Date more with these confidence boosting tips

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No matter where you are placed in the dating world now a boost in confidence will help you. Increased self esteem even if it leads to slight arrogance will positively influence your ability to attract women. No matter what your star sign says every man needs that feeling of being powerful and in control.
However confidence cannot be gained from reading posts online, confidence is won and earnt through hard work and achievement.
Boost your confidence by:
Doing a lot more of the things you are great at
Stop doing the tasks that make you fell weak inside
Understand your passion in life and have the guts to follow it
Pick a small first goal and stick with it, watch as you see yourself getting closer to your goal and celebrate the fact that you have not given up
Make a list of all the things you want to change about yourself, take your time and change one at a time by making the change a routine in your daily life.
Eliminate approach anxiety by approaching just one women on the street per day, make it easy on yourself at first and simply ask them for the time.
Get a second opinion about the list of things you would like to change about yourself. Add to this list characteristics and personality traits that people do not like about you.
If you are ready, address problems with your appearance by setting up healthy eating or fitness routines. Remember, take your time and tackle one part of your life at a time.
By simply wearing different coloured clothes you can boost your confidence 200%
Ensure you are confident with any changes and routines you make, they wont be easy at first which is a good thing but ensure you are not trying to be someone else and that this is positive change.
Associate with positive, forward thinking men and women. Eliminate negative thinker that you associate with your past life.
Even if these were old friends.
Practice gratitude on a daily basis
You are the first priority – your confidence in your ability to succeed outranks anything else right now. By working on yourself you are able to better help other people.
Chat to a wide range of different personalities. This will give you much needed perspective on your life.
Understand yourself better by reading Chinese astrology or the zodiac signs. These will highlight the strengths you knew you had all along. Focus on these strengths rather than dwelling on past failures.
Start dating again, either join an online dating service or make yourself more available socially. You can only get to know people by increasing your exposure.
Ask that girl out that you have had your eye on for the last 6 months. Accept that she will likely say no. The confidence is in the action, not in the result.
Take control of your life path – it’s ok to quit your job, as long as you have a great plan B, If you don’t have a plan B, now is a great chance to increase the certainty in your life. Spend you free time on working on a business or learning new skills.
Confidence breeds confidence
Persistence – every day do something that brings you closer to your goal.

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