David Wygant Genius – On Being A Man

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My friend Dave De angelo held this seminar series in 2009 and david wygant was there. This guy is a genious! Just watch this:
There are notes under each video if you don’t want to watch but I recommend listening to this guy. His confidence and attitude are spot on.
Women are one big romantic comedy
They are not looking to be picked up!
They are not looking for that funny guy
They are not looking to be entertained
Women want that serendipitous moment
STOP READING and get out there.
Just be you
Coffee shops
Breaking train of thought
They want to be yours
A real man understands and listens!
NEVER give away your power!
Don’t act with a routine
Pick up lines don’t work , do you really have nothing to say in the moment?
BE PRESENT in the moment be that confident guy
You can feel that godly spiritual feeling of confidence inside you THAT is what’s attractive
OBSERVE everything she is doing
Women are about “moments”
HAHA this guys is genius
We check out pornos And they read romance novels! THINK ABOUT IT
OBSERVE who they are and what they are doing
It’s not what you say it’s how you say it It’s the attitude
As old as it sounds you have to be
No hesitation in the corner
It’s NOT about the outcome, and it never works according to plan so just observe and be dynamic. Yes it’s tough but it’s all
about becoming a man so get excited about growth rather than anxious about outcomes!
Just talk –just connect – just listen
And get excited about what she is saying, ask insightful questions
Women are REALLY sexual, they don’t like to talk about it with strangers but women are super spiritual sexual beings!
You have the power and there is amazing power in using fantasy
You need to SHOW her how amazing you are by how you say it not what you say
Get your voice tone UP
Stories are GREAT
She loves using fantasy and imagery in her head – create that powerful moment
Dont be the cliché be the story and unique experience in her life!
Part 4
Follow up right away
Bust her balls a little and set up that date
Don’t prequalify – that’s boring! Make your dates adventurous
Women are about creating memories!
And it starts from the beginning; if you don’t connect and initiate something special by listening to her you just like every
other guy.
Whether is fun sex, marriage , connection, girlfriends
Women want different things and you have to LISTEN
You need to relate to them!
It’s about a lifestyle change rather than phone numbers and self validation though sex
Missed opportunities from a bar…
This stuff is hard but it’s amazingly powerful and rewarding
5 Things I would love to do
Fuck bars
Go to a whole foods store and TALK to women because you know how to converse about whole foods
“Be Mayor Of Your Life”
Get used to talking
Get validate by yourself
Collect information
Get that mind going
Use and Show emotion in your speech
Be the man who is proud to be who he is
Even if you DONT like someone get excited about talking with people
Be memorable!
It’s not about an instant date or instant gratification
You don’t have to be the connector but get to know them
Girls will soon notice you – and validate themselves to you
It’s NOT about rejection
Rejection is a myth
You CAN dictate about how you want to live your life – and that is what’s ATTRACTIVE
Your own best openers – observe your own life, once again become observant.
Write things down don’t memorise
Work on your gut instinct
So you know what to say in every situation without ridiculous openers
Supreme inner confidence
Whole foods – observe people, notice them doing things
Be a leader
Take control
Just talk about what they are doing
They are naughty little girls right?
Don’t say … Excuse them
This clip gets dam funny half way though about the rye bread in block buster
Be observant everywhere!
Don’t be tuna guy in blockbuster, be tuna guy in whole foods
Claim her! Your mine, just claim her, claim kids, men everyone they are yours and you don’t need validation to do so
Be persistent guys!
Don’t complain
Be strong and confident
Building your social network up
Know everybody
Dont expect anything from them
Just give to people and make amazing experiences everywhere you go.
People love attention
Be interested in them
Women will be attracted to you no matter what if you start to listen
Dont chase
Don’t do anything in your life that you don’t like doing! (sound crazy?)
Work your ass of and believe in yourself
Daves summary
Let your personality come out
You don’t need to fake it
Be yourself
Just talk
Connect at a higher level with yourself and with women
Become a man
Do this!
Women will line up
Live a passionate life!

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