Dating Advice: Casual Sex And Seduction Edition

Because this page is a little lengthy (10,000 words) I’ve split it up into sections

  1. Frustrations And Explanations: Approaching Women
  2. #7 Great Offline Locations To Meet Attractive Women
  3. Online Dating – Free and Paid Options
  4. Darren’s One Night Stand Story
  5. Nightclub Keno and Body Language
  6. How People Meet Now
  7. The #7 Best ways to impress women
  8. Success With Women Comes From Being Proactive
  9. More Than A Line
  10. The Pick Up Artist
  11. Remove The Sex
  12. How to attract and seduce sexy women
  15. A Free Casual Sex Site
  16. Offline Meetings: Expectations
  17. Dating Obsessions
  18. Your Perceptions Of Casual Dating
  19. Other Dating Options
  20. Wrap Up

Frustrations And Explanations: Approaching Women

Why are women so standoffish when it comes to initiating sex/romantic love or a relationship of any kind…
I have my theories but I don’t believe they stand up:

One of them is because women don’t have to – women, girls, ladies whatever you want to call them get SO MUCH attention from guys that they don’t need to initiate anything… they just passivly sit back and look pretty.

They just dangle a line out and see who bites – if they like what they see they reel him in.
Another theory is women are just to passive – they are programmed to flirt and look attractive to attract a mate rather than pursue any one man they desire.

But what really grinds my gears is this old system whereby men have to do all of the initiation work – we have to take all of the risk.

In geoffrey millers book the mating mind he suggests that it’s because sperm is so easily produced and so easily squandered while eggs and pregnancy are so expensive to produce and come at great risk these behaviours have evolved.

Women will wait and wait and wait hoping that the cute guy across the room will finally approach her.

He doesn’t for whatever reason… and she either goes home alone or chooses from the less desirable males.

Where does that leave the women that are unattractive? What if these women want to punch above their weight and actually seduce a guy that’s “out of her leauge“?

I would find this passive stance on finding a worthwhile relationship so frustrating.

But perhaps this seemingly passive approach is not so passive after all. Perhaps these innocent faces have a much more devilish motive than we are unaware of.

Geoffrey Miller also suggests that women are actually the FIRST person to initiate the approach in any sexual situation. It’s usually in a very subtle flirtatious movement or body language change. The man takes from this that she is interested and either approaches or does not…

So in your frustration and annoyance of having to put so much effort into establishing relationships and conversations with women realize that there are reasons for it. Science is at play here – she has MUCH more to lose than you, not only her social image but also (historically) her life (pregnancy often killed women during childbirth)… Believe that all of this is affecting her on a subconscious level.

So when you get that body language “IOI” or flirtatious smile realize that she is “going out on a limb” as it were… I know ridiculous isn’t it.

Look it’s always going to be like this so you just have to get used to approaching and being proactive about getting sex/a girlfriend. Understand that she has more to lose than you and is hesitant for good reason. Of course it doesn’t stop us form getting pissed off at the apparent lack of interest from almost every women in the club.

#7 Great Offline Locations To Meet Attractive Women

#1 – The Gym

Nothing more attractive than a health conscious girl – tight slim bodies with their blood pumping has got to be a good thing. The trouble is interacting with women in a place where interaction is usually not high on their priority list.

A great way is to authentically suggest that your new at the gym (which you will be) and ask her to show you around the place and perhaps show you some warm up routines. It’s based on the opinion opener “hey… I need a women’s opinion on this” but your asking for her opinion and help on a subject that she is interested in.  Showing interest and asking for help shows a little vulnerability and allows you to talk to her in a normal way.

The gym is a GREAT place to meet women – just be careful your not going to the gym JUST to pick up women… because that would be weird right? Go with a friend or heck actually go to WORK OUT for a change… now that’s a novel idea. By not being preoccupied with picking up women you come across a little more “cool”.

#2 – The College Library

A proven hunting ground for college douchbags for years… the university library is teeming with smart and well rounded young women. Once again authenticity and genuine interest for the subject matter is important. It doesn’t have to be what you end up talking about but it helps.

If your not at university then the public or local library should work fine. Have a REASON for being their – going to a library JUST to pick up women is weird and a little creepy.

So I’m suggesting that you take this advice and slip it into your game somewhere. When you next need to grab a book – instead of going to amazon or ripping it off the webs head over to the library and simply be on the lookout.

#3 – The Mall

This ones for the younger generation but you would be surprised at just how many single mothers are combing the stores in the middle of the day. Once again keep it RELEVANT – if she is looking at some jeans don’t comment on the weather…

Perhaps pop in a passing comment as you walk by that you got some of those for your sister last week and she loved them. If she responds positively then keep it up. At the end number close and then your out of their.

#4 – The Coffee Shops

Could I get any more cliche? Not really – but these days there just are not that many places to meet women outside your normal friend circle – which is why social hotspots like coffee shops are a great place to attempt your latest approach.

#5 – The Beach

If you live next to a beach and it’s summer time make the trip…it’ll be worth it. Show off your throwing arm or surfing skills… If you have actually been following my recommended routines you might just have a body worth showing off. Just like in any other approach situation the women will show some initial interest. But often times it’s best not to wait if you see a girl that really catches your eye.

#6 – The Sports Ground

If your involved in any kind of sport you will know it can get very social after the game. There is usually a sports club where all of the teams can meet after the games and catch up. It’s a great idea as far as meeting women because certain kind of attractive fit slim women play sport. If your not that into it you can always pick up a social sports team role or an umpiring role.

Whatever it take to get in the action. The more opportunities you have to meet new people the better. This is a great meeting women venue because like the beach and gym the blood is pumping. Libidos are obviously going to be higher among fit young healthy women which is an added bonus.

#7 – The House Party

A personal favorite – the house party has to be THE BEST place to meet women – not only is everyone usually pretty drunk they are all very open to any approach. A women’s guard is way down at these house parties because everyone is assumed to be a friend of a friend. If their friend trusts you to come then your not far away on that line of trust. This allows you to jump past the scary approach stage and straight into establishing comfort and attraction.

The house party is a great place for getting laid – very often you will find couples sneaking into rooms or outside for some fun. Because it’s also private there added exclusivity. Add trust, alcohol, privacy and exclusivity to the mix and you get the best place to meet girls.

Online Dating – Free and Paid Options

Above we listed a number of offline locations you can meet women… I also suggest a well rounded and balanced approach to meeting and attracting women. If you are yet to familiarize yourself with online dating you must have been under a rock for the last 5 years.

We can’t ignore the statistics – something like 1/5 people now meet via and online dating site.
It just makes sense to use the filtering and searching power of the internet to connect people for romantic purposes.

There are still alot of people on the fence about the whole thing which is understandable. In time more and more will accept the power of online dating.

So the question is where do you go online to find attractive women?

Well there some large dating sites that are good options if you live in the US but it really depends on what you are looking for and what your budget is.

If your 60+ and want to find an activity partner it’s no use going to okcupid… Instead you want senior friend finder…

If your a sexually adventurous 33 year old guy looking for women to join a sex group it’s no use going to eHarmony (a dating site for marriages) instead you want adult friend finder…

If your a gothic bdsm alternative who is looking for a great community to share your thoughts with you wouldn’t go to christian mingle you would go to or

Get the point?

There are many many dating sites out there to cater for your needs – many of them really are not that great. Others are ok and a select few are fantastic. Some dating sites are great if you live in the UK and are looking for singles in london. Some dating sites are great if your a young surfer in aussie… Others if your a busy socialite in NY city.

There are also many free dating sites which allow you the chance to meet someone 100% free – facebook just doesn’t allow this sort of thing.

Okcupid takes an amazing scientific and statistical approach to matchmaking and is a very professional free service

Plenty of fish has a huge following all over the world and has a quality stable dating site

Oasis active is growing in popularity and is big in AUS

Yangutu has recently risen in popularity in the US and UK

So there are many options available – you could just sign up for all of the free ones and decide on one paid…

Keep in mind that you are paying for exclusivity. If you want a professional quality service that provides serious singles looking for love and marriage and eharmony are your best options.

Yes they have the professional customer service and “scientific matching” but that’s  not really that interesting to me… What your really paying for is quality of personals. People that are prepared to pay for dating have money and have indicated that they are taking the serious approach to dating. There is nothing wrong with opting for the free dating model – we have a free casual dating site at where you can post a profile and email other members 100% free… But there are also draw backs such as lack of authenticity and spam and scam activity you should be aware of.
Craigslist is also a very impressive personals directory that enables you to post an ad without registering. Once again they have similar issues with lack of authenticity and quality.

Easy In Means Easy Out – if you have nothing invested in something it’s easy to treat it poorly and bail or FLAKE OUT as used in the industry.

100% Free Dating… The Best Kind

I have nothing against paid dating sites – they provide an amazing service and hook millions of singles up every year. But free dating sites need a big congratulations. They have enabled even more singles who are light on cash the ability to catch up free of charge.

You have to understand that the server load costs and customer service and maintenance costs would be significant. Yet they continue to provide a great service – plentyoffish has been helping american singles hook up for years now… from serious relationships to flings and one night stands… okcupid has taken a more scientific approach and has growing every day. Yangutu is more of a social network style dating site and looks amazing… (Yangutu (swahili) – My one and only.)

Yangutu have a great blog and tips section at

Such large communities mean that interaction in forums and blogs enhances the whole appeal of the site.

Comments such as “I agree – online dating widens the limits of communication, I’ve met a lot of interesting people abroad due to the dating service.” only confirm the popularity of online dating.

Why Use Online Dating?

You are not limited to the few singles in your area – online dating is truly global
Get in touch with thousands of people!

No more guessing! Check out their profile information and get a got read on their true personality age preferences and long term views.

It’s an OPEN NETWORK – unlike facebook dating sites are open to all professions cultures and backgrounds… allowing you to get in touch with whoever you choose.

Free casual dating sites ( allow you to share and express yourself within an anonymous environment via private messaging. Sex dating sites open the doors and let you into the private word of erotic encounters. Use the assumed intent in your favor to meet up with women that are looking for sex in your city.

Darren’s One Night Stand Story 

 A user submitted account of how darren used a PL dating technique to woo a women in a nightclub

It was a light and fresh summers night and the beers were flowing back at my place. The  mood and atmosphere was really great and we decided to go down to the beach and hang out for awhile before we headed into town to try our luck at the bars.

The usual saturday afternoon after sport, but this night was different. I could feel something in the air. We played cricket on the hard beach sand just before the water line and had a great time. I noticed a group of girls sitting down watching us and without thinking ran over to them and asked them to join in. They enthusiastically agreed.

There was three of them – they said they all surfed and it showed – slim tanned blond haired aussie girls, the night had just begun.

They walked with us into town and I had struck up a conversation with one of them that had caught my eye. I still don’t know her name but I do remember the smell of her hair and sound of her voice. Luckily I did get her number and saved her as “beach girl”, so original.

I was glad that I did because they ditched us when we got to the first bar saying they had to meet up with friends. We were all a bit gutted but quickly moved on with some tequila shots and enthusiastic yarns about the game earlier that day.

The city we were in meant that most of the bars were centered around a main block of streets. A couple of hours had passed and we found ourselves in the company of some rather drunk unsavory looking women…

They were pretty persistent but none of us were interested apart from my mate dave who went home with one of them.

I decided that I would give this girl a ring and ask to catch up – she seemed happy that I rang and we all met up at the club they were at. She was considerably more drunk than she was at the beach and the group had guys all around them. My hopes were shot – how was I supposed to get her attention and beat out all of those guys?

The shots gave me some false courage, without thinking I ran up to her picked her up with my arms just under her bum and whisked her around in circles out of the circle of guys. Later I couldn’t believe I had done it as it was completely out of character. I was treating her like my girlfriend after a 3 minute chat at the beach! This turned out to be a big turn on for her and later that  night she told me that while we were dancing she was really turned on and wanted to race back to the beach for “cuddling”…

She also told me she had her eye on me back at the beach and wouldv called me if I didn’t call her. I told her she should have been more obvious about her interest for me! She said… wasn’t giving you my number interest enough?

I said, not really – you have to be fairly blunt with guys otherwise we just don’t take the hint. Next time when a women shows interest I have a more confidence to realize that in most cases she really is interested and just to shy to flirt.

I think it worked because she had previous knowledge of who I was, apart from the obvious initial attraction that time gap in between the club and beach brought us closer together. She was able to miss me a little and then find me again all in one night.

I was able to go into a sexual place like a bar and approach her without any fear of rejection.

The previous knowledge of who I was increased the trust level… I was able to sexually escalate naturally which meant a one night stand for me.

I called this a one night stand story because she went home early in the morning and said she had to leave the next day for a surfing competition. I was gutted but the story doesn’t end their. We caught up about a month later and have been together ever since. So I guess casual sex can turn serious…

Nightclub Keno and Body Language

Within a noisy nightclub your ability to woo a women with conversation is rendered useless… It’s dark and loud and generally pretty confusing. This makes your ability to dance and use body language to attract women really important.

EYE CONTACT – becomes the method of communication when you can’t really hear each other. If a women holds you eye contact with a knowing grin and you then both start smiling at each other it should be translated as her accepting your invitation to dance and most likely much more. This is where you need that confidence and assurance to take her by the hand and hold her close. If your still not sure about going all in use “micro escalation”…

This is where you test her comfort levels in stages. Test proximity by brushing up against her or holding yourself closer to her than usual. If she doesn’t back away it’s a cue she is happy for you to move closer.

If you feel the need to introduce yourself the fact that it’s loud works in your favor. Move right in close to her ear so she can hear you. Hold that intimate and close proximity… give her a cheeky kiss on the cheek or hold your hand on her shoulder or back of the neck. You have to use keno to your advantage when you don’t have conversation –

The reality being that this is what sexual escalation is all about anyway. It’s what nightclubs are set up for… it’s a very sexual place. The trouble most guys have is not dancing with women it’s getting them off the dance-floor and back to their place.

Which is fair enough – it’s a big step. Try getting her number first before expecting her to take such a big leap of faith. Usually simply taking her by the hand and leading her to a quieter area of the bar works just fine. “hey,  I just had to pull you out of there and ask you a question” If your chemistry was great she will thank you for allowing her to test you out and qualify you with some questions.
Now you have an interested girl who you have already danced with – you can ask her about herself and grab her number. She might even be interested in going home.

The video below indicates how quickly you can escalate sexually with a women if you have some confidence and  know how.

This guy moves in early kisses her on both cheeks then on the LIPS! now that’s ballsy. He then put’s his arm around her waste and pulls her hips in so they are touching his.

How People Meet Now

For some reason the fear of rejection and the increasingly distant lifestyles of the modern world mean we are not meeting new people that often. We used to meet the opposite sex down at the local grocery store, park, beach and many other public place…

But now it’s all happening online – in most cases your friend will create an online facebook group or event that you join.

You turn up at the event and meet some of their friends and add them to your friends circle… rinse and repeat until you find your soulmate…

Data suggest that the increasing ability to be connected through the internet is actually causing an INCREASE in feelings of detachment and loneliness. This is because it’s not actually physical human contact – it’s virtual chatting and pecking away on a keyboard.

Even if your in a mall surrounded by thousands of happy men and women you can still feel lonely. It’s how connected we feel to those special people in our lives.

There is no question that the attitude to online dating has changed. User safety and authenticity means it’s no longer for geeks and creeps. Migrating your profile from facebook to is an easy process and paying for a monthly service that you can cancel anytime seems a reasonable price to pay for love.

Because you really can find love online – eharmony registers a staggering number of marriages each year via their scientific matching algorithms.

There seems to be a common thread among online dating advice that it’s time consuming to filter through a ton of profiles. Within sites that don’t have matching systems you have to do the matching yourself. I am of the knowledge that your gut instinct is better than any mathematical system.

All you need to do is filter out country and interest intent and sexual orientation and you will get a decent list of personals that match your criteria.

Really not that time consuming is it? There wont be that many single white women in your town that like sport hiking and are of the christian faith. Or are black atheist and into chess… a simple filtered search should do the trick as far as matchmaking.

There is no rejection in online dating – you have the opportunity to get to know someone in a neutral environment. You can overcome much approach anxiety and get on friendly terms before meeting up. This process acts like a giant sieve.

The ones that don’t pass your tests fall through and your left with a couple of amazing girls to go on dates with. When you meet up you already know alot about them and may wish to jump straight into sexual escalation.

In normal dating you have to go on a number of dates and introduce yourself to many people before you find anyone that actually suits your personality. In online dating your able to use powerful search features to quickly narrow down the list. Better yet they are all in your area and single! Priceless.

Be sure about your dates before you set them up with online video and IM chat. (Money time and effort is required and from 10 dates with people you haven’t met before your not guaranteed to meet anyone special)

Chat to multiple girls at the same time and through email correspondence you can find your ideal girl.

The #7 Best ways to impress women

#1 Displays Of Fitness

By that I mean physical fitness – there is a reason why the sports starts and semi pro athletes do well with women. Part of it is to do with local popularity but there is no denying the attraction to fit health body. You can become a hero and “sport celebrity” within your town if your good enough at your chosen sport.

Being popular within your chosen field put’s you on another level and the women will be attracted to you rather than you have to prove yourself and chase them. Think of the college quarter back in the movies after he throws the final touchdown to win the game. It’s the modern equivalent of the triumphant warrior returning home and claiming his prize.

#2 Social Intelligence

Stupidity and ignorance is  unattractive even among attractive women.
With intelligence comes attraction… BUT let’s clarify –  I am not talking about the “nerd” or “geek” intelligence but rather social awareness and people skills.

Empathy and tenderness as well as social wit, humor and confidence are all very attractive. Social intelligence is the best way to attract women out of any of this list.

#3 Money

Money indicates your providing real value in this world and have the smarts and know-how to get what you want. Money raises you above the heard and places you close to a 10/10… It’s amazing that all it takes in life if your a guy is money to put you right near the top of attractive males.

It’s even more amazing that all you need  is GOOD LOOKS if your a women to do the same.

Money buys safety and security – something that women are wired to find attractive. It also often buys time… time with her and time with your kids… Holidays and fine food as well as the luxuries that she would love but can’t have means you are the provider and giver of happiness to her.

#4 Class

This includes not only what you wear and how you choose to hold yourself but also how you order a drink or step into your car. If your struggling for ideas on how to be classy think James Bond – his whole personality is built around class and mystery.

#5 Story Telling

Being able to take a women on a ride of emotion with just your words and expressions is a skill. Make her laugh and feel fear, happiness, elation, sorrow, attraction will impress her. A great story is always going to work wonders on a women.

#6 Intelligence

University degrees are attractive – they display higher value… being able to hold down a conversation about history and the arts indicates you are past just surviving in life and spend your time frolicking in the finer things in life.

 #7 Compliments

Show interest in what she is interested in. One of the best ways to influence anyone is to let them talk about themselves and their interests. Show genuine interest and question them and encourage them to go on. Most guys would rather talk about themselves and their own interests in the hope that they are impressing women with their knowledge and status… Strike a balance – nobody wants a guy that brings nothing to the conversation just as nobody likes a show off and bragger.

Success With Women Comes From Being Proactive

Sooner or later your going to realize that the right women for you wont just pop up out nowhere. Leaving your dating game to fate is a risky business. Being proactive is about getting out there and initiating conversation and interactions. It means getting off your ass on the Friday night and organizing evenings out.

This is really easy to do on Facebook  now… Start a social group where you organize one fun thing to do every fortnight.

Being proactive is about taking responsibility – with the mindset of “it’s not going to happen unless I make it happen NOW” you will be forced to get off the bar stool and go over the group.

Or chat to your friends friend and try something on her for once. Most guys will lean back against the bar and pretty much do nothing other than drink beer and chat to other guys.

Nothing wrong that – it’s great fun and it’s easy. But it’s not being proactive about meeting anyone special. The other guys couldn’t give a dam about you and if an attractive girl sits next to him your out of the picture.

The frustrating thing about being a guy is the complete lack of effort that women put into conversation initiation. They spend all of their time looking pretty so they attract the most eligible guy.

  • Apparently it’s just not their job to start conversation
  • Don’t expect them to sexually escalate
  • Don’t wait for them to kiss you
  • Don’t wait for them to ask for your number

These things just don’t happen very often – women are fairly passive and submissive so if you impose yourself on them they will RARELY blow you off (if you possess an ounce of game).

They will rarely pull away from the kiss or tell you to stop sexually escalating with them. They won’t ask for you number but they wouldn’t reject you if you asked for theirs. Remember women are social creatures – the more friends they have the better. The more interest from (eligible) guys they get the better they feel about themselves.

So on the topic of being PROACTIVE – stop being afraid of what she is going to do.. it doesn’t really matter. If your going to ask for her number do it for a reason (to catch up later) and do it when she knows you well enough… e.g. any random women off the street is unlikely going to cough up her personal cell number just because you asked for it.

 More Than A Line

Knowing a few lines is not enough – you need to transform your life… From your wardrobe to your confidence and outlook on life. The tv series the pick up artist took a group of nerdy socially awkward guys and transformed them into pick up artists with the help of mystery and matador. At first I didn’t know what to think about this programme but it was put together very well.

You see becoming a pick up artist is really just about becoming a more well rounded man. Discovering what women find sexually attractive is an exiting journey. Picking up is supposed to be fun – if for you there is more anxiety than enjoyment you are missing the point and may benefit from some pua classes or books.

Being a pick up artists is about being playful organised flexible witty and sexual. It’s about setting boundaries and not allowing women to overstep those boundaries.
It’s about learning the nuances of neg’s rewards and dhv’s.

This is all jargon which I understand may mean nothing to you – many guys will feel awkward about the whole subject of learning how to pick up women. They think they are being manipulative and sneaky. This is completely the wrong mindset to have. I urge you to open up and remove the douchbag filters for just a second.

These guys know what works and even if you don’t think it’s going to work with your “style” feel free to adapt it to suit. Mystery urges everyone to come up with their own avatar and persona that suits them. If your more into a very laid back relaxed scene with no extra ego involved then stick with that.
But take some of his tips and adapt them to suit.

The great thing about game is simply that it is JUST A GAME…

Meaning there are rules and you can get better at it with practice. Once you learn the game you can teach it to others.

Matador will often say “it’s not just about confidence” even though confidence is a huge part of it helps to learn the fundamentals… These are the real reasons why women become attracted to you in the first place.

Many guys that are successful with women have no clue why they are able to attract women. This is how it should be – if you are already having success with women – find out which elements make you successful and play up these areas.

Pick up artistry is for everyone however it’s best suited for those that are not naturally gifted with a smooth authentic style. If your twitchy and have a lot of inherent ticks and nervous laughs you can learn a lot from PUA.

Remember – many guys get caught up in the jargon and wanky nature of the whole process. Use the teachings of the guys who know how to refine what works for you. Adapt it to your own style. If wearing a giant cowboy hat and going in with predefined lines isn’t your thing then by all means skip over those points. But at some stage your going to have to make a stand and take a few risks.

These risks will help you get over the fears that are holding back such as approach anxiety and the fear of freezing up mid-sentence. It’s those that are prepared to take the leaps of faith who win. They win because they are prepared to fail… learn from their failures and try another approach.

In the end all this game is about is boy meets girl – it’s really rather simple. It’s something that you might think has been made far to complicated. Jargon slang and escalation techniques only serve to complicate issues right?

Well actually this was never mystery intention – he is attempting to simplify the whole process of meeting women. Finding out what works and documenting it so that other men can have more success. He is trying to spread the word and level the playing fields.

A playing field that is tipped in the favor of women… WHY? Because FEW fathers teach their sons how to be men.

We are expected to inherently know how to flirt and speak to beautiful women… but this does not come naturally to us.

You have someone here who has found a system that works for HIM… and it has also worked on many other students. You should decide whether you want to adopt some of his strategies or not.

Whichever path you choose remember that “it’s more than a line” – the whole process should be about  becoming a man and learning the social interaction skills required to be successful in this world. It’s about great casual sex with beautiful women, but it’s also about self improvement. You might start to realize that you enjoy the thrill of the chase than the sex it’self.

Feeling the attraction that women feel for you and the increased attention is an amazing perk of becoming successful with women. Knowing that you can go out any night of the week and have a women infatuated with you is a powerful feeling.

The Pick Up Artist

The video below is an example of the transformation than can happen in a few short months if you get the right teaching and are prepared to take risks. Mystery and matador show a group of awkward boys the road to manhood and pua mastery. Each guy uses his own style and adopts the teachings to suit what works for him.

If your a more shy but classy guy don’t try to be the cocky cowboy but rather utilize your daygame abilities to find the women of your dreams. If your more an outspoken energetic guy your a perfect candidate for the adoption of mystery’s persona.

So next time you go out I expect you to try peacocking, try an opinion opener and try the trust game with your hands to get the keno escalation started. Just try something! Because the longer you wait the harder it get’s to start that initial conversation. It’s all about having fun in the end – laughter and happiness is infectious – it’s what everyone wants. A big smile with an opinion opener “Hey… I need a womens opinion” will very rarely fail you.

Remove The Sex

Question: would you find it easy to go into a room full of old people and introduce yourself? do you find it easy talking to 60+ year old women? Of course you do right – they are just people… there is no consequence.

How about we did the same with a room full of bikini models? Would your palms get sweaty and your voice falter just a little bit? Controlling your emotions around attractive women is crucial. The higher you put them on a pedestal the harder it’s going to be to interact with them in a normal manner. Attractive women want to be treated like regular people. Remember beauty is only skin deep (it’s also a phenotype expression of quality genes)

How to attract and seduce sexy women:

Very attractive women are used to being hit on – the trick with seducing these women is using a combination of DHV’s and NEG’s.

You have to bring them back down to your level.. Remember a neg is not supposed to be a jab at her personally… It’s almost like a compliment in disguise! Negs are attractive to women because it takes guts to say them. If your prepared to put women down you clearly couldn’t care less if she likes you or not.

(to give credit where credit is due mystery came up with most of these)

You and I would NEVER get along.

You’re way too much of a nice girl.

I eat girls like you for breakfast…

You can dress her up but you cant take her any where (to her friends)

I bet you have a real cute side somewhere. You just don’t show it
Oh, so your one of THOSE

Ewwww… sick, you just spit on me!

You blink a lot

Aw thats cute, your nose wiggles when you talk (almost old enough to start using again)

Well, at least your lucky enough to have a good body

So are you a bitch to everybody, or just people cooler than you

Dont you think we are going to get married young lady if you keep on being so silly

theres something in your teeth

you say___________ a lot

theres something in your hair

your hands are shaking

its been 5 mins ive been talking to you but it feels like an hour

your losing me

dont leave your mouth open, a fly might go in there

sniff around in the air and make a wierd face and say, do you smell that?
maybe even ask if she stepped in something – skittlepimp

im sorry… what? i wasnt paying attention


dhv’s are harder to embed in conversation if you don’t understand their value. Remember that dhv’s

(demonstrations of higher value) are NOT bragging. There is an artform to this which requires you to embed value spikes subtly not blatantly. For example you wouldn’t say…

Hey I  play for the Top Football team at college you may have seen me around... She’s like… who gives a shit! I don’t even watch football you dick… get out of my face. OR if she is polite

Oh… that’s nice…

The personality trait of being HUMBLE is extremely attractive.

Think about DHV’s to use in field now so you can recall them to start off conversation.

  • Had something interesting, funny or unusual happen to you
  • Were there for someone with a problem (friend had a dilemma, spoke to you for advice)
  • Stood up and supported somebody (it was hard for him, so I stood up and said lets do this together. I mean my friends and I are totally there for each other)
  • Calmed someone down (“she was really scared, I told her to focus on me and that everything would be ok”)
  • Organized something for friends (holiday, away trip, day out etc)
  • Were chased by a girl (“she was bombarding me with text messages”)
  • Did something with a girl(s) (“My friend Jane and I went to….”)
  • Took a beating for someone (It was gonna be bad, but we faced it together)
  • Told somebody what to do (“they didn’t know what to do next, so I told them…)

If you are proud of your sporting acheivements use them in conversation subtly rather than directly.

For example:

I had this really weird experience when I was playing football in California last weekend… She will be prompted to ask about what team you play for and the fact that your travelling around is a dhv in itself.

The focus of your conversation is telling her a funny story.

It’s ok to tell someone about your achievements if they ask! Many guys still seem to get this wrong – they are aware that they need to demonstrate higher value but the heat of the moment causes them to brag rather than embed and imply. Realize the important distinction and use it tonight.

A Free Casual Sex Site

There are few quality casual dating sites that are currently 100% free… You have the regular free dating sites that have been previously mentioned but few free options dedicated purely to sex hookups.

PL dating has made a dating site for exactly this at

Free to sign up

Free to browse message and chat

Free to blog and create groups

Adult friend finder is a very large and professional service for those singles that wish to pay for dating. For those that don’t PL Casual Dating allows you to do almost everything aff allows you to do… But without the monthly charges.

Far from established or popular the PL CASUAL DATING movement has just begun… but it can be said that the drive to reproduce and find casual sex partners is incredibly persistent. It’s one of those motivations that’s never going to go away… and we wont either.
So grab your free spot at pl sex dating so that those who sign up in future can message you. Upload your avatar and share your story within the forum or your personal blog.

Privacy Settings:

Not all users want their profile to be viewed by others straight away… This is understandable… the nature of sex sites is that you are looking for casual sex – this is something that many would not like their friends circle to find out about.

Within your PL Dating Dashboard their is a section that allows you to change your permissions and privacy settings.

You can alter who get’s to see your Photo albums, vidoes, profile and groups… I would recommend that you keep your presence on the site set to everyone as well as your newsfeed… But if you want to keep your private photos hidden to others so that you can show them to users that mail you that you like then set photo albums to friends only.

This privacy feature allows certain sexual images to be held back from anyone visiting the site. However any random user visiting the site still cannot view profiles… They must first sign in and actually register themselves to even be able to view your profile information. Giving more power to you means that you feel safer expressing yourself to users within the site.

The dynamic of sex dating is very different from the more serious marriage motivated dating sites. Those seeking sex online are more open and willing to share themselves to others.

They want to send nude pictures across the webs to anonymous users and chat online about fantasies and real life hookups.

But there are also privacy and personal information issues that many are aware of. This is very much understood and it’s important to be able to protect your identity from others… Especially within a free sex dating environment such as PL DATING.

Offenders , p’s and unsavory users looking to manipulate others is an inevitable outcome within any dating site. There is not alot a dating administrator can do other than ban suspicious users and listen to flag and spam complaints.

But you can do something – You can use your common sense and practice safe dating! If you dont feel safe meeting up with someone who you have only chatted with online it’s understandable. You may want to keep the anonymous chat ideal up but at some stage you are going to have to meet. Video chat is a useful way of putting name to face – your connection and trust will rise when you realize they are the person they say they are.

A free open and honest location online is really what casual daters are looking for. A place they can come back to and see an email inbox full of requests from users in their neighborhood looking to catch up.

It’s the sexual intent and open network that makes casual dating sites so useful to those looking for anonymous fun. The usual social barriers and conversational restrictions are stripped away to leave only the truth behind…

Users still lie in profiles of course but the truth behind their real motivation is exposed. This allows for rapid escalation once you meet offline which is always fun.

The usual seduction phases get broken up when an online interaction takes place…

Usually it’s

Attraction >> Comfort >> Seduction

Online the attraction phase happens when someone notices your profile and likes your profile information but it’s not true attraction… This phase has to be returned to once you meet up for the first time. This is also true for seduction and sexual interaction.

The main phase online is of course the comfort phase – you are getting to know all about them and their interests. You are trying to work out if it’s worth your time to meet them offline or not.

The more she knows about your life and hobbies the more comfortable she will be with talking about her sexual interests. You will find sex dating users remarkably open and trusting of others. Nude pictures get thrown around like candy. But meeting up offline is a MUCH bigger step – words and promises can seem hollow and flaking is commonplace.

Understand that just because you had a heart to heart chat online doesn’t mean that your offline meetings are going to be similar. The reality of meeting up is often very different from your fantasy of the meeting itself.

You will almost always picture them as more attractive or more confident than they actually are or seem online.

Everyones perceptions are different – it pays to keep your hopes in check and be surprised rather than expect the world from your casual sex partner and be disappointed.

It’s likely that they are miss-representing themselves in the hope of dating more attractive men or women. This is because it’s so easy to clip a few pounds off , add a few inches and take a few years off just to make the profile look more appealing.

The reality will be different when you meet up… even if they are telling the truth. We like to think that our sexual fantasy will come true for us and so even tend to miss-represent our date to fulfill that fantasy.

Also notice when using sex dating sites the differnce in confidence of women when you actually meet them offline. Because online dating is so disconected it’s very hard to get a good read on someones personality. You really can’t make any accurate assumptions about someone from a few profile fields.

They may come across extremely confident and sexually adventurous – you could be a little intimidated by their profile alone. But never underrate yourself. Often when you meet up with these women they are shy little pussy cats that need to be shown what to do.

It all depends on the person in question and often the age… Don’t expect a 19 year old girl to know what shes doing even if she comes across sexually confident. In most cases they are interested in the attention.

Offline Meetings: Expectations

Your going to be a little apprehensive meeting up for the first time with someone your not 100% sure actually exists in your town. You’ll be sitting in some coffee shop or mall somewhere waiting and looking around for a familiar face.

You may have some weird fears that this was just one big prank… Is she really interested in meeting up with me? Has she stood me up?

Despite all of your attraction and comfort building conversation offline you still need to impress them offline. At this point it’s all about chemistry eye contact and fast sexual escalation. You both know why you are here so there shouldn’t be any hesitancy… But often there is when you are both inexperienced.

Even if she seemed proactive and confident it’s likely she wont make the first move… this is your job as a guy. You already know she is receptive so your chance of rejection is ZERO!

Resort back to your keno escalation techniques… touch her hands before hugging… Hug before kissing… kiss before “sexual massage”… sexual massage before sex.

You may be tempted to jump the gun and grab her ass – if you think it’s that kind of anonymous hookup where you are actually catching up in a private location then by all means try it. But in most cases use the first rung of the ladder to get to the second, third, forth etc.

You’ll soon realize your at the top and having casual sex with someone you met online.

The great thing about this process if you live in a large enough city is that it’s repeatable… It takes time to get to know people online but you can meet new women over and over again week after week.

Some members also find that it’s a great segway into regular bar and nightclub pickup… Some use online dating because they like the power of search and intent of casual dating, others use it because they can’t be bothered going out every night and spending money.

Many women and men that lack confidence find that online dating is very good for their inner game.

They get a lot of positive feedback from users online which helps to eliminate self defeating body image beliefs.

The great thing about this manifestation of online dating is women are able to break though this and date with confidence as a result. The usual social norms that exist offline are not present online.
For some reason you feel happy to comment and compliment a womens appearance where you wouldn’t offline.

Perhaps it’s more peculiar that we don’t compliment women offline more often.
It’s clear that they can’t get enough of it. It may be to do with the sexual motivation that exists online. The more compliments you give a women on her body and appearance the more likely she is to warm to you.

Dating Obsessions:

Keep your fascination with online dating under control! Just like it’s not cool to get caught up in the seduction community and the attempt at becoming a great pick up artist it’s also true for online dating.

If your stuck inside online dating sites as an escape from regular offline dating you might want to reconsider your priorities. Remember online dating sites are for meeting new people so that you can meet up with them offline and have a great time. If your not actually meeting anyone your not online dating!

The friend finder network of sites does have an amazing community full of videos, photos and blogs which you might get caught up in. Just know what you want before you go in and where you were when you started out. That way you can gauge if online dating has actually helped your romances offline.

The sexual motivation of guys is one that is very persistent over time but it can cause you to get carried away and over eager at the though of meeting up with an attractive women. Stick to a predefined set of rules… The motivation of sex can cause us to do some crazy things in the heat of the moment…

If you never wanted to show your face on camera with a women don’t do it just because she insists. Don’t travel miles and miles one night to meet up with some random women you barely know… Use your common sense and try to catch yourself out when your thinking irrationally. Testosterone will kick in and take over your thought processes when you are aroused.

When you catch yourself about to do something stupid ask: Would I do this if I wasn’t turned on? The answer is always yes – you might not actually find her attractive at all but at that point in time your nuts were doing the talking.

Your Perceptions Of Casual Dating

Your first response to free casual dating might be that it’s full of lying horny men lacking substance and overly emotional immature girls…

  • You might feel that few real offline sex doesn’t happen as a result
  • You may take the angle that’s its wrong and vulgar
  • You may be open to it and believe it’s a step in the right direction to help singles connect with each other
  • You may feel apprehensive about sharing your private information or photos so publicly (common fear)
  • You may love the concept but not actually need the service

The first time you step your virtual foot into a casual sex dating site it’s going to feel a little weird.

But acclimatize and adjust you will… you will soon realize that everyone inside has the same motive as you. Free from slander and judgment from the outside world you can express yourself in a moderated environment…

Don’t like what somebody says?

Delete the email and block them. Most people are pleasantly surprised at the maturity and positivity inside dating sites.  There will always be scammers and negative users trying to ruin a good thing for everyone but they soon get banned and give up.

Free casual dating is an exiting opportunity for you online right now – It’s something that you should look into… it’s 3 minutes to set up a profile so long as you know which sites to sign up for.  You might just find your next casual sex friend and who knows the relationship cold flourish into something amazing.

Oasis active, plenty of fish, okcupid and yangutu are all fairly well known sites these days but there are local free and paid dating sites that might suit you better. If you live in spain or china these sites will likely not fit as well as a specifically targeted site for you country. So shop around and test the waters with a free membership before paying anything.

There are plenty of paid casual dating sites such as the friend finder network and be naughty (cupid plc). For the most part (with the large companies) you get what you pay for… But sites like rudefinder are

NOT worth your time – it’s tough to distinguish between a site that is legitimate and one that is not. One telltale sign is when you sign up for free you will immediately get emails from models and women wanting to chat – if it’s to good to be true it usually is! You will need to start most online conversations with women so if you start receiving a bunch of flirts which I believe even happens with be naughty they may be auto generated!

Other Dating Options:

The other free option is to use the biggest and most well established site off all – facebook. Expand your friend circle by friending everyone you can find.. (not just the women) Be careful with this one! You are dealing with your close and extending friends and family.

You don’t want to be labelled with the creeper or player label trying to hit on friends. Just use it to get group and event invites from which you will meet new people.

This is perhaps one of the best ways to use the web – because of the inherent trust inside facebook the authenticity is high. The more house parities and friend get togethers you can make the better. Don’t go trying new PUA skill on your close friends… that stuff is for bars and clubs with women you haven’t met before!

Wrap Up

We have covered both offline and online seduction methods, places to meet women and some of the best ways to influence them.

We have talked about casual online dating and what to look out for when your on the lookout for some slap and tickle. I have mentioned the importance of getting past the “more than a line” concept. I brought up the idea of eliminating the craving of sex from your dating game during the early stages and how to express it in a non needy way.

The pick up artists video was shown to display how the real enjoyment of dating advice is how it can be transformational rather than gimmicky. The new casual dating site PL CASUAL DATING was introduced… it’s one of the few quality free sex dating sites online.

I mention the importance of being proactive and why proactive men always win in the dating game. It’s because women will always WAIT for you to approach. They will flirt and display but few will ask for your number or sex…

Feel creepy constantly pushing your agenda on a women? You have to get over that. If you want to create amazing one night stands or even romantic relationships in your life it’s all up to you. A lot of dating comes down to personal responsibility. Responsibility to get your finances, appearance and personality to where it needs to be.

It’s not an easy road and don’t expect it to happen overnight but if you focus on getting down some good healthy routines you will see results down the track.

MOST OF ALL… HAVE FUN. It’s what lifes all about. It’s what casual dating is all about. If your  not having fun then your doing something wrong! Evolution has shaped our emotions such that enjoyable experiences are mutually beneficial for all.

Try to enjoy the whole process of transformation and dating/approach practice rather than hope that one day it’s all going to be right for you. It’s a journey and those that are in for the long haul always win.

Live healthy and live with enthusiasm and you will magnetically attract the women into your life that is right for you… Live in hate and negativity and you will only attract women that bring more of that into your life. If you need a mentor to pull you through some rough times there are plenty of pua’s and great figures online that can help you.

I hope you enjoyed what turned out to be a small book of a post… The next edition will be on relationship repair 🙂

We have covered a lot… much of what you have read will have poor grammar…(read between the lines)  It’s because I don’t like editing… who does?

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