#3 Emotional Motivations For Casual Sex

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Reproduction (evolutionary)

Ekart Tolle put it as “the inevitable attraction to the opposite energy polarity”
The obvious motivation has to come first and that is that of sexual satisfaction. Feeling “horny” “randy” or “turned on” needs to be satisfied somehow.
The sexual motivation of men is much higher than women but we are all human so you can be sure that women feel the urge to make it happen too.
For casual sex stories check out this hilarious site http://www.tuckermax.com – this guy has some seriously crazy episodes of sex from the past that he shares with the world… An example of a guy with a high sex drive he has been with midgets, twins and even an amputee of which calls the great trifecta.


Tony Robbins is a big teacher of the 6 basic human needs… One of them so happens to be variety or the need for change. We all need to feel safe but we also need to feel unsafe every now and then.
That is not to say that we have sex to feel unsafe… but we sometimes do it just  out of plain boredom.
Initially the sexual urge to reproduce is enough to get even the shyest of nerds out the door and into the cold of the night. But for many it’s the allure of a new sexual frontier!
That search for something new (midgets or butt sex in the case of tucker max) is a big driver of casual sex.

The reality is that most people live fairly dull lives.

They are not that interesting and their day to day reality is not at all similar to the romantic movie plots they see on TV.
As a result they seek to close that gap and search for excitement meaning and expression. Introduce a new personality to your life and you get immediate variety right?
Introduce an additional sex partner or 3 to your life and you have the difference your looking for – at least for awhile. New personalities can bring humour and fresh approaches to life… plus you get the added benefit of SEXY TIME


Driven to casual sex as a result of wanting human interaction.
Often these people are shy and do not integrate into society or care for social interaction.
They are introvert in nature (but not always)
Extroverts can be truly lonely but they are to busy with their every day lives to realise what’s going on and why they are feeling empty.
If your work doesn’t allow you to get out much and there are few people in your life with which to have fun… loneliness will inevitably creep in.
Sex allows an immediate closeness and intimacy that will be lacking from your everyday relations.
You want to feel vulnerable – you want to be able to share secrets and let your guard down – the guard that makes you feel fake and insecure. Casual sex with the right person allows you to feel like your at one with yourself again.
Of course it rarely performs the task with which you have assigned it! It usually ends up in some awkward mixture of odd events and tangled limbs.
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