Equally Yoked Review

Equally Yoked Review
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To be a part of Equally Yoked’s clubEY, one must go through a series of verification methods. The first requirement to be a part of the community is to be single and be a Christian.

Membership will require the member’s full name, full address, phone number and email address. The member will need to nominate a unique username to use within the community.

If a new member spoke with an Equally Yoked representative, they may choose to provide the representative’s affiliate code. This is one way representatives may vouch for other Christian Singles into the site.


Finally, a $19.95 membership fee will be required to be paid via your credit card to finally process clubEY membership.

Apart from the online dating profile access, membership likewise grants access to Equally Yoked member centres all across the US.


If you’re all about finding a match that has the same Christian faith and values as you, then Equally Yoked is the place for you. The fact that it is based in the real-life Christian communities make the place safe and secure compared to all other dating and social sites out there.

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