Dating: Biological Male Female Attraction Factors

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Sexual selection! Everyone is subconsciously performing and obsessed with their own sexual viability. Your sexual viability is your likelihood of survival + your fertility level.
Others judge your fertility level based on your phenotype (physical appearance)… e.g. there is a very good reason why you find a down syndrome girl unattractive. She has a poor chance of survival in the wild and poor genes.
This is not being mean it’s simply stating the facts… However your own likelihood of survival and what is important in relation to and with respect to today’s changing economy is where many men get confused… and rightly so.
Men are struggling to understand where not only their place is with respect to others but also what is attractive to women now.
Is it still attractive to be able to hung pigs drive cattle and build houses? Is a muscular dominant man still desirable in the forever changing technologically advanced world?
Or are women flocking to images of baby faced Justin beiber or turning bisexual by the thousands.
You will be glad to hear that the pillars of sexual attraction DO stay firm through the ages. Some cultures find fat women attractive while others prefer slim. I am not talking about superficial attraction factors I am talking about the root of how the biological mind is wired.
It’s all about what is the CURRENT indicator of health fitness and competency… it seems women will quite happily change the rules where it suits. If money fame and good looks is whats in fashion today then it is the current indicator of fitness.
Remember: Women have a lot more to lose than you – they have a limited number of eggs and the biological clock is ticking. Their mate choice decision has to be spot on. While the male mate choice is more in tune with volume – infinite sperm and little parental investment means guys are on one big copulation race.
this paper Suggests that physical appearance play huge roles in mate selection BUT there are stronger forces at play.
What really makes a women attracted to you? Why do some flake while others hound you for attention and admiration? Do you find yourself constantly attracting women that you find unattractive or undesirable while the women of your dreams doesn’t even know you exist?
You can be confident in the knowledge that over the years of genetic evolution the subconscious actually has a bigger part to play than the conscious… Have you ever wondered WHY?
Why the hell your attracted to some girls and not to others. You seemingly have everything in common with this one girl but you just don’t FEEL IT?
But some crazy gothic girl comes along and your weak at the knees? Well not in my personal experience but I think you get the point… For some the gothic girls do it for them, others it’s the dominant ones or the innocent quiet ones. This is partly to do with your childhood programming.
BUT there is also a subconscious chemical level attraction that is going on!
MHC (major-histocompatibility complex) and pheromones send subliminal indications of sexual fitness that are picked up through olfactory receptors of potential partners.
Attraction isn’t a choice! But you can increase your chances.
Just be aware when you are on your next date that the best thing you can do is be yourself and be in the moment. Connecting and conversing on an emotional level with a women is going to give you the best chance of a second date… Let biology do the rest. If you don’t feel the chemistry then it’s just not meant to be!

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