Dating Advice: Energy And Emotion

Are you looking for the next pick up line that can get you laid guaranteed?
I don’t have it for you and for good reason – it doesn’t exist.
What I can do is recommend a new way of life – new routines and a new mindset that will transform your being, your energy and your personality in a female attraction machine…
Sounds silly I understand – it’s more than just finding an amazing partner to live with, it’s about a better life across the board.
Rather than showing your best side for half an hour on a Saturday night how about being an energetic and attractive powerful man 24 hours of the day 7 days a week!
This way you will find that you will “bump into” hot women while your out and about and have them asking for your number. You will be able to flip the scales and turn the table on women for good.
Rather than chasing the tails of the hottest women in the bar and never succeeding how about having them come to you?
There has been some research done recently about what really works on a date and how women rate men. What aspects of a man do women really care about? The first impression that a women will make is based heavily on appearance!
You need to make sure that your presenting well enough to pass the tests. This means that you dress appropriately for the occasion.
Saggy jeans and dirty sneakers just aren’t going to cut it guys. If your anything close to that throw out everything in your wardrobe and buy some modern attire.
Clean up your facial hair and get a hair cut – add to that some good looking shoes and now you can make an appearance that will turn heads.
So you haven’t even said a word and already you are attracting women – a good start.
Guys women take appearance and clothes very seriously and you should to. It doesn’t take much to look good and it can make a huge difference to your confidence. But do not mistake this for appearance. If you think that your not quite a 6/10 when it comes to looks don’t worry. Women like an attractive looking guy but you can get away with it with humour and personality.

Energy and Emotion

The next super important aspect of a women’s initial judgement of your character is energy and emotion. Do NOT walk into a room with your shoulders slouched over and frown on your face. Women will immediately discount you as a potential mate if you don’t believe that you are eligible.
Your positive energy and enthusiasm is going to be very important when it comes to impressing women. This does not mean that you have to be an extrovert.. Most of the successful “PUA‘s” are not extroverted at all in fact they are rather laid back and quiet.
But they DO convey that emotional and sexual ENERGY though subconscious body language. Guys it’s all about how you express yourself though body language and subtle eye contact.
You don’t actually have to say that much at all to seduce an amazingly hot girl. But you do have to be a genius when it comes to subconscious communication.
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Eye Contact

Stand up and look people in the eye when you talk to them – this is a common dating tip but guys still seem to slip up… Did you know that during EVERY social interaction there is a testing of superiority?
Whoever looks down the most is less “alpha” than the other person. So what sort of signal does it send if you look at your shoes when you are greeted by another man?
Women are attracted to dominant successful men. So the obvious next step is to BE that guy. Rather than looking for cheap ways to get lucky why not understand the game and beat it? You can you know. It’s just a matter of working each day on certain dating tips and routines.
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