Exposed! The Real Truth Behind Women And Casual Sex Online

Are women really looking for casual sex online?
I would have to say the short answer would be no…
If casual sex with no emotion attached is what you are interested in then you will have a hard time finding any women really that interested in it.
Women require an emotional connection in a long term relationship to enhance sexual intimacy… So the whole concept of casual one nights is somewhat of an internet myth.
Yes it does happen but there are two conflicting ideas going on here…
Even the women that want and enjoy one nights stands will have a really tough time not getting involved emotionally.
It’s just in their nature to get involved – even women who hire male escorts purely for sex find it hard to see sex as simply a physical act because the truth is that it’s NOT.
Good sex is very emotional and very spiritual in nature so to have great intimacy and not get involved becomes impossible.
We want the dream of being able to set up casual encounters from the comfort of our own home to exist but the reality is that there will always be emotion involved so long as there is women involved.
And you know what… this is a great thing because emotion is what it’s all about in the end.
Women are onto something here…
We know that it’s all about love and companionship but that male drive to reproduce is such a strong motivator to want no strings attached sex to exist.
I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist – it DOES
But I am saying you should be prepared to deal with the emotions and feelings of love and companionship that the women in question will inevitably feel as a result.
If she is giving her body to you, the least you can do is make her feel loved and respected. Be honest with her about what it’s going to be up front.
If your not going to make her breakfast in bed the next morning as a thankyou for an amazing night she needs to hear about it. If your going to sneak out early and never call again be honest and tell her.
We want their to be loads of opportunities for no strings casual dating online but the reality is it just doesn’t work like that. If your gay then perhaps your lucky in that respect but women require the security and emotion that comes with a good relationship.
Should we deny this reality of no intimacy no sex or rejoice and celebrate the genius of women? Obviously the later – you will soon find that sexual excitement without the emotions of connection, spirituality, companionship, love and mutual respect is fleeting.
Women have been trying to tell us for centuries the real beauty of sex is in the connection two people share…
So we still have our casual sex ?
Of course
As long as it involves emotions and mutual respect. Attempt to set up those casual encounters with local girls at these casual dating sites but make sure you don’t expect that they are going to jump your bones without getting to know you.
The Hollywood fantasies you hold in your head are unlikely to unfold without getting to know her at a deeper level first.
Some women are much more open than others about the possibility of physical relationships (usually older 30+ women) but even they are helpless when it comes to love and involvement.

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