Dating Tips: How To Get A Girlfriend


Many guys out there are kind of missing the point when they ask advice about getting a girlfriend. The short answer is – go on more dates and increase your social circle.
If you have few friends and find it hard to meet and talk to girls then free online dating sites are an option.
Rather than jumping straight to the final step of getting the girlfriend you first have to do the ground work.
I think this is what your really asking about… what process or strategy should I be using to get a girlfriend that’s wants to be with me and wont leave when the next confident guy shows up…
If you aren’t already going on dates then by all means start setting them up… Dates are no guarantee that the girl will go out with you but the more dates you go on the more chance you have.
Rather than thinking of a date as a pass or fail interview think of it as a casual trial period.
This girl you are on the date with is checking you out and making sure you are what she is looking for.
A good impression on the first date is obviously crucial but don’t go putting to much pressure on yourself.
The idea of dating is that you progress and escalate the friendship and physical contact. The first date is NOT a hit or miss. It’s an introductory period.
If you get the second date or happen to meet up again then it’s your chance to become a little closer and perhaps even a little intimate.
It all depends on your perception of her comfort levels.
Getting a girlfriend is about being patient and allowing the stages of romance and courtship take place. Do not get impatient and try to speed up the process. This comes across as needy and desperate – and obvious turnoff.
While you need to be patient if each subsequent date isn’t gradually escalating she might just be interested in friendship.
Part of a healthy relationship is open communication.
Don’t be afraid to let her know how your feeling about the situation but don’t go jumping the gun and messing it up with a line like.
Do you want to be my girlfriend? on the first or second date. Understand that a women needs TIME to establish trust and feelings of love (even if you don’t).
The guy that ends up with the girl is not only the dominant emotionally connected successful guy but the forever patient guy too. It will be obvious if your “date” wants to progress things further.
Being casual and patient about the whole process is very attractive to women because it suggests independence.
Just to contradict myself one more time… Even though you want to be patient you also wan to set the tone!
You are DATING here which means there should be some sexual chemistry and even a touch of awkwardness between you. This is the initial stages of dating and can be really exiting.
If you don’t set the tone early on the friendship card could well be thrown your way.
Getting a girlfriend takes more than just setting up dates and being patient… you also need to become boyfriend material. If you are boyfriend material you should have women knocking at your door.
Alpha males need not look far to find a girlfriend. This recent post details how to build an attractive lifestyle to attract women.
Not all girlfriends are created equal… When you are considering finding a girlfriend you should look for women that match your personality. Don’t let your sexual motivation cloud your thoughts.
You want a girl that understands your passions and life goals.
Have you ever been put in the “friend” category? You thought that everything was clicking well but she just wasn’t feeling it? It sucks doesn’t it…
What have you got to do to avoid the friendship card and get a real girlfriend?
Trigger attraction though seduction, keno escalation, chemistry building techniques and social proof.
Sadly this is where most men fall short. They are so great at getting out there making themselves be seen in bars and clubs but don’t take it further and make it happen at the right times.
Learning how to create attraction and trigger intimate feelings in women so you can get that girlfriend of your dreams is not easy but thankfully there are guys who have discovered ways that work for them (david deangelo, david wygant, Gambler).
It’s one of those crucial areas of life that men should master. Even if you have money and looks you can still be clueless in the attraction and love department. It’s a separate category.. often disjointed and forgotten. Most men see little point in learning about attraction until it’s to late.
Be a man that isn’t afraid of showing his desires.

Tips on How To Get A Girlfriend

  • Playing it safe wont get you the girl
  • Go on more dates
  • Use seduction and attraction techniques to ensure she wants you
  • Never beg or plead in any way
  • Build a lifestyle that women are attracted to

Once you have the girlfriend don’t think that it’s all over! You have to keep up the chemistry and love – surprise roses and chocolates or a secret getaway are fantastic ways to keep up the romance.


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  1. Your right about the social circle stuff – i have found just being yourself and living socially has worked for me, the girlfriend bit comes naturally

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