Dating Advice: Convey Personality with Props

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The most important dating advice that you should not forget is the use of props in attracting women. A “ladies man” should have the looks, attitude, confidence, and appropriate props to convey an interesting personality. You don’t want to be the plain, boring uninterested guy. This is not the way to attract women. What you want to have is a lively, mysterious, interesting look and personality to get the girl of your dream.

It’s important that you are spontaneous and being able to adapt and talk to women without using lame pickup lines. What you need is the ability to take advantage of what you have and what is happening around you. To increase your chances of talking to women you can use the following props. This provides a good excuse to talk to them. It offers a new idea or topic to talk about. It also allures them to come to you. So take note of the following pops and how to take advantage of them when seducing women.


Your K9 friend did not get the name “the man’s best friend” solely from its loyalty. Literally your pet can be your best wingman. Women are naturally attracted to dogs. And you can easily channel that attraction to you. Women like someone with a pet because it shows that you are a responsible and caring person. It’s not a joke to have a pet. So they will like you for that.

So don’t keep that pet at home. Walk your dog as often as you can. Bring it to the park and stay there and watch the ladies pay you some of their elusive attention. If you don’t have dog you can borrow it from a friend. Volunteer to take care of it for a day. If girls ask about it then tell them that you volunteered to take care of it for a friend.

Interesting Books

A book conveys your interest in academics. If you want to show your intellectual side you can use books to convey that personality. This works best if you are a natural book lover or if you actually read books. Buy a good book, a fiction pocket-book will do. Try also best-selling authors. Read about the author and his works too.

If you’re not into books and you are trying to seduce a bookworm chink then you can try to seek her advice on which one to buy or start reading. This can be a good chance for you to start paying some interest in reading.

Magazines/News Papers 

A well read person will always have a print at an arm’s length. A good magazine or newspaper can be used as props to convey this personality. Choose business magazines, and reputable newspapers. Don’t be tempted to bring or read tabloids and paparazzi newspapers.

You can easily choose to start a good conversation from what you are reading.

Business Card

A good business card shows that you are an established person. So invest a few dollars in an elegant looking business card. Ask someone to design it for you. Minimalist designs are great. Make sure it shows the right information. Handing her your business card is a good strategy if you want her to have your phone number. She can call you whenever she wants. She will probably keep it in her purse and will notice it again sometime. Just a word of caution, make sure that you hand her your card in a NOT so businesslike manner. Make it casual, friendly and even flirty.


A lighter can be used to approach women. I am talking about smoking women. If you see her taking a cigarette, it’s your cue to approach and offer her a light. Don’t ask if you can offer her a light. Just light it and cap it with your hands. Don’t bring it too near her face, a foot away from her would be nice, just allow her to come a bit closer and lit her cigarette.

Don’t say anything she would not probably be able to talk until she finished the first or second puff. If she is ready to talk or if she is interested to talk she will talk to you. A simple thanks or thank you is good enough. You can carry the conversation from there.

A Watch

A watch can be very helpful aside from telling the time. It can also help you approach women. If you wonder if someone has been watching you, try to casually look at your watch. Then if she does the same thing she probably have been eyeing you.

You may also use your watch to close or excuse yourself from a conversation or engagement. You can look at your watch and say that you have something to do and leave.

The choice of watch matters. The best thing to do is pick something that is known by brand like a Rolex or Omega. But not all of us can afford those fancy looking watches. In this case you can go for vintage but smart-looking ones which are not so expensive.


One of the best gadgets you can have is a good camera. Carry with you a DSLR or some fancy looking digital camera. There are two ways to use it. First you can use the camera to show off your pics from your travels or recent adventure.

You may also use it to take her picture. But don’t forget to ask if it’s okay if you take her picture. So it will not be obvious that you’re only interested with her ask her friends to join her. Also incorporate the surroundings to the background or with the picture.

A Wad of Cash 

If you are going to seduce women the best way to do it is to show that you have the cash. My advice is to ditch your wallet and start using a “money clip”. Bring with you a wad of cash and pay everything in cash. Leave your cards at home. Withdraw some cash before you go out for the night. If you don’t have a think wad of cash borrow it from someone else. You don’t have to spend it all. Remember it’s just for show.

High-End Car

A gorgeous car can always lure the ladies. Driving a high-end car can convey the kind of person who has money to spend and great taste in automobiles.  You just don’t drive to get to your destination but you also drive with style. This can drive the girls wild.

Your Mum

If you know how to treat a lady like a complete gentleman you should start with your mum. Ask your mum to have lunch or dinner with you. Or maybe spend some relaxing afternoon at a coffee shop. You may also help her do shopping. If ladies see how you treat your mum then they will see you as a respectful and very caring guy.  This is a great thing to do to score with women plus you also have some bonding time with your mom.


Being a babysitter is not a joke. But it can also give you an advantage towards women. Try to volunteer to baby sit your nephew or niece for a day. Then go out with the kid. Hang out in a park, restaurant, or go shopping. Girls are naturally attracted to children and this is how you will draw them to you. Make it clear that the kid calls you uncle not daddy.

Final Words…

These props should only be an add-on to you being a man. Don’t rely on it too much. The idea is to try to identify which of these props would work for you and you are comfortable with. You can align it to your interest or to the interest of the girl you are trying to seduce.

There are those who advice on combining these props to achieve the needed effect. It can be great and it can work wonders for you. But there are risks; it can make you look ridiculous if you don’t know how to handle it.

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