Dating Basics For Men

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A Guy’s Bare Essentials For Successful Dating
While most of these dating essentials will seem trivial it’s always nice to have a list of dating tips to refer to. This is the dating advice you shouldn’t forget.

Dating Basics For Men – Clean

Bad breath and body odour will send a women running even if the rest of your date goes fine. It’s easy to do and is one of those dating basics that you should not forget.
Shave or trim
Shower and wash your hair
You can be sure she will be clean and smelling wonderful so you need to at least be hygienic. It’s obvious when a guy has not washed so make this a priority before any date with a women.
It’s easy to do and will make a big impression

Dating Basics For Men – Time

Whether you are attracted to this women or not if you arrive late it will give the impression you are not interested. Unless you act as though you are very busy and it could come across cool. I wouldn’t take that risk. 10 minutes is fine but if you can plan to be their early. It’s respectful to be on time and another dating basic that is simple enough to remember and will impress.

Dating Basics For Men – Manners

Not only should you be polite to her but be polite to the people around you. A huge turn off for women is not notice that you are not polite to others but are trying your best with her. This indicates you are not actually a gentleman at all and just trying hard to impress.
Dating basics such as:
Pulling out her chair and opening the door for her are sure to impress (just don’t overdo the whole classical manners thing)
Women love to feel they are the centre of attention in a mans life.

Dating Basics For Men – Compliments

A few genuine compliments throughout the night will go a long way.
If you are attracted to this girl you need to let her know!
Be specific in your compliments as they will sound more genuine. Comment on what she is wearing and her hair colour.
Do not give to many compliments even if everyone of them is genuine. You don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or come across cheesy.

Dating Basics For Men – Listen

Women love to talk about what interests them… So let them talk. It allows you to get to know her more and gives you time to collect your thoughts.
If you can get great at asking the right questions at the right time you will have her eating out of your lap 😉
The very worst thing you can do on a date is talk continuously about yourself without asking her to do the same. Be courteous and ask her about herself.
If you find yourself talking non stop for 5 minutes without so much as a nod or smile from her your screwing the whole thing up.
This first date is not an ego trip. Even if you know you can talk and they will listen intently like any polite women does this is not the point. Don’t be so selfish!
IF you want to impress her then stop talking and start asking questions. Actively listen to what she is saying and respond when the time is right. Do not interrupt because you think your comment is more important… It’s not.
Yes these are all dating basics.

Dating Basics For Men – Prepare

Even if the two of you are compatible there might still be some silent patches. Prepare some interesting questions to ask that spark conversation again.
If you can’t think of any you can always prepare the first date in such a way that conversation will be spontaneous. A quick drink keeps face to face time down. After the drink you can always go to a movie or play. These activities give you something to talk about after. You never know how you and your date will interact until you meet them. Sometimes the chemistry just won’t be there. Prepare some easy out’s just in case.

Dating Basics For Men – The Bill

Intend on paying the full amount out of plain good manners. At the very least pay half. Your women may want to pay and if she insists on paying half don’t make a big deal out of it.

Dating Basics For Men – The Kiss

Don’t force this. Assume that the kiss won’t happen on the first date but depending on your chemistry it may feel natural.
Body language and eye contact throughout the night will give an indication if she is ready. If the date is going great why leave the kiss till the end?

Dating Basics For Men – Be Honest

If the date went terribly for you – you can be sure she is thinking the same thing. If you don’t intend on contacting her in the future then perhaps let her down slowly in a text the next day.

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