Everything You Want to Know About Affairs…. But Didn’t Want to Ask

Even with today’s changing views on sexuality, affairs are seen as taboo. Sure they happen, but we are generally told that they are always harmful to ourselves and our relationship? Is this true? Are affairs always a bad idea?

The truth is that affairs aren’t always a bad idea.

Some people will have an affair and live with lots of guilt. Some will end their current relationship in favor of their lover.

However, some people find that an affair actually improves their marriage.

Why Do People Cheat

80% of people believe that affairs are wrong, yet at least half of us will engage in one at least once in our lives.

Some experts believe the numbers to be even higher, claiming that people lie much more about affairs than sex in general, making it impossible to know how common it actually is.

This raises the question:

Why do we do it?

Conventional wisdom tells us that it’s because we are unhappy with our relationship.

This was likely true when divorce was almost unheard of, but things have changed. Now when people are genuinely unhappy with their relationship, they divorce.

Divorce has some negative consequences, but with half of all marriages ending in divorce, there’s clearly no reason to stay in an unhappy relationship.

If it isn’t unhappiness that drives us to unfaithfulness, what is it?

We Expect Happiness

Our lives today may be hectic, but we generally expect much more from it than previous generations. Generations ago, survival was the main focus of life. Now, we not only want happiness, we expect it.

When you don’t find the level of happiness you think you are entitled to, you are likely to seek it out somewhere else.

We Are Told One Person Should Be Enough

We grow up hearing fairy tales about prince charming sweeping a princess off her feet, and them living happily ever after. We are taught that this is how it should be, that one person should be able to meet all of our needs.

The problem is that it’s very difficult for one person to be everything for another. In fact, this can actually lead to an affair. Many times you lose yourself by trying to be everything to someone else.

When this happens, you may find yourself seeking an affair as a way to find yourself again.

 Marriage is Mundane

Marriage becomes a mundane affair, with both people knowing everything about the other. They become partners and parents. Many times the excitement you felt early in your marriage fades away. You find yourself with a person who is a good partner, but you may no longer be good lovers.

This lack of sexual intimacy can lead you to seek out an affair.

Everything to Everyone

In today’s society, it seems you are expected to be everything to everyone. Having an affair can allow you to feel like you have something to yourself. At home, your expected to play many different roles. When you have an affair:

. For one person, you can simply be a lover.

Make It or Break It

Affairs generally have one of two effects. It will either end the relationship, or it will cause you to fight for each other. The standard used to be to stay together and work through things, but these days people are quick to end a relationship after an affair.

In fact, staying in the relationship is now considered shameful.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are a perfect example. Hillary was shamed for staying in the relationship after Bill had an affair. Why is it considered shameful to stay and work on your relationship?

In fact, an affair can make your relationship stronger. It can cause you to realize how much you love your partner, and be a wake-up call for both of you.

Sometimes it’s the push that’s needed to get you to look at your relationship and figure out what’s missing. It can be the catalyst that causes you to fix your relationship and brings you closer together.

The Six Types of Affairs

Each affair is as different as the people involved. However, they can be broken down into six basic types. Each type has a different core motivation. Sex is not always the primary motivation for an affair.

1. The Sexual Attraction Affair

While all affairs involve sexual attraction, this type isn’t about anything else. Two people meet each other and feel like they have to have the other person. It usually happens very quickly, with sexual attraction coming out of nowhere and quickly reaching a fever pitch.

This type of affair is the most common, and can be one of the safest. The parties have very little in common beyond physical attraction, so they don’t get emotionally attached to each other. This type of affair usually burns out as quickly as it begins.

The downside is that it can leave you feeling empty, because there isn’t anything beyond sex involved.

However, it can also allow you to see your partner in a new light, and understand everything you share.

This type of affair can also cause you to become reckless and get caught, because lust can overpower your common sense. You may find yourself taking chances in order to be with your lover. It can have the intensity of an addiction, but once the novelty wears off, you’ll usually find that the attraction fades away.

You may find yourself wondering what you were thinking when you look back on it, unable to understand exactly what happened.

2. The Revenge Affair

The revenge affair is an affair motivated by anger or a desire for revenge. It’s more common for women than men to engage in this type of affair, because they may bury their anger in a desire to please their husband. Eventually, they will feel the need to act on their anger.

Many times, women have an affair as a way to get back at their husband.

Of course, revenge affairs can also happen in response to the other party having an affair. Revenge affairs can be destructive, but they can be healthy as well.

When the affair is used as a means of revenge, without looking at the deeper issues involved, it will be destructive to your primary relationship. However, for some this type of affair to be a healthy way to vent their anger.

The revenge affair can also help you understand what you really want. Many people find that this type of affair serves as a wake-up call. It may give you the courage and confidence to go after what you really want, instead of burying your anger or continuing to mask it with an affair.

3. The Taboo Affair

There are some things that society has deemed to be taboo, and even with affairs, certain areas are considered taboo. Affairs with friends or family members are the most common type of taboo affair. Sometimes these affairs are motivated by dysfunctional issues within the family relationships.

Other times, they are so attractive simply because they are taboo. 

A desire to do things that we shouldn’t is part of human nature. Some people experience this urge more strongly than others. For them, a taboo affair can give them a rush that goes beyond just sexual pleasure.

This type of affair can feel very intense. The consequences if you are caught are worse than with other affairs, which can make the thrill of sneaking around even more exciting.

However, if you are caught, the fallout can be disastrous. It can damage your family relationships or friendships as well as your relationship. This type of affair rarely works out in terms of resulting in a new relationship.

The It’s Not an Affair Affair

This type of affair occurs when one person believes the other will leave their partner for them. They tell themselves that it’s not an affair, but a relationship.

They believe that their relationship is the “real one”. 

Unfortunately, this often leads to heartbreak. The other person will make lots of promises about how they will “be together soon”. It becomes a love affair for the party that believes the other will leave, but the one that claims they will leave is often just leading them on.

If the other party doesn’t leave their current partner, eventually the affair will end.

5. The Emotional Affair

Is it possible to have an affair without sex, or even intimate physical contact? The emotional affair can be one of the most dangerous of all the affairs to the primary relationship. Emotional affairs happen when you feel emotionally disconnected from your primary partner.

Everyone needs an emotional connection.

When you don’t get it in your relationship, you may find yourself seeking it outside of your relationship. Sometimes emotional affairs don’t even involve anything inappropriate on the surface. You may appear to be “just friends”, and even tell yourself that’s all it is.

However, deep down, romantic feelings begin to develop. The feelings you share for each other go beyond friends, even if there are no words or actions to indicate this. You know that you feel differently for them than you do your friends.

You may neglect your spouse emotionally, and share things with the other person that should remain between you and your spouse. You may find yourself spending more and more time with your “lover” even if things appear to be completely innocent.

Emotional affairs can also lead to the next type of affair, the Love Affair.

6. The Love Affair

The Love Affair involves both a sexual and emotional connection. It can feel like you’ve found the person that you are “meant” to be with. You feel an intense sexual attraction combined with the emotional connection of the emotional affair.

You find you have many things in common with your lover, and you seem to connect on all levels. You end up “falling” for them. It may or may not be real love, but it will certainly feel real.

It’s very difficult for your primary relationship to recover from this type of affair. Giving away your heart is generally much more painful to your spouse than giving away your body. Many times, it’s this type of affair that ultimately leads to divorce.

However, this isn’t always completely bad.

You may find that the person you were having the affair with is actually a much more compatible partner. You may form a lasting relationship with them. Even though one relationship is destroyed, this type of affair can work out for the best.

When it isn’t true love, however, the consequences can be much harder to deal with. You may end up losing both partners, and going through a very low point emotionally.

Affairs Aren’t For Unhappy Marriages

The prevailing thought is that affairs are for people in happy marriages. However, these days that’s not always true.

In fact, a happy marriage can actually cause you to cheat.

When everything is going great, things can get boring. Novelty and excitement are a vital part of sexual attraction. When marriage becomes tame, many people seek out a thrill from an affair.

Not because they aren’t happy with their marriage, they simply crave excitement. It can also cause you to rekindle your attraction for your partner in some cases.

The majority of people who have affairs don’t want to leave their marriages.

Ester Pearl is a sex therapist who has written several books about affairs and their effects on marriages.

According to her:

Very often we don’t go elsewhere because we are looking for another person. We go elsewhere because we are looking for another self. It isn’t so much that we want to leave the person we are with as we want to leave the person we have become.

This makes a lot of sense, especially when people in happy marriages cheat. According to her many people are caught in a paradox, too good to leave, too bad to stay.

Their marriage is ok, but they feel like something is missing, so they seek it out with another person. 

Is Online Chatting Cheating

Every couple defines cheating differently, but one of the issues plaguing or society currently is the question, is online chatting cheating?

There are certainly plenty of chatrooms out there, as well as social media.

When does talking to someone online cross the line into cheating?

Does it become cheating if you have cybersex with someone else? Or does it happen when you begin to tell them intimate details about your life?

Experts say that this is a disturbing new trend, and it even has a name.

It’s called chexting.

Chexting is defined as sexting while you are in a relationship.

Where is the line? When does it become more than an innocent friendship? One sex therapist says:

Truly the question becomes, are you texting to somebody else things, content, material that you’re not sharing with your partner.

Online chatting may not seem like a big deal. After all, you aren’t physically interacting with another person. While this does keep you safe from the physical consequences of affairs, like unwanted pregnancy or STDs, it’s not as safe as you may think.

The problem is that we consider our online relationships to be as real as our physical ones. In a way, perhaps they are just as real, if not more so.

After all:

Many people find that they can be themselves online in a way that they would never be able to in person.

Interestingly, over 60% of people who engage in cybersex relationships don’t view it as infidelity. They see it as using a fantasy to fulfill their needs, the same way they would use pornography.

However, researchers have found that online relationships produce the same types of reactions as physical ones. This includes attraction, arousal, and sexual satisfaction. Both your brain and your body seem to respond to an online sexual encounter the same way they would respond to a physical one. 

It’s Not Always Bad

Just as physical affairs can have positive consequences in some situations, not all online affairs are harmful. Many people view online affairs as a way to keep from cheating in real life. An online affair can allow the partner to bring the passion they feel to their real-life relationship.

It can also help them through periods of not feeling fulfilled in their current relationship. Online cheating can be a viable alternative to a physical affair or leaving the relationship.

It is important to keep in mind that if the spouse discovers the affair, it can hurt just as much as a physical one, however. They may still feel the same betrayal and hurt they would if you engaged in an offline affair.


The other advantage of an online affair is that it’s more difficult to be caught if you take the right precautions.

Having an Affair Without Getting Caught

If you plan to have an affair, and you don’t want to lose your primary relationship, the key is to not get caught. This involves following some basic rules and a little forethought.

There are no guarantees when it comes to having an affair, but you can greatly increase your chances of getting away with an affair by following these guidelines. 

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are the number one way people get caught cheating these days. Your phone and your computer certainly make cheating much easier. However:

They can also get you caught.

Any electronic device you use with incriminating content on it should be locked with a password that only you know. If you want to get away with cheating, this is non-negotiable.

You can’t leave your phone laying around with texts from your girlfriend. It’s not a good idea to even give anyone access to your computer browser history. If you visit certain sites, remember the passwords. Yes, I know it’s a pain, but it’s a lot less painful than divorce.

Ultimately, it’s nearly always laziness that will get you caught.

And for goodness sake, clear your browser history if there is anything you don’t want to be seen. Women are notorious for snooping, particularly when they think you may be doing something wrong.

If you don’t currently have privacy with your electronic devices, it’s best to set that standard before you start cheating. This way there’s no guilt on your part when you explain to her why you felt the need to put a passcode on your phone.

All you need to say is “We are so close. We know everything about each other. I just need a little privacy, so I can feel like my own person.”

You can put it into your own words, but leave it at that. Do not overexplain. Ever.

Think you can just erase all of your messages from your phone and be safe? Think again.

Many times women will text someone they suspect their man is having an affair with, pretending to be him. Keep your phone locked at all times.

Another way to minimize this particular risk is to put any female you are having an affair with in your phone under a different name. This also helps if she happens to see someone calling or texting you.

If the name Jack pops up on your phone, she won’t give it a second thought. Let her see the name Jill, however, and she’s likely to snoop until she catches you.


When it comes to hygiene and affairs, most men go to one extreme or the other. You don’t want to come home smelling like perfume or sex. However, if you come home from “work” smelling like you’ve just had a shower, that will raise suspicion too.

After you have sex, if you shower, use unscented soap. You can also keep unscented moist towelettes. These are a great way for anyone to “freshen up” when they need to. If there are any questions, you use them to keep your hands and your phone clean.

Keep gum with you at all times. This is handy for keeping your breath fresh when you want a kiss, as well as masking any other unwanted smells.

Do not, I repeat do not, suddenly start using cologne or body spray. This raises suspicion, and there’s a more effective way to deal with concerns like perfume on your clothes. Keep Febreze in your car. Plain, unscented Febreze. It’s great for removing odors without leaving any of their own, and who doesn’t need to freshen up their car once in a while?

Paper Trail

Do not leave a  paper trail. This is the second most common way people get caught, after having their electronic devices gone through. This includes your phone bill. If you have a phone bill that provides a statement with the numbers that have been called, do not use your phone provider for affair calls.

Use Skype or an alternative. 3 a.m. phone calls showing up on your phone bill are a huge indication that you are cheating, as are lots of calls in the evenings when you are “working late”.

You’ll also need to be careful of using the working late excuse too often, especially if you are an hourly employee. If you often claim to work late, and the hours don’t show up on your check, it’s a dead give away that something is going on.

If you need time for an affair, it’s always a safer bet to take up a new hobby. You can always claim that you are spending time with your friends, but you may want to let them know that they are your alibi. There’s nothing worse than a clueless friend telling your wife that you aren’t where you said you are.

You’ll want to pay cash for everything. Getting gas somewhere you normally don’t go, restaurants, hotel rooms, always use cash. If you are doing anything that you aren’t supposed to, do not leave a paper trail. Carry cash at all times.

Choose Carefully

Finding someone to have an affair with isn’t always easy. It can be tempted to have an affair with someone simply because you are attracted to them, but i urge you to think first.

Before you begin an affair with someone, there are things to consider. If it’s someone at work, for example, it could get messy. Is that really something you want to deal with? Is it worth having to see them every day if things end badly?

You’ll also want to stay outside of your circle of friends.

People like to talk.

That best buddy that you think can keep a secret, well he just might not be able to. The fewer people who know about your affair the better. Things have a way of getting around to the one person you don’t want finding out.

Sure it’s tempting to have sex with a co-worker, your neighbor, or even your best friend’s wife, but you should know that doing so will increase your chances of getting caught.

Lose the Guilt

I’m just gonna be honest with you here. If you feel guilty about cheating, you will get caught. It’s just a fact of life. A guilty conscience will not only alert your partner because you are acting differently, many times you will sabotage yourself.

If you can’t live with cheating without feeling guilty, it’s just not for you. Unless you want to go through everything that happens when you get caught. If you think you feel guilty when your spouse doesn’t know, you’ll be crushed with guilt if they find out.

If you can rationalize it or just have loose morals to begin with, hey go for it. If you feel guilty thinking about it, I’d suggest you simply focus on your marriage. Getting caught can have some serious consequences.

The No Name Game

When you are having sex, do not use names. Ever. If you currently do, stop. Now. Drop names from your sexual vocabulary. Baby, honey, sexy, or whatever else you want to call them are acceptable. You may even want to just stop using names for your spouse and your lover altogether when possible.

All it takes is one wrong syllable with your wife, and you’re screwed. Your mistress probably won’t take to kindly to being called the wrong name either, so do your best to simply drop them from your vocabulary all around.

Advantages of an Affair

Despite the stigma and potential consequences of having an affair, there are potential benefits as well.

Adultery is no longer is a major reason for divorce. 

It Can Give You Confidence

Sometimes people in marriages become lifeless. They take care of their responsibilities, but they lose their passion for life. An affair can rekindle that passion, and allow them to fix their relationship or go after what they really want.

Leaving an Abusive Partner

When you are in an abusive relationship, it can become very difficult to see things clearly. An affair can actually open up your eyes to your own self-worth and let you know what you really want. The feeling of love and admiration from the affair can give you the courage you need to move on.

A Partner That Physically Can’t

When something happens to your partner where they are no longer able to satisfy you, you may end up filling that need somewhere else.

We All Need Physical Intimacy

The fact is that we crave physical intimacy. When a spouse is incapacitated, they can’t provide the physical intimacy that you need, you may eventually find yourself seeking it outside your marriage.

It’s easy to condemn people who do this, but some people find that it allows them to meet their needs without abandoning their spouse.

Rekindle Your Marriage

We tend to think that an affair will end your marriage. However, some people find that it rekindles their marriage. Once the newness and excitement wears off, it can feel a lot like your marriage.

The same issues can pop up, causing you to realize it’s not as great as you thought it was. It can also allow you to appreciate your spouse, and realize what you really desire.

Where to Find An Affair Online

The rise of the internet has made finding an affair much easier. There are a multitude of websites devoted to having affairs. Some affair dating sites are free, and some require a paid membership.

In fact it’s estimated that 35% of members of singles dating sites are actually married. When you find someone on a dating site devoted to cheating, you both have the same expectations. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the most well-known affair dating site. They have upgraded their security since they were hacked a few years ago, so your information is as safe as it can be online.

Ashley Madison has a few features that can help you maintain your privacy and find someone to have an affair with. First, you can’t link it to any social media account. No connecting your Facebook or Instagram allowed here.

Secondly, you can keep your photos as private as you want. You can use the blur feature if you want to blur a specific part of your photo, or you can make all your photos completely private. Private photos require your permission before someone can view them. You can also use the mask feature to help protect your identity.

Ashley Madison also has a traveling feature. This allows you to line up a steamy affair for your next business trip, long before you ever leave the house. Use the time away from home to have a steamy affair, without some of the risks associated with having one closer to home.

Ashley Madison will allow you to sign up, browse profiles, and receive messages for free. To send messages, you’ll need to buy credits.

This does have it’s advantages though. It keeps members from simply sending messages to anyone, and it greatly reduces scamming. When someone sends you a message, they are spending real money, however, small the amount. This means that they are much more likely to have the intention of actually seeking out an affair with you.


Gleedon is the first affair dating site created by women. It is completely run by women. Women are never charged for anything on the site. Men are rated by the women on the site, and they have to purchase credits to send messages.

Gleedon has about 4 million users, and they claim to have a securely encrypted platform. They also claim to have special features to help maintain your privacy.

You’ll need to enter the most basic information to create your account. After that, you can fill out as much or as little as you wish. Sections include your sexual likes and dislikes, and what you are there for.

Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs can get a bit pricey, however, the features make it well worth it. You can create an account for free, but you’ll need a paid account to communicate with other members or even view their full profiles.

The prices are fairly standard, with a one-month membership costing $29.95. However, if you plan on having regular affairs, the yearly membership is only $9.99 a month. This is a great value considering all of the site’s features.

Some features of the site operate on a  point system as well. You can get points for logging in, referring a friend, and various other activities that encourage participation on the site.

In addition to the standard dating site features, you can broadcast and view live videos. If you aren’t shy, camming can be a great way to earn points on the site.

You can purchase add-ons as well. The standard member add-on will allow anyone to contact you, even if they don’t have a paid membership. This will increase your odds of having an affair, by increasing the number of people who can contact you.

You can post pictures, videos, and status updates. You can also view others photos, videos, and even like and comment on them, similar to Facebook.

You can also set your cupid preferences and notification preferences. These allow you to filter who you see on the site. Filling them out can save you time, and increase your chances of finding someone to have an affair with.

Married Secrets

Married Secrets prides itself on discretion, which is essential for anyone having an affair. You are just required to complete the basic profile information. You can also add your interests, what you are looking for on the site, and your physical attributes if you wish.

You can conduct a search based on location and physical attributes. You can also filter results by who is online and profiles with photos.

Like most sites, you’ll need to subscribe to a premium membership in order to send and receive messages. Married Secrets is quite expensive given the lack of features. You will likely be better served by one of the other affair dating sites. 

Ok Cupid

Most affair dating sites require a paid subscription to communicate with other members. Ok Cupid isn’t just for affairs, but it does allow you to select from relationship statuses including:

  • single
  • seeing someone
  • married
  • open relationship

You can also select seeking a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship.

This ability to be open about your relationship status makes Ok Cupid the best free affair dating site.

It has a ton of features, including the ability to create a highly detailed profile, answer personality questions, and conduct advanced searches.

Ok Cupid makes it easy to search for other married people having an affair if that’s what you prefer, and you can communicate with other members for free.

Ok Cupid also has a huge user base, making it easy to find someone near you to have an affair with.

Is Your Spouse Cheating

Sometimes you notice your partner being distant or working longer hours. Sometimes you just have a feeling, with no tangible proof at all. Sometimes, you wonder if your spouse is cheating.

It’s a delicate matter, because accusing someone of cheating can tempt them to do it if they aren’t. They may also be hurt that you don’t trust them.

On the other hand, no one wants to be the fool that has no clue that their spouse is having an affair. There are many warning signs your spouse is cheating. In addition to the most obvious ones, like strange phone calls, credit card charges, and makeup on their clothes:

There are seven top signs your spouse is cheating.

1. Lack of Connection

When a spouse is cheating, they will often become more distant from you. They may stop worrying about things like housework and the needs of the family. They may close off from you emotionally.

You may also notice that they stop making plans to do things with you, and don’t want to go out in public with you any longer. They may forget or neglect special occasions as well.


When a spouse is cheating, they will either fight with you more or not at all. They may fight with you out of guilt, or they may simply no longer be invested enough in the relationship to fight.

You may notice them blaming you for things that aren’t your fault, or not fighting with you no matter what you do or say.

3. Sexual Interest

Your partner may stop having an interest in sex if they are cheating.

On the flip side, they may show a renewed sexual interest. They may want to try new positions or activities. While this can simply be a sign that they are trying to spice up your sex life, it can also be a sign that they are doing these things with someone else.

4. Appearance

Your spouse may start taking more care with their appearance. They may start wearing nicer clothes. They may improve their hygiene habits or start wearing a new perfume or cologne.

You may also notice them coming home in different clothing than they left the house in or freshly showered. Again, this can be an attempt to save a relationship, but it can also be a sign your partner is cheating. 

5. Jealousy

Jealousy is another sign that your spouse may be cheating. This one can also go to either extreme.

Your partner may become extremely jealous because they are cheating.

They may also not be jealous at all, no matter what you do. If they suddenly swing to one extreme or the other, it can be a sign that they are cheating.

6. Secrecy and Lies

If you find your partner lying about things, this can also be a sign that they are cheating. Oftentimes, you’ll find them lying about something simple that seems unimportant.

You may also find that they aren’t where they say they are or aren’t working the hours they claim.

Another red flag is them suddenly becoming secretive. If they are suddenly more secretive with their phone or computer, there’s a good chance that they have something to hide.

If they suddenly put a password on their phone and start keeping it with them at all times, it’s a sign that they are cheating. Clearing their computer history is another sign.

Catching a Cheating Spouse

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it’s best not to openly accuse them unless you have some sort of proof.

They will likely simply reassure you that they aren’t cheating, and they will have a “reasonable” explanation for any odd behavior.

The best thing to do is act like you suspect nothing until you can catch them in the act.

When you accuse them, they will become more cautious. However, when they think you don’t suspect anything, they will get comfortable.

When it comes to cheating, comfort equals carelessness, and they will slip up eventually.

5 Sneaky Ways to Catch Your Partner Cheating

1. Pop Up

Show up when they aren’t expecting you. This can include coming home early from work, dropping by their workplace, or going to visit them while they are out playing golf with their friends.

The trick here is to always have a reason, so they don’t think that you are just trying to catch them cheating. Bring them lunch while they are at work, have a reason why you got off early, or just happen to be in the area running errands and drop by the golf course.

Don’t overexplain why you show up, but give some sort of reason for appearing. 

2. Snoop the Electronics

This one should be obvious. Any time you get an opportunity to check phone records, their messages, or computer history, take it. If you find that their phone is password protected and they are clearing their computer history, you’ll have to get a bit sneakier.

That’s where spyware comes in. 

You can purchase programs that will send your partners’ phone calls and texts to your own phone. This can be considered a serious breach of privacy, so you need to be reasonably certain your partner is cheating before resorting to such drastic measures.

In fact, one program called Highster mobile, will allow you to access their social media accounts, GPS, and even their camera.

That’s right you can take a photo from their camera and have it sent to your device.

There’s no better way to see exactly what your spouse is doing.

3. Fake Profiles

If your partner is on Facebook or another social media site, one of the easiest ways to catch them cheating is to create a fake profile. Use a nice picture and add random friends that you don’t know in real life. Most people accept Facebook requests without a second thought, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Then after you’ve had the account for a bit, a week at the least, you can try sending them a friend request and messaging them. If they take the bait, you’ve caught them redhanded.

4. Hidden Cameras

If your partner often goes somewhere to be alone, particularly while on their phone or computer, you can install a hidden camera in the area. This will allow you to see and hear what they are doing. Sure it’s an invasion of privacy, but it’s well worth it if you really want to know what they are hiding.

5. GPS Device

Yet another huge invasion of privacy, a GPS device can be a perfect way to catch them in the act, literally. You’ll want to consider whether that’s something you are prepared for before using this technique. Install a GPS device in their car, and follow them when you suspect they are going to cheat.

Just be sure to give them enough time to get caught in the actual act, so that they can’t come up with any excuses.

thanks to sonya at hernorm 😉

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