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Dave Wygant talks with a guy regarding talking with women
David: What do you notice about my behavior?
John: What do I notice about your behavior? It seems very natural, very easy to you. And everything you say is very obvious. But once I’m not with you, it seems like I’m reaching again for the perfect thing to say, and then I’m waiting. And finally it’s like, ugh, I’ve waited too long, now do I move ahead or just let it go?
David: Right, and that’s why repetition is important. You notice that we’re doing the same things over and over again, right? Did you talk to those women in the Pinkberry store?
John: No, I wasn’t attracted to them.”
David: I’m not attracted to 90% of the people I talk to, but I’m getting to know some great people. Just because I don’t want to go out with someone doesn’t mean that they’re not a great person worth talking to. It doesn’t mean that I can’t learn something from them. It doesn’t mean that I can’t meet their friends down the road – it’s all about building up that power and social network.
John: And the fact that those girls at Pinkberry were looking at that furniture book – even if we hadn’t been to that furniture store I still could have just picked up on that and said something about it.
David: Yeah, it was the obvious thing. Furniture shop, redecorating your house… think about the things that come to your mind. An exercise that I tell guys to do is to take 20 common, everyday words – like coffee, groceries, furniture, fresh fruit, gas stations, whatever – write them down and create a story about each of those words. If you think about it, you can say something about every one of those twenty words.
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