Don’t Take This The Wrong Way: Feminism And Sexism

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This guy made me laugh today… he has some pretty strong but valid views on the latest news regarding feminism…
The women near the end of the video thanks the guy for proving his misogyny…
How can asking a women to your room be proving your hatred of them?
It just sounds like insanity to me.
I can see how women get frustrated or annoyed at the constant male sexual attention but it’s always been this way and always will be.
In the most part men are very polite and standoffish when it comes to approaching women for sex. Apart from some filthy nightclubs men are anxious and generally worried about the whole idea of approaching women with sexual interest.
If women want their knight in shining armor to whisk them away in a serendipitous romantic summers day they have to be open to the male approach.
How are we supposed to suggest to a women that we are interested in them?
This feminist is suggesting that we can’t even ask for coffee if it has anything to do with sex.

The Good News

It’s good to know that these women are the minority and in most cases if you have your manners most women will be flattered.

  • Most women are happy that you are interested in their life
  • Most women are waiting for their knight in shining armor…be that man for them and they will make your life truly amazing
  • Most women believe in equality of the sexes and are sane and rational
  • Thankfully for you: most women are not like this women!


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