The New Facebook Dating App Challenges Tinder

facebook dating app

Exciting times are on the horizon for all the single people in search of a compatible long-term relationship partner.

The giant has announced the arrival of a new Facebook dating app- called “Dating.”

Learn when & what can you expect from a brand new dating and relationships app.

facebook dating app

What is Facebook Dating App?

You’ve all heard the story, or watched a movie of how the Facebook as an idea came to life. While in college Zuckerberg wanted access to hot college girls and so he created an app called FaceMash for Harvard students.

That was 14 years ago. Since then, Facebook has established itself as a leading social platform with over  2.2 billion active users.

The fact that Facebook has around 200 million people listed as single on the site was enough of a reason to steer Zuckerberg and Facebook team towards online dating world.

Although Facebook was never a dating platform, that didn’t stop people from using it to meet new people and potential dates. It’s estimated that a third of all marriages started online.

During the last f8 Developer’s conference, Zuckerberg presented their new project- Dating App called  – Dating.


How does the new Facebook Dating App Work?

Facebook’s head of product, Chris Cox, unveiled details of a new dating feature at Facebook’s annual developer conference.

You’ll be able to access the dating app using your existing private Facebook account. In the right corner of your profile, you’ll have a button that will take you to the dating app. It’s called -Facebook dating home- where you’ll be able to create your dating profile.

facebook dating app

Facebook’s dating service won’t connect to your Facebook profile. It won’t show in your news feed, and it’ll be entirely separate. You will create the dating profile entirely separate from your Facebook profile, but potential dates will see only your dating profile.

If you worry that your Facebook friends will see you using the dating app you can relax.

For even better privacy, the dating app will match you only with people you’re not already connected on Facebook. So don’t worry that you’ll get paired with someone from your social circle.

The feature we’re all excited about is called events. You’re able to browse events happening in the real world and participate in groups. The best of all is that Facebook will give you the option to connect with people attending the same event as you.

facebook dating app

Just like in the real world, you’ll have the option to meet people attending the same events as you, with an extra benefit-do it from the comfort of your home. The people on the dating app attending the same event will be able to see you also participating. That’s a great way to connect and meet likeminded dating partners.


Another option is called conversations. You’ll be able to contact the potential new dates in messenger separate from Facebook messenger and WhatsApp and keep your privacy to a maximum.

For now, sending links, videos, and photos won’t be available. Only text messages-for safety and privacy.

Also, you’ll be allowed to send only one message to a potential date until you get a response-which is a neat feature.

Zuckerberg stated that Facebook’s dating app would mirror how people date in the real world and will match you with people that share similar interests.

Facebook will give recommendations for potential dates based on your location, interests and other relevant data-like events you attend, music you like, etc.

All excellent news for people searching for long-term relationships based on compatibility.

Concerns about  Privacy on the Facebook Dating App


After Facebook has announced the launch of the Facebook Dating, many people raised their legitimate concerns about privacy. It’s understandable if we take into consideration Facebook’s recent data scandals.

Despite the concerns and raised eyebrows, Facebook announced they are marching forward vigorously, with privacy and safety of their users as the top priority.

When will Facebook’s Dating App be Launched

The Facebook’s team is currently working on the dating app, and they predict to have it ready for users until the end of the year.

Will Facebook Dating be Free?

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the dating app will be free to use.

Also, Facebook doesn’t plan to run any ads on the app, and won’t use any data associated to users dating profiles to target them on their regular facebook profile.

Who can use Facebook Dating App

Facebook declared that they wouldn’t restrict the users who don’t identify as “single” in their regular Facebook profile from using the app.

Polyamorous and people into open relationships will also be able to use the app.

Will Facebook Dating App Take Over the Online Dating World?

In some way or another, we could say that we’ve been expecting this to happen for years. Facebook was invented as a social network to help Mark and his friends meet hot Harvard girls while they were in college, and people have been using Facebook to reach new potential dates for years.

We can’t be sure how popular the new Facebook’s Dating will be. Only time will tell, but with over 2.2. Billion active users, it will undoubtedly take a piece of the pie.


Investors have also reacted as soon as Facebook announced the news. The shares of Tinders parent company- Match Group -fell 17 percent, almost immediately.  

When we take into consideration the power of Facebooks targeting engine, we can assume that it will be an excellent opportunity for people who are looking to find that special someone.

With thousands of hookup sites already on the market, finding casual sex is not a problem. But what’s been missing are dating sites like Ok Cupid, designed with long-term relationships in mind.

We can be sure that Facebook is going to be an excellent opportunity for everyone looking for compatible matches-in terms of interests and lifestyle.

It would be easy to dismiss Facebook dating as a copycat of sites like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, but we must take into consideration that all those dating sites wouldn’t be what they are now if it wasn’t for Facebook.

All of them rely heavily on Facebooks data when they allow its users to import their info from their Facebook profile to a dating sites interface.

So, stay tuned in for new information about Facebook’s Dating app and expect a full and detailed review of the app from Fckme team-  as soon as the app becomes available.


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