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The reason why I say date the “masses” and not “date hot women” or “date eligible guys” is because that is what free online dating sites like oasis active and plenty of fish attract. Okcupid are actually doing pretty well for themselves with a sort of american college north eastern US following. I don’t mean to be derogatory but often times you get what you pay for right?
So assuming that you happy to date the masses and are not shooting for a sugar momma or millionaire match…
There is little reason to use anything else but a free dating site: Unless of course you want to get married asap (eHarmony)
There is also little reason to use an online dating site if you’re not going to set up some dates in the real world.
All of the filtering features, tests, profiles descriptions and forum information are there so that you can eliminate some sort of emotional pain.
Whether it be the fear of being alone for the rest of your life or just a sexual motivation the whole point is to set up real life dates. Oasis Active is one of the biggest(ish) free online dating sites in the world and is especially big in Australia.
Apart from some fake profiles here and there the site does a great job of connecting singles and creating relationships. Singles flock to oasis active in search of love, friendship, sexual relations, marriage or just to chat.
This interaction is all free – it’s kind of like a low grade version of Facebook but everyone there is immediately contactable and transparent about what they want. The problem with Facebook is that it’s limited to your group of friends.
Ok PL I get it… how do I get going with this free online dating thing?
(after signing up)You are going to want to make a list of the singles that you are compatible with by filtering out what you don’t want first.
Get to know them by reading there profiles individually and send them a customized introductory email stating who you are.
Some people simply send a first email that says “hi” and that’s it! Spend a little time with your first email so that it comes across as friendly and personal.
When they receive your email they will check your profile and “size you up“. First it will be the profile picture so they can put a face to a name and then they will read your description and about me page.
If you pass the test they will reply, you will be able to tell by the positive or negative intent behind their response if they are keen to get to know you more.
If you have searched and filtered accurately they will most likely follow up with a response to your introduction and then pose another question. Simply answer their question and then ask another one regarding what they said or what you would like to know about them specifically.
A few emails later you can then suggest a public meeting place for lunch or a walk to get to know each other further. This usually involves exchanging of cell phone numbers email or Facebook.
You will soon realise that online dating conversation and transitioning from online to offline is not unlike any other interaction.
Ok so that was a normal flow of events that occur when getting a date with online dating sites.
Back To Dating The Masses…
Why Plenty Of Fish?
Or though plenty of fish has some singles that are 100K plus in annual revenue it’s safe to say that the majority of singles that use this free online dating site are mid to low income.
They have a lot to offer the single that is short on change so forget forking out forty dollars a month in these tough recessionary times. Finding love or couldn’t be easier (or cheaper) if you are happy to date singles in the low income bracket.
Unlike facebook, plenty of fish users are there for a reason and the intent to date is what makes them valuable. Forget the simple layout and odd look of plenty of fish, the fact that so many people use it and they all want the same thing as well as all being in one place is where the value is.
That’s really all that plenty of fish can offer – don’t expect them to be able to solve your emotional problems, magically cure your past dating mistakes or pull your knight in shining armour out of thin air.
You are going to need to do some work emailing and getting to know the singles in your area for pof to work for you.
Just treat it like an easy to use meeting place or big mall where everyone has a big sign stuck to their head with details about themselves.
This dating site is like a big mall for singles where you are able to advertise your best attributes to the world. The masses choose to converge on plentyoffish as there virtual dating mall of choice and now there is no turning back for this site.
Create your profile and tell this giant virtual dating mall about yourself. List you hobbies, nature, personality, likes, dislikes and intentions. Then “go fishing”. This is where you walk about the mall and select things off the shelf that you like.
The masses are you and me, not high maintenance singles with crazy expectations. Most of the singles on plenty of fish are realistic and hopeful about meeting someone that they can get on with. They are just like you and want to find someone compatible to spend their valuable time with.
Treat free dating sites with respect and you will receive respect in return, have realistic expectations about users and you might just be surprised.
The most important thing is to be positive and interesting and you might just find singles flocking to your virtual door.
You really can date the masses with free dating sites because that is exactly who chooses to use them.
Normal everyday singles that you can get along with, you just need to spend some time searching the sites for the right single for you.

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