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Suggestion from the author about male youtube.com commentors, If you are this way inclined (e.g. you are into blaming women rather than taking ownership of your actions) you should take note of what she has to say…
There’s a lot of bitter men in here… I think instead of blaming “women”, as that is the “easy” thing to do, how about look at where you’re going wrong to PICK these women who are “insecure”, “needy”, “bitches” in the first place.
Know your OWN worth and what kind of woman deserves to be with YOU instead of dumping all women together and assume all of us are bitches,? insecure, inappreciative etc.
If you…

  • Just had your heart broken and don’t know what happened.
  • Broke up with your Ex and then regretted it.
  • Still in love with your Ex.
  • Still in love with your Ex who is with someone else!
  • And want a STEP-by-STEP PROVEN system to get your ex lover back.

The ex recovery system is recommended for women that are trying to get their ex boyfriends back. Let’s say your boyfriend left you and you just dont know what to do to change his mind. It’s really quite simple to get him coming back to you if you know how. You will be doing a silly little thing like invading his “man space” or treating him like your his mother. Elimination this and start implementing female attraction triggers and your man will have little choice but to crawl back and say he is sorry.
Do you know how powerful you are? I hope you have realized it by now.

Use Your Womanly Power

Women really do have a LOT of power over men – they just need to know how to use it correctly. You see men really dislike women who abuse this female power and use it obnoxiously. But the women who quietly and unintentionally portray attractive qualities cant keep the men away. The literally have to reject men that they would normally love to go out with because they are already ‘”taken”… These women are hit on every single day because they know how to attract men.
But to get your ex back it takes a little more than just attractive female qualities…
You need to firstly get your head straight!
But you cannot afford to run back to him when he texts you for a booty call!
There are certain stages of the ex back process where you come in strong but this is well after you have cut off all contact.
If you are able to speak to your ex boyfriend ONLY on your terms you indicate to your boy that your mature enough to stand on your own two feet without him. If he sees you flirting with another guy and not showing any interest in him ( I know… counter intuitive) he will all of a sudden want you again.
We all want what we cant have and this is especially true for guys… All of a sudden he will be turned on by the thrill of the chase. You are the new single women in town that everyone wants and now he regrets every leaving you.
But you must time these intervals of no contact and female attraction triggers carefully.
A girl who has been through this emotional time and managed to get her boy back details the whole process within the ex recovery system…
Ashley Kay remembers the process vividly and is now letting other girls in on the secrets to getting their boyfriends back every time. Now every girl need not be disappointed by a silly boy who doesn’t know he has a good thing. If you know your guy was a great catch and dont want to see him falling in love with another man then the ex recovery system is worth a look. There are loads of stories of how other girls just like ashley managed to use her process to get their relationship sorted out.
I wanted to drop you a line to let you know I am back together with my ex…In fact, we also just planned a trip to Cabo for October.
You and your system were a huge help and I wanted to extend my gratitude.
All the best,

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