Dating Mastery With Inner Game Tips

When you study relationship psychology for any length of time you realise how important the “inner game” is.
In fact… if you don’t have it, it becomes ALL about the Inner Game.
An example of someone who has little inner game would be a nerdy engineer who has a lot to offer a women but cannot control his emotions around them.
He has a degree of social anxiety and appears fidgety and unrelaxed in the presence of others.
He doesn’t believe he is worthy of attracting good looking girls and settles for below average.
He gives away power to women that do not deserve it and cannot seem to shake this weak attitude he has about himself.
Intellectually he is extremely sound however has little emotional strength.
It is this emotional strength and ability to display and communicate through emotion that he needs to work on.
Being able to switch out of his intellectual mind and establish a deeper emotional connection with people is crucial…
he would dramatically increase his relationships and life experiences as a result.
My realisation is that it’s almost ALL about your INNER game.
Top sports athletes are their because they work hard BUT you don’t see their secret weapon… They have extremely strong will power and emotional fortitude.
It takes a strong will power to get to the top.
However it’s not just the top sports stars – even regional or middle of the road sporting athletes have extremely good emotional strength and inner game.
You can memorise all of the best pick up lines but if you don’t have control of your internal emotions you will never be able to present and display them in an effective manner.
If you think you are controlled by your emotions in social situations then you need to fix this first before anything else.
You see women can see straight through a guy that secretly hates who he is but is just putting on a big show to cover up…
No matter how good a lyer you are… you will never be able to fool them in the long run.
Plus… who wants to lie?
When you become more of yourself you will find it a million times easier to express your true self.
This is what is so attractive anyway so the importance of being yourself should be very clear to you.
Most guys PRETEND when it comes to seducing women ……do you?
In fact it’s not just with seduction it’s when your around any women you find attractive.
Why do you change who you are as soon as you attempt to impress girls?
Because you dont think your real self is good enough – or at least your subconscious believes that if it remains who it is they wont be impressed.
So you have to put on a constant show anytime your around a girl.
This ends up draining your emotional reserves and you come across weak, fake and a little weird.
If you just remained yourself around women and remember your manners, you will have much more success.
Eventually you will find a girl that gets your humour.
Remember – you will never be able to pretend to be cool and confident – you actually have to BE confident… this is why attraction and seduction can be so exiting.
Its so much more than a few lines – it’s real confidence and inner game strength building.
Of course if you want the easy way out then you can keep faking it and see how you go.
The transformation that will get you into bed or in a relationship with the women you want involves eliminating self defeating beliefs and introducing PRIDE and positivity within.
It all sounds a bit wishy washy at this point but we’ll get there.
So write this down:
In order to attract the women I want into my life I need to eliminate
– (your negative emotions here)
and replace them with the GOOD emotions
You actually need to FORCE yourself to think about the positive emotions because for some reason we tend to think about the bad stuff in life even though it’s not helping us.
List down all the things you are proud of and remind yourself everyday of the accomplishments
Unfortunately simply talking to yourself is not going to be enough…
To be a new confident guy you actually need to accomplish!
Meaning you have to set goals and STICK TO THEM for a long period of time.
Simply knowing that you have the power of mind to stick to a task until completion will give you the confidence you need.
Discover YOUR own reason to be happy and positive about life – if this means you must leave your job and pursue a passion then DO it..
Life really is to short to worry about the small stuff. AND IT’S ALL SMALL STUFF.
Working on inner game takes time and effort but the payoffs are invaluable.
You will find everything will click into place once you get that monkey off your back.

So how will inner game help me?

It’s something as simple as: Instead of approaching women in fear you are instead thinking
Any women that I approach in the futre IS FORTUNATE to be talking to ME…because I am wonderful guy that is worthy of attention
Not all women will “get” what your all about but there are so many women out there for you…
change your inner game today and literally get a new life in the process
New positivity, No more anxiety, better posture immediately, positive tonality to your voice, witty humour will come naturally, CONFIDENCE, success in other areas of life
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