Your *Emotional Strength* = Your Dating Success

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According to NUMEROUS studies on success in all fields of life whether it be in money, relationships or health the ONE thing that sets the best apart is EMOTIONAL STRENGTH
Research tracking over 160 high performing individuals in a variety of industries and job levels revealed that emotional intelligence was two times more important in contributing to excellence than intellect and expertise alone.

Not Looks
Not “Smarts”
Not Money
Not What You Know
or Who You Know
So if emotional intelligence is so important, why are we not learning more about it? How come it’s not taught in schools?
What is emotional intelligence anyway…
The ability to stick to a task without getting distracted
The ability to push yourself through pain?
The ability to control your emotions under pressure?
DEFINITION: Emotional Intelligence, or EI, describes an ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, and of others.
Do you fell in CONTROL of your emotions? Can you think of situations, words or actions that set you off into fits of rage or anxiety?
Lets bring this back to DATING – Inexperienced emotional intelligence will let itself be heard if you try to approach a women and you uncontrollably break into a cold sweat. You might also get shaky hands, fast heart beat, out of breath, pitchy voice, weak knees.
So this ability to control your emotions under pressure (what we call emotional strength) is what really sets people apart.
If you want to date attractive women (just a good guess) you are going to need to work on this!
It’s NOT about pick up lines or the latest clothing style it’s about subconscious communication, style and charisma that exudes itself out of you when you are under control from the INSIDE OUT.
Remember… wisdom comes from multiple perspectives. Open you mind to the possibility that you are NOT such a great player and pick up artist or on the contrary you ARE better than you think you are. Get out of your current frame of reference and try to see yourself from a womens point of view.
What would they honestly see in you right now if you approached them and started talking to them in a normal relaxed fashion?
Come up with some negatives and some positives.
Rather than self validating and identifying with self importance come from a place of gratitude and humbleness. Women find this much more attractive than a superficial wall of arrogance. I know every pick up artist is preaching confidence but do they every say outright arrogance?
So how do you train your emotional muscle?
It starts with being conscious of sticking points and areas of emotional weakness.
List your TOP 5 accomplishments
List your TOP 5 strengths
Reread these every single day and feel free to add to the list. If this feels awkward for you then you can be sure it’s your negative subconscious reminding you your current reality.
It does not matter how big these goals are so long as you keep setting them and keep achieving them. Remember to pat yourself on the back when you tick that goal off the list.
Train your mind to realise it’s true potential by setting higher standards for yourself.
Adversity can be a blessing in disguise. It can train our minds heighten out emotional awareness. It all depends how you
REACT to adversity.
I hope to have highlighted the broad scope of dating advice and how dating in general is not some simple term about meeting up with people but rather a highly complex psychological state that can be constantly improved. Your dating success with women comes down to how in control of your emotions and your life you feel on a day to day basis.
With more control comes more confidence. Work on your emotional strength – it is the one aspect of your life in which you can gain the most LEVERAGE.
Please act on this advice – it’s more important than you think

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