Dating Women Worst Case Scenario

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Dating Women Worst Case Scenario

Lets talk about some dating fears :

Becoming open and realistic about the worst case scenario is very important when dating women. When you are busy mulling over the worst case scenario it is tough to imagine anything positive happening for you at all…
If you take some time and just get out of your head for a minute here we can move forward…
What I want you to do is imagine the absolute worst case scenario for you when you approach women.
Your worst case scenario might be different than the next guy depending on your fears.
For some guys it might just be that they laugh in a mocking way as if to say “how dare you approach me” and hence you feel rejected and perhaps laughed at by peers or other people in the club
Now I would have to say that this would rank way up there for some guys as the worst thing that could happen. Pity and amusement at the mere suggestion of you talking to the hot women really is a big kick in the teeth for our pride.
It goes MUCH deeper than just you not being able to speak due to a mind block or them not being attracted to you.
No these are just surface emotions that are NOT your worst case scenario. Your worst case dating approach scenario will be when your biggest fear is picked up by the ankles and slammed to the ground for all to see.
Once again there is no right or wrong answer here…

What is your biggest dating fear? Use the comments below

By exposing and accepting the worst case scenario we can start to see it in a different light. Maybe this irrational fear is not so bad after all. Maybe it really is all in my head and I am worthy of dating success…
The best case scenario (likely ending up in her bedroom later that night) is MUCH more likely to happen than the worst case scenario…


This dating game is so rewarding because in order to pickup that hot women we have to grow as men. We either grow up and face our fears or forever live in the shadow of our past , if you do not face up to your dating and approach fears you will always be that scared boy.
It’s the transition from boy to man that’s the achievement not the winning of the women at the end!
Did you get that?
Its the transition from boy to man that occurs as a result of facing fears that is the real achievement here. David D goes over these topics in deep inner game. A great audio course about overcoming dating fears and rejection.

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