Dealing With Rejection

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Dealing With Rejection
Getting rejected ranks up there with getting punched square in the face. The damage is not physical but mentally, if you let rejection get to you it can play havoc on your mind for weeks. Some guys never get over repeated rejection and resign to never approaching women due to the approach anxiety they can no longer confront.
They key to dealing with rejection is to change your mindset towards it. At the moment you believe that if a girl rejects you (says no) then that is a personal attack on you or your appearance. This transferral of words to emotion is something we need to work on. The simple two letter word N.O… how can we let such a word get to us?
Dealing with rejection can be tough as you have no idea why you are feeling these emotions or how to get rid of them. You would love to just be able to pick yourself up and keep going unhurt but this is rarely the case.
Here are some quick tips for handling rejection:

Dealing With Rejection Tip #1 Back On The Horse

Again this is hard to execute through all the pain but you need to get back in there son. Dont let one silly little girl
spoil your night. Remember the word no was not an attack on you personally.
The rejection could have been as a result of her:
Not being on the lookout tonight
Already has a boyfriend
Your approach
Situation and environment in which you approached
… Even if it was that she didn’t like you or found you unattractive… So what? She is just one girl. Learn to take the hits get up and keep trying.

Dealing With Rejection Tip #2 Expectations

I am never a man to tell another man he can’t pull any women but perhaps your expectations are too high. Do you have any experience in this field? – were you approaching the hottest women in the club who was surrounded and getting attention by 6 other guys?
Practice on the low hanging fruit first to get your confidence up – these girls will be in pairs at the sides of the bars talking and looking around expectantly even timidly. They are easy pickings, just go up and talk to them. Also check your expectations on what you expect statistically.
It’s very unlikely that you are going to get a yes from 9/10 girls in the bar… In fact their response shouldn’t come down to a yes or no anyway. If you find that certain types of girls are rejecting you then keep away from them in the future – play the odds.

Dealing With Rejection Tip #3 Experience

Dealing With Rejection sucks now but it’s really a valuable life experience – whether you got dumped or laughed at by a girl, if you treat this like it never happened and forget about it you will have a valuable tool in the future.
Not everyone will like you and trying to please everyone ends up pleasing no one. Thinking up ways to make the next approach
work by guessing what they want you to say is far from where you want to be.
Be yourself keep trying and you will find someone that finds you attractive for being you – the best kind. No more stress, no more taking rejection personally or faking it.
Learning to deal with rejection in life can one of the toughest lessons but it has huge rewards. You will get knocked down time and time again but it’s not what happens to you in life no matter how bad… It’s how you deal with that matters.
So you have a choice now to take the rejection to heart and hang on to the fear… Or pick your head up and keep moving forward.

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