Dealing With Online Rejection

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Dealing With Online Rejection:
Messages winks and flirts not getting returned?
Dealing with just one or two virtual rejections should be easy.
You have not yet met with them in real life.
You have no emotional connection with this virtual dater
You understand that this really is just a numbers game and hey, they might not have been your type anyway.
But when you continually get the virtual cold shoulder… When no one replies or a guy says something mean and personal what then? This repeated rejection can be tough to deal with.
What you have to realise is that online dating is quite different from offline!
It’s much easier to not return email
It’s much easier to say something mean in an email or chat room
Online dating can be impersonal so when you start out keep your emotions held back until you really get to know someone.

It’s Probably Not You At All

If you are having problems with online rejection or a lack of online dating success it may not be you at all.
You might think that it has to be your horrible profile picture or boring life projected through your profile description but really it’s just how the cookie crumbles online. With some sites it can be a ruthless number game. The more you email flirt and chat the more chance you have of meeting someone you connect with.
It’s kind of a horrible thing to talk about online dating (an extremely emotional and personal thing) as a ruthless numbers game… but maybe this is how you should view it.
As much as you would like to disagree you are just another virtual profile among the millions of men and women online. Not so special and not really standing out from the crowd.
That girl who hasn’t emailed you back could have found someone else, she probably wasn’t your type anyway, she might be intimidated by you or getting so much email from other guys that yours got lost in the crowd.
There are so many other possible reasons for your apparent rejection. To accept the worse case scenario every time is ridiculous. Plus it does not help you one bit.
Use online dating as a connecting tool. Dont go into it with your heart on your sleeve from the first few emails. Asses their qualities and then really start to connect with them on the first date.
This way you don’t get emotionally rejected online… just turned away.
I CAN understand how you might take online dating rejection to heart – your dating profile is an extension of you.
Also your profile picture is a public display of what you look like. But they have not yet met you! So any fool who rejects or slanders you without meeting you or chatting to you first is not worth your time.
So 99% of online rejection should not be given your emotional time. Use this time where you will it will benefit you most.
Anyone who uses online dating sites to find there soulmate (or a quick fling) will likely meet online rejection.
Dealing with this rejection is much like any other real life rejection.
Morning, crying, talking with friends
But I just cant see how it can get to this stage…
I suggest if you are crying over lost love online you are using online dating the wrong way. Get plenty of contacts and then get offline and actually start dating!!!
This way you can really get to know the guy/girl in real life rather than trying to guess how they feel online.

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