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Are you attracted to yourself?
If you think you’re an ugly sack of shit that never completes tasks or reaches goals then how do you think women are going to think of you? You CANT fake it…
Watch This:
Your subconscious is quietly documenting every little thought and feeling you have about yourself; this slowly gets represented as an external mirror of yourself. If you know right now that your down on confidence and lacking “game” perhaps you need to spend a little bit of time work on yourself.
There are a ton of courses out there that can help you work on your confidence (david wygant and david deangelo) are a couple of coaches that have mastered that mindset that enables them to attract women and gets them “laid”.
But more importantly their life and connections/relationships are richer because they are powerful successful men.
Being successful with women takes practise: Not every women is going to be delighted to see you or willing to chat or get connected but some will. It’s just comes down to whether you have the will to work on your belief and confidence.
David talks alot about how the modern day “Pua” trends is all bullshit because there really isn’t that much to attracting women. You simply need to be in the right mindset “man mindset” and connect with them.
How do you connect?
Observe what they are doing and ask them questions: You want to be interested in them… Very few people that she doesn’t know will take the time to really get to know her. If you get under the surface and get to know her the rest is history. Without any lines and gimmicks you are able to approach a women stress and anxiety free.
There is no stress because you are NOT trying to pick anyone up. You are simply asking her about her day or where she bout those flowers or why she choose her dress.
It doesn’t matter what you talk about so long as you are genuinely interested in the question you ask. Just keep the conversation about her and keep it moving along.
Don’t push for email, or phone numbers or dates later on!
If she wants to get to know you better she will likely ask for your full name (or you give it to her when you leave) and she WILL look you up on facebook if she is interested.
If you think she is a bit to nervous to take things further it should be easy with the knowledge you gain chatting to her to add her as a friend.
If you have done a good enough job connecting and getting to know her she will want more of YOU: This means you will never have to ask for a women’s number again.
They will ask you! At the end of the night you find that she STILL hasn’t approached you for a number just casually throw in “Ohh and you can find me on facebook if you want” , while not giving her a chance to reply.
Remember it’s no a serious thing yet you are just allowing her the opportunity to approach you in a relaxed and safe manner.
Don’t feel rejected if she doesn’t add you. It’s no big deal!!
You approached other women that night right? Of course you did.
I shouldn’t have even used the word approached in the previous sentence… You “talked” to other women the other night right?
Yes now that’s much easier – it’s easy to just chat to girls/women about anything and everything and that’s all your doing!
Remember if you start to get nervous and anxious remind yourself that it’s natural and it’s just because you haven’t had much practice at it. Remind yourself that you are just TALKING about and asking questions/ getting to know her. It’s not about a pass or fail pick up.
If she digs your vibe then let’s move forward and continue chatting.
If not well that’s fine to: she will have some hot friends that might right?
David Wyant suggests that it really is all about widening you circle of friends. You are interesting to talk to so women and men want to talk to you… Now this is often not the case which is why communication training is so important.
It takes time and it’s all worth it: Practice communicating with everybody everyday. Sooner or later it will become easier –
It may never be second nature to you because it may not be in your nature and that’s OK to (you can still attract women without it) but you at least need that base talkative nature and ease of presence in everyone’s presence.
Am I making sense?
Don’t forget that you may have communication blocks:
If you turn to alcohol to ease conversation then this may be the very thing holding you back…
Ease up on the booze and get healthy and just have a few sips of wine before you approach.
Butterfly repellent ( is a natural beta blocker that helps with nerves and anxiety.
If you think that your dating games needs a little help don’t be surprised that your diet is influencing your mood and communicative performance.

Belief In Yourself

When you hear Dave speak it’s just so obvious immediately that he thinks highly of himself. Rather than learning techniques, sets and lines work on your own self worth and your own trust and belief in yourself.
This way not only will you attract more women in your life but you will also attract success in other fields (spiritually, financially, emotionally)
Attraction isn’t a choice so you can’t attract every girl in the room. This means you can be chatting with a women and do everything right and she still won’t be interested in hanging out.
Believe and trust in yourself enough to realise that it’s OK that every women doesn’t dig you. That’s just unreasonable.
And it’s ok to not be great communicating with women as well! Most men are terrible at chatting to attractive women.
Trust Yourself

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