Dating Pitfalls – Rushing into love because you want sex or companionship


This marks the 500th post on PL daily dating advice – may their be many more to come
Here are some relationship pitfalls that you as a guy might find yourself doing… Read these quick tips and you’ll find yourself saving a ton of time and money.

What Do You Want?

You might find that you want all three but if you just want one or two of the following it’s time to be honest with yourself.


I see to many men rush into relationships with women because the just want sex… in the end both parties get hurt… The women thinks he loves her (and you might for a period of time) and you don’t really get the sex you wanted.
You are expected (quite rightly) to love and care and provide for this wonderful women who is falling in love with you and all you really want to do is get a little ass every now and then.
For her sake and yours figure out just what you are looking for before you dive in and end up balls deep in a sticky situation.
If you get her pregnant and don’t actually love her or care much for her you are the definition of stupidity.


So you have decided you want companionship?
Is your companionship driven by your loneliness?
If you are looking for love because you want to eliminate a fear do you think that you will make a good decision about a long term partner?
Rather than jumping in and accepting the first girl that gives you a little attention find out who you really would love to spend time with and search for her.
If your companionship involves cooking and working in the garden then meeting women in bars and clubs is not going to work to well…
Instead try cooking schools and gardening conventions… Joining clubs related to your field of interest will soon hook you up with a like minded companion.
What you should really be looking for is love and chemistry – a real connection with a person that you also have chemistry with is the golden goose. Because you can share every part of you day with them and they will be delighted to share in your experience.
The amazing sexual experience will be an obvious conclusion to such a great day with your partner. You are no longer lonely because your “date” is your best friend. You love and care for each other and have similar goals and future dreams.
You are looking for the best of both worlds and it does exist. You just have to go through the dating process like everyone else – your heart will be broken a few times and you will be disappointed even more. But in the end it is obviously all worth it.
If you are just looking for sex do not confuse this with you wanting a deep and meaningful long term relationship…
This may result and you could get lucky but testosterone is a terrible predictor of a compatible match. If you are serious about one dating finding a women that is really into you and you her then get the casual sex idea out of your head by giving it a go and moving on.
Once you realise it’s all about true chemistry and connection you will start to search and attract the women that are right for you long term…
In short – know what you want before you get yourself into any sort of relationship because once love has taken hold it can be hard to let go… even if you know your not that well matched.