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These eHarmony free communication weekends have been around for some time now so they obviously get a ton of interest and paying customers from eHarmony.
The latest free communication even is the October 10 event.
What users often don’t read into FREE is that it’s not actually FREE at all. The useful part of being able to actually use the eHarmony mail features to reply to mail is NOT part of the eHarmony free events.
So don’t be fooled into thinking you can wait for these events and get a bunch of dates that way. You are able to “communicate” with members using preformatted messages etc but it’s basically a well designed marketing move by the dating giant.
*Communicate with your matches for 10 days with no cost, credit card, or obligation. Does not include eHarmony Mail.
I’m not having a go at eHarmony I’m just suggesting that it’s a bit cheeky and acai berry like to blatantly advertise free communication and then withhold the actual ability of users to communicate via email.
The real reason why eHarmony uses these *free* events apart from the fact the FREE sells online like candy is to allow users to experience parts of eHarmony that they don’t see from the outside. eHarmony recognises that there are a ton of users that are sitting on fence and just need a little push in the right direction. The sniff of free weekends quite obviously sends a rush of singles to the site.
They soon realise that apart from not being able to use email you can’t even see the picture of the person your attempting to contact. Of course if you pay you will have access to all of the amazing tools that eHarmony have created over the 10 years they have been in business.
There are some cool free tools you can use within eHarmony such as the relationship Questionnaire. Once you complete it you receive your free personality profile.

One a more positive note:

eHarmony – #1 Trusted Online Dating Site for Singles
Apart from all this whinging about eHarmony’s free communication events they are THE best dating site online… 100% professional… HUGE database… Ethical… Quality site overall. You pay more for the service but if your serious about love ( and you should be ) then this extra 10-20 dollars is well worth it. Go cheap and you will end up with a dating scam.
eHarmony pretty much wrote the book on scientific online dating and matchmaking back in 2000.
We have all heard of the “29 DIMENSIONS®” of compatibility but hey it seems to work because eHarmony create 5% of all the marriages in the US alone. 5% is a LOT of marriages.
With a database of 20 million registered online singles you can be sure you will be matched with someone you are not only attracted to but really understands you.
Many internet users STILL mistake eHarmony for “just another dating site” and wonder why it is so expensive. eHarmony is not about searching though profiles or filtering and screening singles. There are a ton of dating sites driven by manual users based search and they work o.k.
eHarmony is a matchmaker – they do the work for you – after you fill out some extensive personality questions their matching system goes about setting you up with singles you are compatible with. This is based on psychology and science rather than filtering profiles based on a hot profile pic that could be 5 years old!
eharmony free weekendSome argue that eHarmony takes away your power by limiting the number of singles you see. eHarmony believes that it knows who you are compatible with based on the accurate personality test that you fill out.
So you either save $15 and choose a standard search based site or even go the free path and choose okcupid or plentyoffish. Either way you’re going to be filtering by arbitrary income , profile descriptions or old pictures.
Or invest in your future partner by choosing eHarmony and experience the difference that 10 years of matchmaking brings.
If you’re going to pay for an online dating site you might as well choose the best.

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