Effective Guide to Dating Younger Women

Dating can be intimidating when you are young. It’s an exhilarating world of relationships, romance, hookups, and sex. One must need to device his own game in order to fit into this world so he becomes a player. But time passes by and things without a doubt will change either for the best or worst.

For a middle aged man, dating younger women is a prospect that can be hard to ignore. Young women are like prize possession that you can show off to your friends. Dating them will prove that you still have the skills of a young player. Their youth is infectious that sometimes envies you, nevertheless you find to be more amusing most of the time.

dating younger women

Dating younger women is challenging. Age gap is the least of your concern. You will wonder if you still have the vigor to keep up to her needs. She is young and full of energy, but are you? There is also this ‘generation gap’ which covers a whole lot of other differences between you and your young date. You may differ in views, opinions, temperament, resolution, lifestyle, taste, and every other things.

To help in your quest into dating younger women, we have complied these tips and guidelines.

16 Important Rules in Effectively Dating Younger Women

This guide or set of rules are made for ‘players’ who are on their middle age and looking to date younger women. It is presumed that the guy is  looking to date younger women with an age gap of around 10 or 15+ years.   This is not the same guide for those who wants to be sugar daddies.

#1.Women likes mature and responsible men.

They always complain about their immature boyfriends and how they can be idiots. This should be a major advantage for you. So be careful not to do anything foolish that will draw her away. Show that you are a man who takes responsibilities. It usually means keeping your words or promises. Something that a young and unfocused lad is lacking.

#2. Have a conversation with her, don’t preach!

Don’t be tempted to give an unsolicited advise. Do away with criticism. Talk to her but whatever you do DON”T preach or lecture. The best way to get things into her is by having a friendly chat. Just have a conversation with her.

#3. Be a gentleman and treat her like a real lady.

Learn what “chivalry” means and how it works. This means opening doors for her,  helping her get seated  and the ladies first rule. She might have a lot of other pursuers that are around her age but they don’t know what chivalry is like you do.

#4. She is just ‘young’ but not a child.

She is able to take on responsibilities and make her own decisions. So trust her or show that you trust her like a responsible adult. Once in a while treat her like a princess but not like a child. They are two different things.

#5. Take the lead.

Let her feel that you are in control, but respect her views and opinions. In the general women likes men who are able to take the lead. Show that you have a plan, real men always have a plan just be sure that it’s something that you reserve a place for her on your plan. Else it make her feel unimportant.

#6. Match her active lifestyle.

They like to have fun and be out and about all the time, be sure you are up for it. This basically means that you need to have an energy that will match hers. This means partying all night long, travelling, shopping, road trips, or anything that she is into. If you can’t do that then it can be a reason why she would be running away. They want to enjoy not nurse an aging out of juice fella.

#7. Give her space for her private life.

They like liberty and independence. She might have just gotten away from an overly protective family so don’t ruin that. Also remember not to control her. It might have been the first time she’s away from a controlling dad or mum. So you don’t need to do that to her. Invading her privacy will send her running before you knew it.

#8. Don’t be needy.

Try to play it cool. Don’t appear to be needy or clingy. Either you are dating a younger woman or someone close to your age. Being too needy and clingy is not the best strategy. We hate an overly protective girlfriend so much as they will hate an overly needy boyfriend. Just play it cool, appear interested but not too much. Initiate attraction but at least let her do some of it.

#9. Live a social life like she does.

She’s on for any type of partying. She will probably have a lot of circle of friends. You must also have your social life like she does. Learn how to get along with her friends. But keep a good eye on her male counterparts they are probably jealous of you. They must be thinking why she would go out with an older guy like you and not with a younger dude like them. Sometimes there will be competition but  be wise have patience and play it cool.

#10. Pay for dates.

Don’t split the bill with her! You are most probably financially stable than she is. Except of course if you are dating a young daughter of a wealthy royalty or rich businessman. So be generous enough when it comes to money matters. But not too much unless you want to be a sugar daddy. Pay for your dinner, or dates and provide transportation. If you don’t have a car, at least pay the cab driver in advance if you will not be with her along the way.

#11. Prepare for the drama.

Young women are always dramatic. They get super emotional on almost everything. So when they freak-out and start crying be prepared for it.  Let her know that you are there to comfort her and help solve her problems. But don’t go fixing them all by yourself. The least thing that you want is to date someone who uses emotional blackmail to get into you.

#12. Expect that she will change.

Keep this in mind if you want to date or maintain a long-term romantic relationship with her. She will change a LOT! Her attitude, aspiration and views will change. She does not have the same resolution in life, like you have. So expect that she will change in a few years time or even sooner. Young people likes to experiment. You have been there you should know better!

#13. Wisdom and knowledge is sexy.

Age gives us experience in which we gain wisdom and knowledge. These two are sexy when used effectively. So once in a while talk about your expertise, give your opinions or commentaries. But don’t over do it because it can be boring specially if you are dating someone who is not intellectually inclined. Nevertheless show that you have the expertise gained through your experience these adds value to yourself.

#14. Let her think that is she the youngest girl you have ever dated.

Don’t give her the idea that you are into young women, she will think that you are being a freak. There is something about letting her believe that she is the youngest woman you have ever dated. That will make her feel special. Sometimes they take pride from being the first or the youngest to get you.

#15. Reserve the fetish for later.

Don’t look at her as a fetish thing during the early part of the relationship. Don’t ask her to wear little girl panties, and school girl uniforms. Reserve it for later if you are already settled or living a steady life of a couple. Unless of course if she’s really into it in which case it will be you and her living in wonderland and probably will not have any plan returning.

#16. Use your age and experience to your advantage.

If you think that age gap is bringing you down then you have already lost the quest. The age difference should not be a big a deal. It should be used to your advantage. You are most experience between the two of you. You have patience more than she does. You got the money, the know-how, and willingness.

Finally we want to stress that dating younger women will take some adjustment, adaptation, and a bit of hard work. One must be ready for these if he wants to successfully date younger women.