Dating On Line Service

When looking for a Dating On Line Service that suites you… it pays to shop around.
It also pays (if you want to play it safe) to stick to the top ten on online dating services.
One should accept that there are some shady on line dating services out there looking to get quickly into your wallet for that cc# number.
However there are 10-20 extremely reputable on line dating services that you cannot miss online. They are run by professional teams that will ensure your online dating experience goes smoothly.
If you are unaware of the services I am talking about: here are the main ones.


Yahoo Personals
People Meet Network (black,bb,parent)

You also have
american singles
christian mingle
etc etc etc
As you can see there are a lot of dating on line services out their even when you wean out the bad performers. So you have a few decisions to make about which dating service you are going to go with.
This will depend on what experience you want:

If you are looking for marriage eHarmony is a great route to take as they specialize specifically in matchmaking. is a really great on line dating service if you are not exactly sure who you want to meet but you still want to quality to be high.
Chemistry have an awesome scientific matching system based on an extensive personality test. Chemistry is great to use even if you dont know yourself that well. Users often find they understand themselves so much better after using an on line dating service such as eHarmony or it was worth them signing up just for the personality assessment.
Dont feel like you have to make the “right or wrong” choice when choosing your dating on line service. The top 5-10 dating services should do the trick providing you use them properly and spend enough time describing yourself.
If you are not open for love then the on line service you choose is not going to fix this.
You are going to have to spend a bit of time searching and chatting to users within the on line dating service itself so dont expect to get 10 dates for the weekend without doing any work.

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