When you are within plenty of fish you might notice this message…
Check out Evow a new site from Plentyoffish for those looking for long term relationships
I think the owner of plenty of fish is just looking to expand and understands that plenty of fish attracts a lot of users that are looking for casual intimate encounters rather than long term relationships.
This is a great move if they can pull it off, it will just be the number of guys and girls that really want this free long term dating service. If eHarmony is anything to go on then there is a huge market for it.

eVow is an attempt to provide a more serious dating site that eliminates the seedy sexually related content of many free dating sites.
eVow is for singles that are looking for a long term relationship or marriage. You can search and find singles in your area on eVow quickly and easily and be sure that your not talking to some sexual deviant.
It looks like the free membership will be up for a limited time to get the numbers up but we’ll how that goes.
So if your 18+ and not looking for a quick bang then eVow could be a low cost alterntive to the 40+/month eHarmony. Or though if you have the cash eHarmony is the obvious choice.
If you are serious about marriage then you should be more than serious about saving 40 dollars for your future. Who you choose to settle down with is obviously crucial to your future happiness so you don’t want to skimp on the important meeting phase.
eVow: It is more than just online dating they are one of the few dating sites that offer free serious dating. They are new so their wont be that many singles on the site but with plenty of fish driving serious daters to the site every day you can be sure there will change over time.
eVow has a compatibility matching system unique to eVow that is built for serious daters. Because serious dating is not about your profile picture it’s about hobbies star signs character personality and temperament.
eVow understand you are looking for a more in depth understanding of the other person and allows you to fill out more vital information about yourself.

Everyone at eVow is there in good intention. Which is what makes this serious dating website that is currently free a great option. Even if you just sign up and see what they have to offer.

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