Dating Success Tip: Expand Your Social Circle

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Need More friendships?
Or just more sex?
What about a greater opportunity to find love?
Your soulmate, wife or next lover is somewhere out their…
She could be living one block away and you miss her by five minutes every morning on your way to work.
An agonizing thought but like markus says – there are plenty of fish in the sea right?
And on that thought – have you thought about using social networking sites like facebook and badoo to expand your social circle?
I know most of use like to leave it up to chance – but actually spending a bit of time adding friends on facebook and going back in time establishing connections with old friends can be very rewarding.
By being aware of your social circle and how it can influence your life you might spend more time working on it.
The people in your life create the positive experiences and laughter – you soon realize this when you spend to much time alone.
Anyway… I am sure you are aware of the importance of good friends.  But what about distant friends… After all those 30 important people in your life make all the difference right? Those 5 close friends… your family and outlying family and perhaps your friends good friends and that’s about it…
Why do you need 700-1000+ friends on facebook?
Because you will end up going to more parties seeing more people and exposing yourself to an ever greater number of single women/men.
And if your single this is a GOOD thing. Even if your not single it’s still good fun to get out their and party.
So the EXTENDED FRIENDS ZONE is not a bad thing to have…
The more connected you are the more OPTIONS you have. Living in a small town certainly doesn’t help that.
So how does one expand his group of friends?
One of the best ways is to just be a fun guy to be around… Everyone wan’ts more friends – but keep in mind that a friend is a commitment, it takes time and energy and it must be a two way thing. You have to GIVE VALUE to every relationship that you have otherwise it will die out over time.
You will notice that the popular men and women around do have a certain way with words and people… they are either funny or smart or have some sort of status that their friends want.
So the easiest way to get more friends is to just be a more attractive friend prospect. But this is what you should be working on long term.

What about in the short term?

Obviously joining communities, clubs, sports teams and organisations is a great move. This is a very socially aware and natural thing to do.
There are some more direct ways to get in touch…
Often these involve the sexual connotation that you want without ever bringing them up. Because they are chatting to you within a dating social site (badoo) it’s ok to assume such sexual connections.
But you should use these kinds of sites casually and without expectation.
Just be yourself and chat online with a bunch of different people. Create your profile and share yourself and your life within it. Don’t be afraid to send out friend requests and email to those singles that catch your eye.
When you receive email back the conversation and relationship begins.
Some girls wont email you back – but those that do will be interested in hanging out or instant messaging to find out what kind of guy you are.
Reply and get to know them even if your not romantically or sexually interested… This might seem like a lie but it’s really just good manners.
Start off with a wide net and then narrow it down once you actually have options.
By getting to know many different people from different backgrounds you gain amazing perspective.
You’ll be amazed at how fun people can be to be around despite your original prejudices.
And remember – That girl your not attracted to will ALWAYS know a women more attractive than her… Another potential date for you.
By expanding your social circle you can text or call online contacts on a friday night and actually turn a lonely night in, into the best night of your life.
Meet new women and new faces online via online social dating!
For example PL casual dating is free and can be found via a link in teh bar at the top of this page.

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