Ex Back Manifesto

The ex back manifesto: http://exbackmanifesto.com
The much anticipated relationship repair system that matches your specific breakup cause to a step by step process backed by in depth relationship dynamic research.
First things first…
There are many many reasons why couples with break up.
80% of those that try to get back together do so in desperation and end up breaking up within 3 months… A hopeless cause? Not if you know what your doing.
There are also millions of broken marriages and relationships that do work after a period of soul searching and sacrifice.
Think back: when you broke up with your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband… What was the reason for it?
The sad thing is that most people still don’t know to this day (even if they got their ex back…) WHY their ex left in the first place. They guess and second guess themselves but never really come to any solid conclusion. It’s hard to self analyse yourself – you usually feel a little weird about it and are biased toward one viewpoint.
Your analysis of the breakup will work in favor of your own image of the world and the relationship because that’s all you have to go on right? The trick is that you NEED an outside opinion on the relationship. Another set of eyes can really help you see reality for what it is… or was in your case.
You might have thought that she left because you were broke and stressed out – but your friend might know the truth about your ex… maybe she was never the right girl for you in the first place… maybe she left because of you lied or were never around enough for her. If your not on speaking terms… how would you know unless you ask an outsider? Her friend is usually a good person to go to if your mates are of no use.

Common Breakup Causes


The root cause of most breakups is a complete lack of honest and up front communication! In fact it’s the ASSUMPTIONS that can be deadly.
You assume your girlfriend is happy with you going straight to your friends place after work and not back to see her at home…
You assume that because she says nothing to you other than a few hints. She is trying to be respectful… You assume that’s it not that big of a deal and do nothing… she takes your inaction as being incredibly disrespectful and the cycle continues until she can’t take anymore and leaves you.
For you it’s out of the blue… For you your ex gf didn’t explain herself enough… she didn’t make it clear enough! You just want another chance right?
For her your complete lack of interest made her feel unloved despite her attempts at resurrecting the relationship. Eventually she had to leave you just to get your attention. These relationships are the easiest to repair and the solution is open and honest communication.


Not being able to pay the bills, living on coupons and cutting corners wherever you can is no way to live… It places much stress on a family and relationship. While you are working your ass off trying to survive she sees other couples eat well and go on holiday.
The stress is pushing her away from you while the life un-lived that another man could give her becomes very attractive… You would think that if she loves you enough she can work through this tough time right? Sometimes love is a tough concept to grasp! For some it does not always mean unconditionally.


Stress in a relationship can tear it apart – Most people can get on well together when there is no stress but add a little and the cracks in peoples personalities start to open up. Stress can come in many forms and be the result of work, money, emotional and even spiritual stress.

Lack of Time

Often a women will use this lack of time argument against a guy – “you were never there”, “your never around!” What they don’t understand is that we are usually not around because we are trying to earn more money to surprise them with gifts and vacations away!
If your not around because you choose to be somewhere else when you could be with your girlfriend then she has grounds to be frustrated. Time apart such as in a long distance relationship will force you apart…

Lack of sex or romance

If your a women and simply cannot figure out why your boyfriend  left you it could have been because of lack of regular sex. The major reason women leave men is because they don’t feel truly loved. Even if your a guy who buys flowers on a regular basis and does all of that superficial stuff you think you need to do it often is not enough. If you can’t convey your emotion strongly and communicate to your partner that you do care for them (as well as through action) they will leave eventually. Women need to be reminded regularly that they are the only women in your life.

Personality mis-match

Those that are unwilling to compromise on a relationship and want the best personality match will often list the cause of their breakup as being personality differences. It’s a tough one to fix – if your personalities are causing conversation clashes, lack of humor and increased difficulty in getting along then it’s often best to call it quits.

Life path differences

This will happen alot with highschool relationships moving towards college or college relationships moving toward the workforce. Work or college selection forces you to move state and breakup. This is a real tough one – long distance relationships are extremely hard to keep up long term. Knowing that the love of your life is getting banged by the college quarter back while your studying with no power to do anything about it is ROUGH!
But a relationship like this can and often does get rekindled when they come back.
If you really are heading down different life paths then it’s also an idea to cut ties – if your ex will not give up drugs while you are intent on trying to abstain – if they live an unhealthy life while you are trying to eat healthy and exercise… sometimes you have to let them go.


Sometimes family ties and religious views get in the way of love  they never should and if your ex is deluded enough to value what her father thinks of you over what she feels in her heart you have to do something about it. Let her know how much you feel for her and don’t give up trying. Family should not come between you and your ex.

The dreaded infidelity

If your wife or husband has been on ashley madison or no strings attached you will be feeling a lot of jealously and anger. But peel back the layers and you might find out WHY they felt the need for variety.
It’s very easy to play the blame game and you should! Trust is important in any healthy relationship. But you should also look inwards to discover what you were not providing in the relationship itself.

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