15 Things You Need to Know About Asian Women

What’s up with the Asian fetish?

Some call it yellow fever, some the less catch-phrassey Asiaphile. But at the core of it is an attraction to Asian girls and women. Asian feminists blame it on white men’s sexist and racist tendencies.

On top of the obvious novelty when it comes to physical features, according to Caressa Wong, white men have gobbled on stereotypes about Asian women, specifically the East Asian ones.

That they’re never fat, that they look and act like anime, and they’re good, sheltered, girls raised by strict Asian parents-slash-tiger moms.

These perceptions painted Asian women as submissive, to be dominated, and good girls that liberated white men can turn into bad girls in bed.

How did the Asian fetish come about?

It started with a general fascination for Asian tradition which is very different from those of Western cultures.

How did it get sexualized?

It followed as trading incurred: Asian art was traded and the west was exposed to the geishas which are often depicted in postcards and other decorative items.

Fast forward to more current history, due to US military presence in the Asia-Pacific following the Second World War, US marines stationed in military bases scattered around the Asia Pacific region.

What happened next?

Brothels sprouted surrounding these military bases, and the US GIs frequented them for ‘R&R’ where they slept with Asian prostitutes. Miss Saigon is a Broadway musical that captured this reality.

Who are Asian women?

It’s funny when people not from Asia try to define Asia. There was one time someone commented in a forum thread, “The Philippines isn’t in Asia, it’s in the Pacific”. Oh yeah, news flash — Asia is bordered in the east by the vast Pacific Ocean.

So, women who are from all of these countries fall into the “Asian Women” category. For some reason though, when browsing for Asian women profiles, images or as a porn category, people only seem to want the almond-eyed, porcelain-skinned, demure maidens from China, Korea, and Japan.

So when you say ‘Asian women’, you’re including kawaii Japanese girls, feisty Indian women, sultry Filipinas, demure Chinese girls, strong Malay women, and so much more.

Why Asian women?


There are different types of Asian women.

  • Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and some from central mainland Asia are mostly fair-skinned, with rounded faces, with petite and dainty features.
  • Malay, Thai, Filipinos, Cambodians, and Indonesians share a common look with a petite frame, tanned skin, dark haired, with eyes that are rounded yet almond-shaped at the same time, similar to the Pacific Islanders.
  • Those from India and the rest of West Asia or known to the world as the middle east, have darker features, deeper eyes, and more pointed noses.

These features are a novelty to Europeans and Caucasians who are fair skinned, with light-colored hair and pointed noses.  And men — are all about novelty and get attracted to anything shiny and new in their perspective.

Which Asian Country Has The Most Beautiful Women?

While the women from the countries in Asia have their different characteristics and appeal. Several websites yearned to rank them (like this, this and this) based on different criteria like number of beauty pageant titles and user votes.

Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, China, India, and Korea are some countries that find themselves consistently at the top of the list.

What’s the Appeal of Japanese Women?

Japanese women are the OG Asian Fetish of men. Way back from the geishas, hentai and Maria Ozawa, Japanese culture seemed to be pretty open with sexuality and this is pretty liberating for most of the other races.

Japanese TV shows supposedly for children are likewise brazen with questionable content. My childhood anime memories involve waiting for the time when Sailormoon will transform and her naked silhouette is shown.

This sexualized the entire culture as well as the women of Japan. Japanese also found itself in the top 10 porn categories, according to Pornhub.

Forums and Quora attempted to explain men’s fascination with Japanese women as being related to:

  1. Their petite body frame paired with decent sized breasts
  2. What appears as their submissive demeanor (compared to Western women)
  3. Their porcelain skin

What’s the Appeal of Korean Women?

Korea seems to be darling of Asia these days with K-Pop music and Korean drama taking over the world. Korean also made it to Pornhub’s most searched porn categories.

If there’s one word to describe Koren women, it is cute.

I mean, really look at that winky face and coy finger gesture. The innocent, girly-appearance of Korean women takes the cake. They look shy and have sweet-sounding voices. Men’s attraction to younger females is traced to biology where young equals fertility. This interest in younger or younger-looking girls is further manifested with “teen” landing in the top 10 porn categories.

Korean girls also manage to maintain slender frames, despite their Mok Bang tendencies.

Some men still prefer fragile/tiny girls over voluptuous BBW. This perception/illusion of size and strength might boost a man’s machismo and ego.

For more insights on the appeal of Korean Women, check out this listicle from Asia Dating Experts.

What’s the Appeal of Vietnamese Women

According to men who like Vietnamese women, the best thing about Vietnamese women is they are the ones who remain naturally beautiful in an age of manufactured beauty as a result of plastic surgery apparent in Thailand and Korea.

Vietnamese women were also found to be smart and classy despite being a bit more timid than other nationalities.

A testament to the catchphrase that the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach, men also mentioned that Vietnamese women’s cooking skills are bomb. And we won’t refute that given how actually amazing Vietnamese cuisine is.

What’s the Appeal of Filipinas?

Unlike the Korean, Chinese and Japanese girls who have porcelain-pale skin and petite features, Filipinas have more sultry features and tanned skin. Filipinas are Asians but with a good serving of Hispanic blood.

Western men like Filipinas because of their exotic, tropical goddess looks. The culture is also naturally hospitable, making Filipinas some of the most caring and thoughtful women around.

The best part is that they are taught with English as a second language from a young age. This lessens the potential of communication problems brought about by language barriers.

What’s the Appeal of Indian Women?

If we’re to dissect beauty standards based on what modeling agencies look for in models, it’s a fabulous bone structure and great skin. This is something Indian women are blessed with – great cheekbones, jawlines, and olive skin that looks good with any color clothes.

Men are attracted by their intelligence, hooked by their sex appeal without having to show much skin, and mesmerized by those big, deep-set eyes that are exquisite whether they’re icy blue or black. It’s like everything about them is amazing and beautiful.

What’s the Appeal of Chinese Women?

Chinese is a porn category that landed on the 25th spot of the most searched categories according to Pornhub’s Year In Review,

As with Japanese and Korean women, Chinese women’s appeal is linked to their petite built and features, seemingly submissive personality and their features as fragile as porcelain china. Again, perceptions that are results of a caricature which men see in porn.

Why Do White/Western Men Really Like Asian Women?

  • Sense of Commitment. Asian women are more conservative than other races up to a certain degree. So, they tend to have higher sense of commitment to relationships compared to say a white woman who grew up with a mentality that their 20s is for sleeping around and dating, Asian women see their 20s as a time to establish a relationship for someone they’ll eventually marry.

  • Family Oriented. In the West, kids are forced to live by themselves, away from their parents by age 18. In the East, kids can live with their parents until whenever the hell they want, if they’re financially not stable, even when they’re married. This culture creates a tight-knit family unit that is closer and warmer than what most Western guys are used to.

  • Less Work. Liberalism is a product of evil they said, up to a certain degree perhaps. The more you know, the more problems and issues you are likely to have. Asian women are ‘less work’ for men in a sense that they are more likely to accept their role as a wife and not fight over being the whole independent woman schtick than ‘priveleged’ women who grew up in the west.

  • Caring. Another product of that whole independent woman thing, western woman are used to caring for themselves and get that “I don’t need no man attitude”. This self-sufficient attitude results in them being hesitant to serve others with the mentality of equality resulting in “I ain’t your mama, I won’t care, cook, and clean up after you”.

What White Guys Have to Say About Their Asian Women?


One retired US Navy named Tim said that prior dating Asian women, he had a love affair with Asia when he was stationed in Japan and Korea. He decided that he will retire in Southeast Asia.

He dated white women before, but as he stayed in Southeast Asia found himself in love with a Korean woman. When it didn’t work, he found himself in Thailand and fell-in love with a Thai woman. Until he finally met a Filipina whom he ended up marrying.

Marrying a local girl was bound to happen, as that is what is here. But the lack of English in other countries swung me towards the Philippines.

Tim also expressed that he’s dated white women before, whom he thought was an angry bunch compared to Asians whom he found to be more pleasing.


Matt is half-Ecuadorian and half-Australian, but looking at him physically, he passes off as a white guy. He said that he came to Southeast Asia for work mostly.

Once he was in Southeast Asia, he dated local women. He expressed that something that really attracted him to Asian women is their strong sense for family.

He also mentioned something about traditional gender roles. Something that liberal and independent western women seem to be letting go off. Not to seem too sexist, he still enjoys chivalry and looks forward to a family with a wife at home. While she’s allowed to work on a part-time career or business, he prefers a wife who will be hands on to raise children with him.


Ben came to Asia for travel but found himself smitten by an articulate and intelligent local girl. Not just any local girl, she is a lawyer.

He says there is no real preference for him, other than the girl caught his attention with her personality and physical attractiveness. He says given the level of education of his partner, he doesn’t notice anything different with his current Asian partner and his past girlfriends. Apart from that she’s his son’s mother too.


Why Do Asian Women Really Like White/Western Men?

  • Escape a conservative culture/religion. Along with the traditional upbringing of Asian women, so were the men raised to it. This creates a homogenous society of strict culture and expectations. And sometimes just the same things over and again can be suffocating driving women to seek novelty and escape the conservative remnants of religion and tradition

  • Lack of choices with local men. Sometimes what we are constantly exposed to can get old easy. It’s no different when looking for a potential mate. We get attracted to the mystery and novelty of something new and different to what we’re used to.
  • Better life. Some Asian countries are developing if not downright poor countries. Its inhabitants aim to better their situation by finding a partner who can get them out of their current conditions.

  • Good genes. It’s noticeable how the offspring of two completely different races end up extra beautiful. In Asia where Western standards of beauty through fair skin and pointed nose is revered, getting some of those features to their offspring means better opportunities. It is not uncommon to find that actors and actresses, or beauty queens from Asia have a bit of Western blood in them.


Reasons why you should NOT Date an Asian Women



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