Dating For Awkward Guys

For most guys, dating is just not as easy as the select few pros make it seem. Being in the presence of the women of your dreams tends to stall any wit and charm you thought you had – you are now a stuttering fool. As a result your dating efforts are much to be desired and you are left, once again, dateless.
Whatever the reason for the awkwardness around hot women – we need to fix this to move forward.


Perhaps it is lack of exposure – E.G to much time spent playing world of warcraft… ?


Deeper “inner game” issues that need to be fixed – E.G lack of confidence
An awkward presence around a person you are trying to impress leads to failure. Conversation cannot flow and your image as the authority figure gets damaged due to perceived lack of confidence.
You may well be a bubbly confident guy outside the presence of this women but when she turns up your weak at the knees. This frustrates you because you are unable control your emotions at these crucial times and hence make a dam fool of yourself.
Awkwardness can be an attraction for some girls but on the whole the self conscious image portrayed by “geeky” guys sends women the other way.
You have two options here:

1 –

Accept that you enjoy being a bit of a geek and just be yourself. Geeks are obviously not all awkward but as a gross generalisation you will “fit in with the crowd”. You are good at this geek thing because you have been doing it all your life so it comes natural. You are confident around similar people and may even be thought of as the cool person among your peers.
If you choose this direction – one in which you choose to be your natural self we still have the problem of being awkward around women right. Chances are there are other girls in your workplace or social groups that you can get to know.
You will not be the one to go out to town/clubs and dance the socks of a women but you will casually, though mutual interests meet “another geek” or similar girl who may be as awkward around guys as you are around girls.
The two of you will grow in confidence together due to the realisation that the opposite sex really is not that scary.

2 –

Accept that you are ready for change and you no longer want to be awkward around girls.
This is the harder path but could be more rewarding for you. You will have to be prepared to face your fears and look silly in front of people for awhile.
Options for eliminating awkwardness include purchasing books on women and dating.
Exposure – Jump straight in and expose yourself to women more often, gradually you will become familiar with how others act around women. Mirror the alpha males in clubs and bars.
NOTE: I am not suggesting you are a geek because you are awkward ( this was used as an example)

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