Facebook Dating Apps

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Facebook Dating Apps
There is a new facebook app out for dating called social connect. Any thoughts?
Have you noticed this knew facebook money system? It’s a pretty big move by facebook in an attempt to fund the development of apps and further monetized the facebook platform. You have to buy facebook money to use certain apps(play games or get upgrades). Most of the reviews of social connect are not that great.
Bulky app that’s not that user friendly. But just think of the ability of a paid dating site to scale out. There are already millions of users on facebook and with word of mouth quality dating apps will get around fast!
Facebook is already kind of like a dating site but due to privacy settings and general layout it’s restrictive.
I can see a future where most dating sites will have their own app which allows them to connect with facebook users as well as their original site. We have already see this cross syncing of applications such as the “log in with facebook” feature that you can use within twitter and digg etc
The explosive growth and popularity of facebook makes it a prime place for premium dating apps. It will be interesting to see what happens. Facebook is already a place where users are ready and willing to connect with others. Will the facebook crowd accept a pushy dating app expected money? Or will they just use facebook as usual – for chatting and connecting with friends.
Games are very popular on facebook so the fb crowd are happy to accept applications.
What are your thoughts on facebook dating applications?
Would you pay to use social connect and other dating apps or would you stick to the regular sites?
I guess it comes down to the quality and ability to integrate into facebook such that the user experience is as good or better than it is currently. When it comes down to it the database and ability for viral growth within the facebook platform should be raising the eyebrows of the large dating companies.
If someone really builds a solid app and markets it well we could see another Farmville explosion or mafiawars trend
Dating sites should be integrating their own apps with facebook somehow to leverage the growth.

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