The Best Dominant Submissive Sex Positions


Dominant Submissive Sex Positions List

Are you looking for the best dominant submissive sex positions? Look no further! In this article, we have outlined the best positions just for you and your partner.

69 – Inverted

69 inverted has been selected as a dominant position for the man because of his ability to thrust into the womens mouth in a face fuck style.

69 – Kneeling

Soon after you want to change up from 69 inverted try picking up your sub and move to the kneeling position. If your submissive women (roleplay sex slave etc) is tied up these sorts of positions can also work.

69 – Sideways

Alternatively, you can move into the 69 sideways as a modified fuck face position.

Other 69 Dominant Submissive sex positions include:

Deep Stick

Pretty much like the deck chair… Get her legs over your shoulders and get to work. This is a great submissive sex position because of the exposed female position. Both a conventional and anal sex position.


Bit of a ruthless name the drill! Wrap her legs around the back of you and pin her down against the bed. If you want to up the sub/dom experience shuffle even further forward so that your feet are past her head and pull legs back over her head.

F*ck Face

This is an extremely dominant position – You can make it even more slave/master by tying her arms and legs down to the bed or behind her head. Just make sure she has a tap out sign or gesture (hard limit) set up before hand.

Hang Ten

Dominant simply because of the hair pulling, feel free to up the pain if your into that but this is purely submissive dominant roleplay sex position illustrations to help those looking for ideas in the bedroom.

Mastery – Suspended

Mastery suspended works well if she is tied up very tightly… For example if your women likes to be tied up you can bring her knees up to her chest and tie her wrists together underneath her knees. You could also modify this position to ease up the stress on your arms. If you have a suspension rig or even some sort of hammock you can have her suspended without having to hold her weight.

This is known as hogtie bondage. Mastery suspended can be integrated with mild forms of rope or handcuff bondage if you have the ability to suspend them via means other than your arms.

Other dominant submissive sex positions options are the balltie:

Dominant Submissive Sex Positions










Positions like the overpass can then be performed while the sub is tied in the balltie.

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