Do Geeks Need Dating Advice?


Article here by pirillo raising the question of whether geeks actually need dating advice?
It’s an interesting one because:
Do they stick to what they know best and just be geekier… thus happier as a result.
Geeky girls date geeky guys and as a result less anxiety is raised about trying to be someone/something you’re not?
I think classical dating advice and all things relating to
General hygiene
Some issues with clothing
Social insecurities
Definitely should be worked on but on the argument about actually changing who you are I don’t think there is one. I hope no guru is suggesting the geeks need to change who they are in order to attract beautiful women (if that is what they choose to do)
I think if a geek is great at what he does and can show some sort of dominance and leadership in that field then there will be women that are attracted to him.
The women in the video (Vanae) suggests that as a geek you have some amazing qualities that should not be hidden especially from the opposite sex. If it so happens that the women in question does not like what your sending out then it’s her loss.
It might take a while longer for you to find that special someone but I am sure there are geek dating sites out there or at least using okcupid and filtering by hobbies and geek tags you should be able to find someone great.
An example of a geek who doesn’t try and hide is day 9 from or (team liquid) he does commentary on the starcraft 2 games and seems to be amassing quite the following. He codes and talks about video games but does it completely unapologetically. Now I don’t know if he pulls but it seems that he an example of a confident geeky kind of guy that should be modelled upon.
Vanae suggest feeling great about yourself despite any beliefs in the media or inner emotional scars from school.
Exuding good energy was another important point raised that you should take note of. Successful dating and social skills are inextricably linked and so spending hours fixed to a computer is not going to help this but often times you just cannot help it.
Just make sure in your off hours you get outside – get some fresh air in your lungs – sun on your back and TALK with other women. Exuding positive energy despite living in a cave for hours can be tough but you can make it work.
There are plenty of tricks and lines that you could use but geeks need to be true to themselves and exude their own style of class. You are
Some people have the gift of the gab and others just cannot seem to speak up no matter how hard they try. For the lack of the rights words or shyness it’s unlikely you will get the girl and keep her unless you can learn to communicate.
The best way for a geek to ease into the dating scene is to get to know groups of people that have girls as friends. This way there is a pressure free natural environment in which you can learn get used to their presense. I am not suggesting that you have a complete lack of knowledge of the opposite sex but hey whatever you have to do right.
Remember note every women you see on the street is a potential mate! Talk to some older women even grandmas! Just to make the transition easier. You DONT want to go straight into the deep end and waste your chance with a hotty that’s actually into you just because you didn’t prepare.
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