Dating Red Flags

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Dating Red Flags

Low energy + Low physical chemistry

You will often feel a low energy source coming from a person and you just know there is not much going on within them. You are not looking to date this person. They will not put much energy into the relationship and chemistry will be dead on arrival.

Physical Appearance

If they don’t put in some sort of effort early on it will only get worse. Appearance Red Flags would be, smelling bad, poor or inappropriate attire.


Some people just love to argue – do you really want to be on the end of this bitterness?


Defensive people will think everything you say is something negatively directed at them. You will hear it in their voice when they reply to a neutral comment. Watch for the phrase “yeah but…” after you comment on something about them. Mostly you will hear it in the negative tone in their voice.

Lack Of Focus

Is he or she constantly looking around at other people in the room? If they seem fidgety and unfocused they are either nervous or not interested in what you’re saying. Your date should be focused on you and know one else.


If all you hear from them is Me, I and Them it should raise alarm bells in your head. You should be hearing “you” a lot, how are you? I want to hear about you.
Not my ex did this my ex wife did that.
Past issues can be resolved but most people are unable to get past breakups and recent issues so it’s just not worth sticking around.


If he/she contacts you 24/7 after the first date. They might send you 10 texts messages the next day without a reply or try to call you up at every chance they get. Stay away from these people. Or approach with caution.


You should be getting red flags if your date is either not talking at all or you have to force the conversation along. You should also be getting dating red flags when you can’t get a word in because your date is talking nonstop.
There is a right and a wrong way to converse with people and you naturally know how conversations should be. If your dating conversation is awkward or worse completely silent then move right along.


If your date is treating you bad on the first few dates don’t think they will change in the future. If you date does not have good manners this should be a red flag to get out early.

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