Docile Consumerism and Negative Projection

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To what extent do you take responsibility for your overindulgence?

What level of responsibility should companies take for your decision to use their product or service?

Lets say a company offers two products – one healthy and another unhealthy. 99% of people purchase the immediate gratification unhealthy product. Is it the companies fault for providing what the consumer wants to buy?

If you do what your told… if you are a docile consumer of toxic culture you will be filled with rage.

You can be sure groups will “come to your aid” to manage that rage. Directing that rage towards another area of consumerism or group of people they don’t like.

This rage is negative projection – you failed to use some kind of self control over your own behavior. Those inevitable negative repercussions play out in your life.

You once again don’t take responsibility for your life situation as it’s a painful thing to admit.

You find some outward source to blame.

You play victim to this external source of dominance/oppression.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pitiful and depressing. Such a lack of awareness exists that most have no idea where the source of anger even comes from. A mindless consumer, a slave to their emotions striking out against the hand that gave them what they asked for.

It’s like a baby crying for what it wants until it gets it. Then crying again for getting what it asked for, then repeating the cycle.

The only way to break this cycle of course is some kind of awareness. An awakening through conscious behavior and knowledge.

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