guapa” (you are really cute)
She will very likely know English pretty well so you don’t need to go be fluent in Spanish to impress a latino but by knowing more than a few words you are able to impress her in a big way. This will also bond the two of you together through language.
She can teach you how to speak more fluently which often brings up funny situations where you mispronounce something.
Being a foreigner who can say a few words of Spanish will impress your latin lady big time so don’t go using lame English pick up lines.
Latin women that you meet online will often be very passionate about their culture – this will involve music food and dancing.
It will pay to really get involved in the latin culture so that you don’t feel left out when you go to meet the family. If your every lost for words bring up either latin music latin food or dancing and she will light and talk for hours.
There are great Spanish speaking tips and quick start guides over at rocket languages: Learn To Speak Spanish For Your Lady

Don’t Be Machista

Keep in mind that many Colombian, Mexian or Puerto Rican women are VERY used to the “machista” attitude.
(think greasy Italian dude)
There are alot of these ripped dudes trying their luck on the latinos back home so don’t think you are going to compete with them. Be aware that you bring something else to the table that those local guys can’t.
By wanting to meet you she has shown an interest in foreign white guys so don’t try to turn on the machista which means a Spanish and Portuguese “sexist” or “male chauvinist”.
You should instead highlight your while guy attributes and play into what works for her. Be loving and polite with latinos and respect them for who they are.
Once again keep in mind that in he eyes you are a gringo(foreigner) who should be honourable and respectful of her. She does not understand or trust you yet so take it real slow. Any rumours you hear of latino women being hot in the sack and wating sex quickly are likely all bullshit. Take it slow and be rewarded later.

Learn Latin Culture

You might find the Latin culture to be very touchy feely with other men and women that they are associated with. You might see Latin women start kissing other men on the cheek or dancing with them in a sexy way… this can be hard for a white guy to get his head around. We come from a different culture and it is natural to get jealous.
However casual flirting and touching are all part of the Latin culture that you need to get used to. It is easy to misunderstand her signals with other people when you do not understand the culture that underlies it.
Latin women are used to Latin men fussing over them, opening doors and buying them gifts. She will expect you to do the same – be romantic and strong in her presence. Don’t be afraid to be expressive and speak up about your passions.
This makes dating Latin women that much harder. She expects you to be emotional and touchy but also strong and stable at the same time. When you long and lust for the most attractive in the land you have to work for it!
Learn some Spanish sentences so that you are able to communicate in her native tongue. Don’t come on to strong and expect sexual encounters to early.
By being patient you will build her trust and find a way into her life.
Learn the Latin culture of dance food wine and music and you will find a place into your ladies exotic Latinos arms.

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