Dating The Wealthy

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When you are trying to impress a rich man or women it pays to dress appropriately. This doesn’t always mean you have to adorn the ball gown.
If you going on a casual date dress casually but appropriately for the situation. Wear quality clothes than don’t draw a ton of attention to the fact that your trying too hard to impress using your body. A bit cleavage for girls or tight shirt for guys is ok but don’t go overboard.
date the wealthyUse your manners at ALL times especially when you are in public with a wealthy man or women. Keep your voice pitch and tone at an appropriate level.
Do not make habit of proving them wrong even if they are. They are wealthy for a reason and are not used to being put down.
Do not act pushy or desperate under any circumstances. This means you don’t suggest when you would like to marry or go in depth about past relationships that did not work out.
Wealthy men and women only want to hear positive forward thinking attitudes.
Be happy with taking it slow and developing a solid friendship first. By offering up your body early you are showing him/her a huge weakness.
Be yourself and never hint or make suggestive comments about his/her wealth. They want you to be attracted to them and not their money.
Is it really possible to access the closed door exclusive world of the rich and famous? Can you date a millionaire or even reasonably wealthy man or women and should this be your motivation in the first place?
One of the best way to date millionaires and rich people is to get contacts online.
There is no guarantee when trying to date wealthy people online but you sure can increase your chances by turning up at the right times and more importantly in the right place. There are certain places online where you can turn up and start getting into contact with rich successful people.
What you have to keep thinking is “what am I bringing to the relationship” Sadly if you are not wealthy funny or attractive you will have little chance pulling a rich man or women.
So if you’re having trouble catching that rich man or women of your dreams keep working on your own attributes and qualities.
If you think dating a millionaire is a little out of your reach how about just dating generally well of mean and women.
A place like is great for generally successful and wealthy singles to meet and get together.
Once problem with online wealth sites such as is that men are often not honest about their income earnings.
Adding an extra couple of zeros to the financial statement really is just too easy online. But you have to just think the best of everyone and at the same time be weary of the truth.
What would be a great next step for these websites is for the members to have to upload a financial statement as proof or earnings.
Then the lies would come out and the best would rise to the surface.
Most dating sites now allow you to filter by annual income. Using an honest high quality site such as eHarmony and filtering by annual income is a good place to start.
The truth about dating millionaires is that there are precious few available to date in real life and even less online. Even though there are more and more millionaires popping up every day many of them are taken.
If you are happy with incomes around 300-500K a year you can easily find yourself a date online in this bracket.
If you really want to find yourself a rich soul mate then your going to have to cast a wide net. Be prepared to invest in several sites. Sign up for multiple dating sites and explicitly state you are looking for a man/women about 250K in income etc.
Then go into detail why you think this filter is their. Let them know that you are looking for a rich man because…
And state what you can bring to the table as a result of them dating you. You have to make it worthwhile for this rich single to choose you over everyone else looking for wealthy love.
Buy ad space on sites where rich people hang out. If your intent on catching the eye of a rich man step outside your comfort zone. Use quantcast to search for websites where rich guys hang out.
Wallstreetjournal etc and buy and email ad slot in one of their mailings or purchase a small ad spot on one of their pages. Send them to a page where they can contact you such as your dating profile page or face book page.
No one does this so you wont have any competition. Its a crazy idea but it just might work… and think of the pay off if you snag that filthy rich wall street trader.
Knowing where to go and how to act is crucial when trying to find that millionaire match.Keep in mind that you have to be worth their while. List the reasons why you are worth their time otherwise you are just another fish in the sea desperately in search for wealthy dates.

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