Eliminate Rejection With Women Using Micro Escalation And Stealth Seduction

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Using Richard la Ruinas stealth attraction and stealth seduction techniques you can eliminate any chance of rejection with women by pre qualifying.
Imagine using 100% non verbal sexual communication while at the same time using 100% non sexual verbal communication. This would involve being at a bar with a women and chatting to her without any obvious sexual motivation but using your hands and body language to attract and turn her on.
Stealth seduction is about being secretive and escalating the chemistry without any chance of rejection. There is no chance of rejection because you are not doing anything sleazy or out of the ordinary. By using humour and tactile approach techniques you are able to jump straight into seduction without the risk.
Gradually moving in for the kiss using The Gamblers micro escalation techniques is a way to get vital sexual feedback from women. Here are some micro escalation techniques

Knowing when a girl is ready to be kissed without going for the kiss and getting rejected. Use body language and non ambiguous touch ques to get a clear answer to whether she is sexually interested or not. You can find out if she is not interested and safe yourself from the rejection hurt…
More non ambiguous touch techniques from gambler using fabric and jeans as a an easy way to get your hands on a women for the first time and start that attraction.
E.g. brushing the lint off her jeans
Playfully brushing past breast without doing it on purpose
Jump to 3 minutes in and check out the knicker pull down trick. This is much more intense stuff and you don’t want to go doing this straight away. If you can tug the knickers down from the outside with confidence it displays: difference, sexuality, not sleaziness if done playfully. You cant afford to look like your getting any pleasure out if at her expense!


Using touch and body contact to get the attention of a women in the bar. You will soon find out if she is happy to talk and take things further or if she is waiting for her boyfriend
Rather than jumping straight to the “do you want to go out” you use a small story to get a women interested in the event and then ask her to join you. This is a much less intimidating question when you are able to include a story.
If you’re in a bar and you stealthy escalate the attraction without anyone seeing she will be turned on that the two of you have this little secret. The secret is completely non verbal while you causally talk to others.

at 6:40 Gambler explains why he does not verbally compliment women at all
She has heard it all before
It keeps her guessing
Gambler shows it non verbally, using manners being polite
Compliments won’t be there at all until later!

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