Emotive Language Triggers Attraction In Women


You no it’s not such a crazy idea to go down to your local bookstore and read a millsandboon romantic novel!
Women read them… period
If you want to learn how to trigger attraction in women you need to understand what turns them on. These mills and boon romantic novels get scooped up by women all over the world because they speak directly to women the right way.
Apart from wanting to get into a hot girls pants you should also want to know how to communicate with them.
• How to engage and stimulate her emotions
• How to speak in ways that unleash her emotional needs
• How to rapidly arouse her body without even touching her
There are various status and sub communication techniques you can use to attract women but the pro’s also use emotive language.
I mean at some stage your going to have to pick up your nuts and actually chat to this women right?
How do you speak in such a way that immediately triggers attraction?
The truth is learning to speak like a romantic Italian poet can take years and can make any man squeamish at the thought. But you are going to have to dispel your fears of sounding like an idiot for the chance of bagging the ultimate prize.
Your friends might be wondering what your smoking but you will notice all the girls fixated on your every word.
So how can reading a simple romantic novel such as a mills and boon teach you how to trigger chemistry and attraction in women? They open your eyes to crucial principles like:
• The structure of female emotional experience
• The structure of female language
• The connection between female language and emotion

Difference In Male And Female Perception

The truth is most men and women are not well suited for long term monogamous relationships. We are sooo different in the way we think and the way we perceive words.
Women are attracted and turned on by words whereas men are turned on simply be imagery. As a result men use words to convey fact and organise plans.
The fact that women respond to emotive and descriptive language means that you can use it in your favour.
Men use one logical side of the brain when processing language and women use both which brings in and emotive and “feeling” to her response to words.
The very fact that women respond erotically to words and the fact that you now know this puts you in a great position. This means regardless of your looks or social status you can turn women on.
Simply learn how to use emotive and descriptive poetic words to turn her on. (well it’s not quite so simple but you get the point)
Arbitrary example:
What do you feel about “it”
Jakes response:
Yeah I liked it, it was to the point and I thought the message of opportunity was valid.
Amandas responds:
“The way I feel about it… when you feel completely relaxed, truly comfortable, your whole world opens up in a dazzling and golden array of opportunity.

You start to feel at home in a warm smooth embrace of love and kindness. The best part is the freedom that allows you to really surrender to your deepest passions.
OK so the example might not be realistic but I hope it explains the deferences in how the male and female language works. Men want a solution and fact orientated conversation and women prefer an emotive and descriptive response.
So we now know that: Men and women process language differently which you likely already knew.
But men and women process EMOTIONS differently too. We also know that words for women trigger strong emotional connections.
Women are less interested in the physical even or image but rather the emotive description attached. As a result you can arouse a women easily if you know how to use words a certain way.
So what sort of words should I use in sentences to attract women?
Use emotional abstraction words (exiting, aware and liberated) and also use sense words such as (golden, red, warm, fuzzy)

Use words that describe what you see, hear, tactilely feel, smell, or taste. This kind of information specifies color, texture, tone, flavor, scent. This allows women to emotionally connect with what you are saying rather than just understand it intellectually.
This kind of emotive sensory description will make any man feel a bit squeamish at first but you get used to it you soon realise how much more exiting life can be when emotively described.
So in short all you need to do to turn a women on quicker than you thought possible is to describe pleasurable events using emotion and feeling.
When women hear emotional abstractions and sense words they feel them much stronger the men do! Meaning you can stir up emotions in women easily by using the right words. The words she wants to hear.
So take a normal experience: one in which you would simply state the facts and begin to describe every single detail emotively.
How the breeze felt against your face how you felt, how those emotions made you feel. This is tapping into how women want you to communicate rather than just giving them the facts e.g ( I went down to the shop and got some milk ).
Remember… no matter how unemotive you are now you can change. Every simple experience you perform can be turned into an emotive and descriptive experience.
(This will feel weird but if you want to really communicate to attractive women sacrifices must be made!)
The next step in emotive communication is to not only use those words but to FEEL those emotive words when you speak.
This way a radiant emotive energy will be projected and she will have no choice but to feel what you are feeling. Emit hate and nervousness at the same time and she will reject you immediately. But emit love and longing and she will be putty in your hands.
The better you describe and feel what you are describing the better success you will have communicating with women.
Women DESIRE emotive expressiveness in men (think: Italian talking about pasta). Show passion and use emotive sense words and you will be well on your way to dating the women of your dreams.

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