Dating Do’s

Here are a quick selection of dating do’s readers find useful on dates. Because those first few dates have every chance of turning sour, you need all the dating advice you can get.
Questions about your upcoming date may include.
What exactly should I do on a date to guarantee it goes smoothly?
Should I turn up early?
What should I say?
Should I take the bill?
Should we take separate cars?
Neutral venue or at home?
These are all questions answered in separate articles:
Meanwhile here are some quick dating do’s
Dating Do’s

Dating Do’s – Compliments

You can be sure your date put some time into how they look and smell. Make sure you don’t forget to notice this – physical appearance, especially clothes are very important to women. If you say nothing about her dress all night she may interpret this as you not caring or thinking she is attractive.
Keep the compliments short and honest

Dating Do’s – Pay attention

Do be the guy who leans forward and asks interesting questions about topics relating to there interests. This includes turning our cell phone OFF. Do be the man who remembers her name and what she mentioned the previous date. A Dating DO that always impresses is to look her in the eye and pay attention when she speaks. Obvious but crucial.

Dating Do’s – Honesty

Do be honest about yourself – your wealth weight and wisdom are out for all to see. Do project yourself in a positive but honest light. A Dating DO that may not make a great impression but will gain her respect would be to always be honest.

Dating Do’s – Compatibility

Do ensure the date you have selected has common interests. The last thing you want is a night of silence due to a complete lack of dating compatibility! A quick sneaky background check or online dating profile check should iron out the obvious errors in judgement. A Dating DO that makes perfect sense is to choose your dates wisely.

Dating Do’s – Stay positive

Do keep a positive attitude about how the night is going. You can be honest and even blunt about your compatibility but keep positive. A Dating Do that will increase you odds is to project yourself in the best light by staying upbeat and positive.

Dating Do’s – Plan ahead

Do plan ahead of time so that the night runs smoothly. An unorganised date with no clear direction can “sometimes” work in your favour but for the first few dates play it safe and plan ahead.

Dating Do’s – Be On Time

Do be punctual – it’s a sign of respect.
Arriving “fashionably late” to your first date just isn’t going to cut it and kills your chances of a great first impression.
A Dating Do that shows respect is to always show up on time.

Dating Do’s – Have Fun

Do have fun – it will relax your nerves and show you in good light. Even if your date doesn’t look they are having fun keep the mood cheerful by staying away from heavy topics such as political views and religion.

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