Dating Method (Experiment)

It’s about time I wrote a case study on here about how you simplify the art of seducing women by using zen and PL dating techniques.
If you feel like you are overwhelmed and still not getting the dating success that you hoped for read on and discover how easy it really is.
I am a fan of techniques DHV’s Keno and several other methods but thinking that all you have to do is keno to impress women is missing the point.
Let’s look at the big picture and focus on the critical dating success factors – the one thing you can change in your dating life that will bring the biggest result.

So the deal was – I would go out and try a certain technique. I had to stick by the key points listed below. These were limitations but also simplifications to popular modern game that had become cluttered.

  • After an initial opener I had to remain positive and energized throughout.
  • I had to focus the conversation on her at all times.
  • I had to ask the obvious questions and keep the conversation moving forward
  • I had to convey sexual emotion through body language and eye contact

So basically it was my body language that was doing the seducing – the conversation was simply there to keep her from leaving! By NOT focusing on the conversation and the “what should I say”, the anxiety disappears.
I talked to a number of women that night but I had really narrowed it down to one girl that I had a connection with. The simplicity was not restricting but it was tough to continually redirect the conversation even when she kept asking me about what I did.
I think it added some mystery to my character in some respects but also kind of annoyed her.
(she did come back to mine that night) So I guess you could call it a successful night. However I don’t measure successful nights on whether I got laid or not!
The toughest and most important aspect of the PL Dating Method is the seduction via emotion through body language. You have a chance to connect with her when she is talking about herself. Eye contact, smiling and keno are all parts of the process that might take some time to refine.
KEY POINTS: (why it worked)

Focus on her

I still see this WAY to often – it amazes me how silly guys can be but I guess it’s nice to talk about yourself when you know someone is interested.
The problem is that you JUST met this girl – Just think for a second. Why would she be that interested in your latest work story?
What is she getting out of listening to you talk about yourself? It’s likely that she is being polite and waiting for a chance to excuse herself.
The PL Dating Seduction Experiment was designed so that anyone could use it. The biggest problem I hear guys having is that they don’t know what to say.
The reality is that you don’t actually have to say that much! By NOT talking you are able to influence them more than if you WERE talking. All you really need to do is come up with effective questions and these questions are based on what she has already said.

Increase your energy and enthusiasm

The most important aspect of this whole process is your ability to convey emotion through body language/facial expression and voice tone. You don’t have to be over the top! But it’s crucial that you are in a happy positive mood.
There is no way that you will pick up anything while sulking around the room feeling sorry for yourself.

Say the obvious

You don’t need to say anything amazing to charm her! You do need to use emotion and subtle flirting but you don’t have to tell a big story in front of a crowd to impress her.
Just keep saying the obvious. It will be obvious because after your approach which can be as simple as “hey – I need a womens opinion on something…”, she will start talking about herself (if she doesn’t prompt her to) and from this you get some great information about what to say next.
She might say that she currently studying at the local college… You obviously ask her “what are you studying?” And it keeps moving forward like this in a natural fashion.

Don’t go in with predefined lines

Apart from perhaps an opener you don’t want to go in with any predefined stories and lines.

Redirect conversation

You will often find that she asks about you – If you don’t have much to say about yourself in the moment just redirect the conversation back to her.
If you DO have MUCH to say about yourself avoid the temptation to blabber on about your successes or a work story. You will much more chance of impressing her if you are actually interested in her life.
You may have heard of the crass saying “dont put the pussy on a pedestal”… It should remind you that even 10’s are still girls that have emotions just like you. They get nervous and flustered when they are put on the spot.
This doesn’t refer to putting women down but it does remind us that we shouldn’t give her any more respect than she deserves. Give women respect where it is due. Just because she is attractive does not give her the right to treat you badly.

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