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Let’s face it, almost all of your friends are on Facebook. Every day you spend a few hours on their chatting, viewing pictures, liking, commenting or simply socializing. But did you know that can easily find a girlfriend on Facebook? There are a lot of things which makes Facebook as a perfect place to find a girlfriend and get laid. We will discuss those points here so keep reading.

It’s free to find a girlfriend on Facebook

Facebook is free to join and it will always be, as the website claim. Its not the same with casual dating website where you will have to pay to get full access of its features. If you want to find a girlfriend in Facebook you need to be more patient because it will take time for you to connect with girls you like unlike with casual or adult dating website. But once you get the hang of it, it will be a piece of cake to connect and find hot girls among your friends and friends of your friends.

Everyone is on Facebook which multiplies your chances of finding a girlfriend

Since it’s free to sign up and use Facebook everyone is already on it. It would be hard to find one of your friends who is not using this social networking website. It claimed to have over 80 million active users and half of them are online every day. A few of our dating advice articles would include the idea of exposing yourself to a lot of girls if you want to get laid. Now Facebook can do that for you without the need of stepping out of your room.

Do you find your friends or officemates attractive and super hot, but you’re not given a chance to connect with her on the real world? Why not find her on Facebook and try to establish an online connection. You may also find a friend of your friend to be a real cutie. You can send her a friend request and start to get to know her. Everyone is on Facebook, your old friends, schoolmates, old co-workers, even pets have Facebook accounts, so don’t be surprised if you find that your mom is sending you a friend request!

Many Ways to Connect and find a girlfriend on Facebook

There are many ways that you can connect with girls on Facebook. Just like dating websites it allows chat and instant messaging to quickly interact with others. With latest updates it has integrated webcam chat, and internet calls for voice chats. There are also interest related groups which anyone can join to increase their chance of getting laid. You may find dating and hook up groups which you can join and get to know some girls who are willing to meet and date.

Facebook also allows likes and commenting features. By liking your friends’ post, status update, or picture you are showing your interest. To further express your thoughts you can share your idea via comments. The more you interact with your friends using these features you increase your chance of getting noticed by a lot of women. It also increases your popularity among friends allowing you to connect with other people on their circles.

For people who can’t be in front of their computer most of the time, Facebook is also available on mobile phones and tablets. So while you are away you can still get in touch with your prospect girlfriend. There are a lot of people who had found their soulmate on Facebook. Truly this website has plenty of fish to catch! Now is your chance to enjoy dating right on your Facebook wall. You don’t really have to go anywhere else to find a romantic partner. You can use the social network you are already on to find a girl to make your girl friend.

Useful techniques to Find a Girlfriend on Facebook

Now that you know how useful Facebook is in finding a girlfriend, you have to think for ways to talk to girls and get their attention. We have also covered a lot of dating tips and advice on how to make girls like you. I suggest that you read the articles before you start contacting them with your romantic intention. This way you know where to start and how to position yourself as their prospect date. Just before we go on there are TWO downsides to using facebook for dating…

1. it’s hard to find people that you don’t know or that are outside your social circle (usually you have to have known them or seen them IRL (in real life) to suggest a friendship. For those of you looking for hookups in new cities or outside your circle facebook can be tough.

2. everything is fairly open to your other friends… your actions are tracked and posted on friends walls so be careful.

There are two approaches that you can do when trying to assess which girls you want to hook up with. We categorize these girls as one of your friends in the real world whom you know personally and those that you have not meet yet. The first category of girls are the ones whom you consider as your real friends, therefore they are on your circle of friends. These are the ones that you have a fair idea regarding their personality and background so you know if you will click together or not.

The second category is the girls who are friends of your friends. Basically they are not your friends in the real world although you might have been casually acquainted but not properly introduced. This time you need to send them a friend request, and refer to your mutual friends for proper introduction. It’s proper that you send her a short message along with your friend request telling her how you know her. Make it sound casual, and friendly.

Once you are friends you have proper access to her profile and wall posts and messages. You can actually take a look and see what kind of woman she is by reading her wall posts, shootouts and comments. Explore her albums and see what may interest you, whatever you may find on her profile can be useful when talking to her so be a keen observant.

Learn how to use the relationship status function in Facebook. It’s easy to find a date if your single. But incase that your already committed, Facebook allows to hide your relationship status from your profile. This way you can continue fishing for women, even if you’re already married or engaged. Just be careful not to get caught, unless she’s open for that type of arrangement.

Downside of Finding a Girlfriend on Facebook

It’s easy to find a girlfriend on Facebook because it has the most number of real girls compared to other dating websites. But this convenience does not come with drawbacks and downsides. Ever since Facebook has started growing one of its biggest concerns is privacy. Sure it allows people to share every bit of their lives to the world. This becomes a problem if you’re using the website to get girls to get laid. What we suggest is that you get acquitted with all of its privacy features so you know what’s to share and what’s not to share to whole world.

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