Daytime Dating : The Day Game Difference

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There is a big difference between casually talking to someone during the day and trying to pick up women while squinting your ears at a loud obnoxious night club.
If you are not used to approaching women during the day it can seem a bit weird at first.
The usual nightclub scene:
You are used to the soothing and familiar confidence building feeling of alcohol in your system. Darkness and noise add to the dulling of the senses making a bar or nightclub a great place to be at night if your after women in that same state.
With any anxieties long forgotten you are able to plunge head first into a group of women with your latest pick up line. Sooner or later one of them works and “whataya know” you’ve picked up. You get her number and maybe even head back to yours.
Day game is different:

You are not under any mask or hiding behind darkness, noise or superficial feelings of drug induced elation.
The light is in your face meaning, all flaws are exposed.
You actually have to make real conversation and the topics need to be relevant and timely rather than rehearsed.
You need to choose your target wisely as many women during the day are not ready or willing to be seduced or even interrupted.
Unlike bars where everyone is there for one general reason during the day you won’t know whose single married or gay.
So with all these daytime dating flaws what’s the point in attempting to pick up a women during the day when you can just snag an easy one late at night?
Because that’s what they are… EASY
During the day you take it to a whole knew level.
Just think of all those women that don’t even get into town. They are the BEST ones. These are the keepers that you are after and they are out during the day. NOT pissed off there tit at some lame late night bar.
So rather than kicking it with all the other douchbags in town while only adding to the number of dicks on the dance floor, why not try working on your day game?
Day game involves being in the right places at the right time
Day game involves acting completely natural and approaching and talking to women about topics relating to similar hobbies and life goals.
Day game involves stepping outside your comfort zone and joining new clubs or sports teams.
Day game involves working HARD on your conversation skills so that you can communicate with women like no other man.
All of this work pays off big time! You end up dating way above your level because you are doing more than any other guy is prepared to do. The competition will be slim to none so you only have to be the average guy! Often just showing up to these places gets your foot in the door with hot women (e.g. horse riding clubs)
While all the other guys are climbing over each other to get to one average girl you are able to pick and choose. You will be the centre of attention!
You are not anesthetised by drugs but rather you feel every emotion and bit of chemistry as it happens… A truly exhilarating feeling.
Daytime dating is a whole new ball game and requires a whole new set of rules, it is natural and wonderful when you get it right. It requires a bit of work but I think you’re ready for it.

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