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Did you know that the online dating scamming industry is reported to be worth 100 million dollars? WTF???
Morals and ethics seem to go out the window even with our own US large business selling you shit you don’t need. So a poor man in Nigeria or Senegal is going to be creaming his pants at the idea of a tiny fraction of the dating pie. So yes it’s terrible and yes it’s immoral but like the black market where there is money there is people to exploit it.
We just have to be more aware and report users! Hence this article.
What makes the internet so powerful is the ability to connect the world together so that everyone can collaborate and share together whether it be on open source projects or information for work. This same strength is also the webs weakness because scammers can join up to websites unnoticed.
Dating scammers are active because there situation and standard of living force them into unsavoury practices. They could be earning an honest living but choose to prey on the good will and trust of others. Dating scammers are alive and well in free online dating sites so it pays to know what to look for.
Sites like connecting singles actively screen and delete profiles every day but some dating scammers are intelligent and look just like everyone else.
Here is what to look out for:

Scammers Ask For Money

Scammers tend to ask for money on free online dating sites. They will ask you for anything just to get you to pay them. Bus money, a taxi ride to come and meet you, an air fare to fly over from Africa.
The request for money should be without meeting them first should be an obvious warning!
They will email you multiple times a day expertly building trust with you over time. You want to believe their seduction techniques via email because they might have a handsome picture etc but in reality they will be asking for money. This should trigger something in your head… Why would a handsome guy that is in love with me ask me for money? If you say no he will delay any further meeting until you send money and continue to email you.

Scammers Trigger Guilt With Emotional Stories

The dating scammer will usually be desperately ill or have a child that is sick. Once again this is preying on your good will of trying to help others in need. A dating scammer might need money to get out of jail or to pay off a lawyer. Anything they say will be to both build trust and then make you feel guilty and sorry for them.

Scammers Go To Dating Sites For Charity

Think about it… your in a dating site – why would any user ask you to send donations to their charity? People still fall for this stuff though and it’s serious business over in Senegal, Nigeria or Russia.

Scammers Offer You Money

You might be asked to send them money and in return you will receive 10 to 100 times as much in return. This is often disguised as some sort of prize you have won.
Scammer sends you counterfeit cashiers checks

Scammers Ask For Personal Info Early

Phone Numbers
Any information they can get on you to do more background checks, the more they know about you the easier it is for them to gain your trust.
Scammers can also sell your email address to others – so excuses like , they cannot send you photos through the site but want to email you some will get it.
They might send photos to you and ask you to reply, once you do they have your email.

Online Dating Redflags

An model picture – they photos are much more attractive than other photos on the sites and the profile description is usually too good to be true.
Ask for your personal email early
Tough love stories or guilt trip stories
Offer you any sort of money or financial reward no matter how good it sounds it’s B.S.
Not all scammers are from offshore – watch for in house U.S. scammers looking cash to “get out of jail” or to come and see you.
Anyone from Africa
Check out this link
It explains how anyone that types in “dating community” into google is most likely from Dakar Senegal. They will have a company set up there that goes about emailing uses in America.
Another famous dating scam is the Russian bride trick. Hot pictures of Russian women will be posted as fake profile online and then lovesick American men will shell out money to get them to come to America.
They obviously never show up. Or you travel to Russia and get charged a ton in travel and insurance fees. Watch out for Ukraine or Russian women that look to good to be true.


dating scammer

Because these dating scammers are from other countries they won’t have great English (some of them) so they use google translate and it sounds terrible.
EG I want love fast and asap, i never stop carrying the big value in a marriage. I always go forward in life and communicate something great every minute with you. For me the important thing is soul
Watch out for vague pretty disjointed meanings that mean absolutely nothing. Flattery that goes no further than to suggest your beautiful (but it’s in their profile).



By personal details I mean really personal stuff like bank account details etc
If you need help:
FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)
FTC online complaint form (
Canadian PhoneBusters hotline: 888-495-8501
Internet Fraud Complaint Center (

2 thoughts on “Dating Scammers”

  1. i have a great one…met a real hot girl, she actually showed herself to me via cam, so i know it wasnt a guy. now apparently she was from tx, in ny and the ad was for pgh area. she said that she was taking care of her sick mother. at one point i asked her if she was from another country because i play online poker and see how many easter euopeans and russians talk via chat there…she said no that she was from texas lol. she asked if i could send her money for a ticket and she would come down and stay with me. I looked up ticket prices and a commuter flight is 60/dollars. I offered to buy her ticket, she said no send the money instead. When i asked her how much she said 300. I offered to go and get her and bring her back with me…she said no that she wanted to build trust and that I needed to trust her. Well I said no. being a computer programmer, i am not new to the online scams. I rarely even buy stuff online let alone just send money to someone that i dont know, and she def doesnt have a verisign logo!! these scams are real and increasing in number, esp now since the economy is bad, and ppl are desperate. What she didnt take into consideration, is that I have had much sucess with online dating for many mnay years…i have neither had to send any money and usually spend very little and still get lucky. So after telling her about me being leary, i thought it funny how she got upset with me and left. trying to send me on a guilt trip. I know i made the right choice. just wanted to share my story with you.

    1. Yeh good story man thanks for sharing – it still surprises me how many guys will send money to women they have never met… I guess some women can be really convincing especially if she was prepared to webcam and show her face! Guys get hooked on love and sex and rush into it when they are stuck in the moment.

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