Dumped By Your Girlfriend? Here’s What To Do


There are several “systems” for recovering your relationship… Most of them promote the idea that you have to give the relationship time to calm down before you try anything.
This happens to be one of the hardest concepts to actualize in real life.
Your whole body and soul is screaming at you to get over to hers and plead your way back into her life.
The idea that she could be having sex with another guy while you are reeling in pain and sorrow is just to much to take. The emotion of complete helplessness is ever present when your girlfriend leaves you. You sit in denial for some time and some guys never leave the stage of denial!
You feel a sense of urgency soon after being dumped by your girlfriend… The denial of the situation does not help – you wonder how she could possibly no longer find you attractive.
You wonder what went wrong and what you could have done better. All of these unanswered questions rushing around in your head all day long only serve to make life unbearable. In short – getting dumped by your girlfriend hurts! In fact it could be the toughest cocktail or emotions you will ever have to deal with in your life!
For you the only apparent solution is to go and talk to your ex face to face in a mature manner. You will have written down or internalized all of the main points of the relationship. Your argument will be well rehearsed and your motive will be to convince her that it’s worth her time to give you another chance.
In your efforts to get your ex girlfriend back you fail to realize how silly you look to others. You fail to see that no amount of pleading or rationalizing is going to change anything. That’s because she left you for reasons even SHE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND.
So your expecting a women who you have strong feelings of love, hate, anger, lust, resentment and tenderness for to take you back… even though they themselves have no clue what’s going on.
So after your long winded well thought out and intellectually sound argument she will just look at you blankly… perhaps cry a little and say. “I’m sorry… I just don’t love you anymore
For any guy this is unbelievably hard to take – we are hardwired to feel extreme pain relating to infidelity. Precious resources cannot be afforded to women that may have another mans offspring. Of course you are not conscious of this hardwired response…
To you it just feels really shit for months on end – everyone knows you just got dumped and that your not handling it very well.
These hardwired responses are manifested in strong feelings of  resentment toward a women that said she would love you forever. You are now SINGLE and she has may have turned you from an ALPHA MALE into a wussy guy with little attraction potential.
So not only has she made you feel like shit… she has cut your balls off and left you for dead. This is why getting dumped by your girlfriend really sucks!

Dumped By Your Girlfriend? #2 Choices!

So I guess you have a couple of choices from here – you start your man transformation journey and find your long lost mojo. Or you conclude that she was the best thing that happened to you and try to get her back.
It’s not my place to help you out with this decision as only you will know what to do. Time heals all wounds but deep down you will know which path to take. I suggest that you give it some time and actually sleep with some other girls for a bit.
You will now realize that there are certain things you should never do when trying to get your ex girlfriend back into your life. Pleading and arguing are obviously not going to help!
The good news for you is that breakups have been going on for centuries and successful relationships leave clues! This has allowed men and women to document what works and what doesn’t (https://fckme.org/get-your-ex-back for a detailed list with videos)
“systems” and techniques to get your ex back have been devised in an effort to make it easier for the common man to reignite the passion in a dead relationship.
Whether it’s your wife about to get a divorce or your girlfriend about to call it quits these systems have been created to help each other out.
You will now be very aware of how easily a relationship can slip into the comfortable zone… from their it’s only a stones throw away from failure. As a man you were completely unaware of your role in the relationship.
You thought that once you seduce this women the job was done. The reality is that seduction and romance NEVER STOPS.
As soon as you get comfortable the relationship is on rocky ground because there is always some other dude willing to work harder than you are.
The weird thing about women is that even though they say they love you (and they do) they see no shame in switching sides. If there EMOTIONS and FEELINGS are not being triggered by you on a daily basis…
Meaning they will say they just don’t love you anymore, sure some will try to fix things or even suggest to you that it’s not working out but most give NO WARNING at all.
Nobody tells you this and as a result countless well meaning guys get dumped because they get comfortable. So I guess it’s kind of odd that a breakup is what it takes to bring you out of your current reality and force you to see what’s going on. She no longer loves you because you weren’t the attractive alpha male you once were.
Your  no longer striving for excellence or beating your own path in life… your sitting back waiting for something to happen… waiting for her to tell you what to do!
Women are actually the cause of many great relationship breakups
Granted men are the result of much infidelity but hey if the relationship is that bad you shouldn’t be in it anyway…
What I mean by women are the cause of breakups is they TRAIN men to be wimps. They are actually molding and sculpting you into a very unappealing guy. Have you noticed a change in yourself since the start of the relationship?
A lose of energy vigor or purpose? Have you noticed a change in your friends as they enter long term relationships?
Women get upset that their husbands or bf’s are lazy or lacking enthusiasm with little knowledge that they are the cause.

Still Confused?

Read the #10 mistakes men make when trying to get their ex back here:
and be sure to check out the videos!
Good luck!

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