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Online dating and personals site for singles in the UK.
United Kingdom dating sites are very popular with the UK based company easydate plc bringing isingles, be naughty and cupid among others (of which there are numerous poor reviews)

Date the UK is another website launched by easy date plc and let’s hope this one stands the test of time because of quality of users and excellent customer service… I have my doubts:
Here is what the website says about themselves:
date the ukDatetheUK is a dating site which uniquely caters to uk singles. This uk based personals site is full of rich profile descriptions and personal photos. Interaction is made easy with LIVE CHAT and online flirting via smiles and flirts. Every interaction within is 100% confidential via the built in secure email service.
DatetheUK is FREE to join and upload photos of yourself so that other users can view and send you
DateTheUk is priced to fit the market with free trial dating available to those who want to test out the site before paying.
Date The Uk is based in England Wales and Scotland and has already amassed a following of 3.5 million registered UK members.
This is the British dating experience brought to you by a British company.

Date The Uk Postcode Search

You can search for Uk singles via a postcode feature within the site giving you the ability to truly search for local singles.
When you sign up for free you can browse an EXTENSIVE catalogue of 100% British singles through the picture directory.
So regardless of whether you pay or not you can find the names faces and passions of British singles in your area. This can give you a good idea of what’s out there if you are unsure.
You will be surprised at the amount single guys and girls even in small counties within the UK.
You can join date the uk for a serious relationship or a quick flirt and chat as it’s really up to you what you want out of the experience.
If you live in Manchester you can date specifically within Manchester or search outside your city and go for singles in Leeds or even Cardiff, Glasgow or London. If you live in these big UK cities you have it easy as there are so many singles in e.g.
London. London city is full of young enthusiastic singles ready to date so using datetheuk to get hold of them seems the logical next step.
Date the Uk and other dating sites have really empowered men and women and given them the ability to get in contact with like minded people. It’s now easier to get in contact with people than any other time in human history so you have NO EXCUSE to be single.
You are even able to find a match using date the uk using video.
Date the UK has all the features so all you have to worry about is turning up and saying hello. Now thats not so hard is it?
The datetheuk free trial period is gives you access to their mail and chat services but it only lasts for 24 hours so be careful using it thinking that you are free of getting billed. If you DONT cancel they will bill and you might even have to ring them up to do so!
Date the UK is well set up with all the search and video chat features you could hope for in a dating site. As far as how ethical the site I am unsure you will have to find out for yourself.
In the end it’s free and easy to sign up and check out the 3.5 million strong database of UK singles which is impressive.
Surely with this many users the site has to be doing something right.
So get amongst it son and get searching girls within your county. Within a few clicks of a button you could be ready to use all of the dating advice included within the site!

Membership costs

14.99 for 30 days,
29.99 for 90 days,
49.99 for six months
69.99 for twelve months.
The Uk dating market is HUGE and it might seem like you are pretty insignificant when you join the site but by paying a small fee and getting in amongst the action (which involves actually emailing and sending out flirts) you should be able to rack up a ton of dates for the weekend.
Dating can be a tough game for the inexperienced but just relax and have fun… DateTheUk make is easy
There are several dating sites in the UK that cater exclusively to English Welsh and Scottish singles. This focus increases the number of users joining the site in each county giving each individual user a better chance of finding that perfect. Certain sites set up by EasyDate plc have reached almost 4 million singles from the UK alone.
This means all of those small cities within England are now accessible to you. You are often able to search by British post code increasing the accuracy off the search.
If you live in Manchester or London you will be spoilt for choice inside your chosen UK dating site. Large cities such as these are full of vibrant and attractive young singles that make these British dating sites very active.
Live text and video chat are common now among most dating sites and all of the U.K. sites are no exception.
So do you choose to go with the niche location based dating site that focuses on British Singles or choose a mainstream site and simply search within your city?
Both a reasonable options and both will offer you a ton of singles in your area. But many of the mainstream sites such as eHarmony are based in the US and may have less UK users.
By focusing exclusively on British singles both young and old and from all ethnicities these sites are able to amass a large following and increase the success rate of their matches.
It’s simply a different option of finding new people in your area or in the area you have just moved to that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
It can be tough moving around the UK and not know anyone especially if your single. By using a UK dating site you are able to organise meet-ups coffees or quick flings inside any city in the UK.


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